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Thanks to Kev over at Sonicwrecks we now have a wonderful video of our Hoshino-San interview. It was so inspiring and great to sit there talking to the creator of all our favourite NiGHTS characters. Enjoy the NiGHTS chatter! :)


Check out this amazing DiY toy made by the wonderful Mr Aiden Kongas. This gives the official PaPetch a run for its money. For more information on the Hudson's Hub Gallery check out their Facebook page.
You can visit this exhibition until the 11th of August at :

  • 78 Mitchell Street, Bendigo, Victoria 3550 – Australia


Guys I need your help for an idea I had today!
I want to do something really nice in my NiGHTS comic using a montage of photographs. I wont say what exactly yet (don't want to ruin it) but if you want to help listen up:

I NEED – 1 Photograph of you (or a group of you) that sums up your love for NiGHTS/the community/the games/the fandom/etc. This can be you holding a copy of the game, huggin a Saturn, Holding a poster, wearing cosplay, juggling plushies, drawing a picture, I dunno, make it nice and personal and relevant to NiGHTS for yourself. It doesn't have to be deathly serious, just make it sum up your perspective.

Techy stuff - Please make the photo size as big as possible so it wont get all blurry if i have to make it bigger/smaller to fit the artwork I'll be doing. Send them as JPG's, Tiffs, PNG or BMPS (anything that is non program specific). Also clear Webcam photos are also acceptable as long as you don't look like 3 giant pixels, lol.

Email them to me at admin@nightsintodreams.com label emails as 'MONTAGE PHOTO'. You can either attach the files or send me a link in the emails. I'll send you a reply when I've saved your photo to my pc.

You have about a week (the 23rd) to get back to me on this – so get digging for your favourite photo or take some new ones and send them my way.

Share this with every NiGHTS fan you know so I can include as many people as possible!

Also- I created a Fan page on Facebook for comic updates too. Be sure to like and share the page with your friends so we can get as many readers as possible :)



Cosplay > Tutorial 2

18 December;  Author: TRiPPY

U.V Eye Makeup


I'm only doing ONE eye as i dont want to waste all my stuff for just a test. Also excuse the bad photos, this was from back in the day when i only had a webcam.

0.1. CONTACT LENSES. PUT THEM IN. (Time reduces pink eye).

You start like anything in art with a BASE. Make sure you cleanse your face first of any flaky skin or spots. Then i took white Grimas pro clown makeup and applied it, by DABBING (not dragging) a sponge lightly on my skin. To get an equal purewhite porcelin finish you have to do it in layers. Dry then apply. Until flat white. Then i used a rather gothy white face powder i own to make the paint matt. This also helps it stay in place longer. And a shiny face looks bad. Especialy under lights. So you cover the paint in powder. Then using some blue eyeshadow i dusted over my eyelid socket to give a slight shadow. taking a pale pink powder i started to dust upwards towards my hairline. people used to do this in the 80's a lot i seem to recall, lol. DONT go over your eyebrow line or it looks fugly. And dont go too far down your face either :p

Now in the final cosplay i will be bleaching my eyebrows platinum blonde to match my wig (and because NiGHTS doesnt actualy HAVE eyebrows, thus pale eyebrows work well) But for the sake of this i used a goldy brown pencil and extended my eyebrows as far as they would go. This is a trick for making your face look sharper and your eyes bigger. Plus if you have big lashes and short brows it looks crap. So you want really stylised brows. Now since i err have jetblack brows i colored them up with gold hair mascara to look lighter XD IT WORKS! Just dont get any in your eyes. Because it burns horribly. So go full Spock and make your eyebrows funky.

3. SHADING and GLITTER !!!1********
Most art has shading. Makeup is no exception. basicaly you stick darker shades the further in your eye you get. In the corners and arches especialy. So i took dark pinks and blues and using a BRUSH i blended to give myself a 'hawk eye' appearence. This means i drag the powder down over my inner eye. Most evil badguy anime charcaters have this kind of appearence, it makes the eyes look sharper and a bit more demented, lol. I do this really obviously with any Reala makeup i do. Remember- MARENS HAVE HUGE EYEBALLS, so you have to make do with humansized piddly small ones and try to big it up as much you can.
NOW. GLITTER. My fave part. I use loose fine glitter. Makeup glitter- NOT crafts glitter. If you stick craft glitter on your face the color will bleed into your sweat, run down your face, stab you in the eyeballs and possibly blind you. So no doing that. I use glitter in little pots i bought from Accesorise years ago for like £1 each. I have a lot of different colors for different effects. The multi white stuff is best because it looks like fairy dust! And you can shove it on everything including your hair and its so damn sparkly. But yeah. THE SECRET TO STICK ON GLITTER GOOD= LIPGLOSS. Use a lipgloss stick and shove it on your face where you want the glitter to stay, and it will STAY. Like making sand pictures as a kid. Blow the excess off. I used dark pink glitter here.

You can never have enough sparkle XD So i take the OMGWHITESTUFF and cover my entire upper eye with it. Then i use dark violet glitter and do the shading in thing. Blend it cuz nothing looks worse than solid big dods of makeup >_< Lots of lipgloss later i have a very glittery eye. And i am happy.

Never ever use a black pencil for doing sharp lines around your top eyes because it smudges horribly and melts. I always use liquid eyeliner. Use the kind with the BRUSH not the felttip thingy. Mines is like an actual paintbrush (which is pretty useful) XD
Now U.V NiGHTS is very birdy based as you may have noticed. So i try to give his eyes a sort of 'swallow tail' look. Big ol' anime eyes are best done with liquid eyeliner because it looks like ink. It takes a steady hand and a lot of practise to NOT BLINK or SNEEZE. But paint it on like you would on paper. I always draw false lashes to make my eyes look bigger. Its something i was always told to do when preforming on stage. Actor makeup is always overdone to show up your features under bright lights so you need to have your eyes outlined properly. Or you will bleach and look kinda faded with tiny eyes. Be careful when underlining your bottoms. The tiny little lashes tend to catch the brush and spray everywhere. It takes practise like anything.

The secret to big exagerated eyes is drawing your liner bigger than your eye. You'll notice i made the inner eye come down to a point. Well thats because i then get a tiny brush, with white facepaint and paint in the corner of my eye to hide the pink skin bit. It stings but it makes your eyes look wider by about a CM. And thats a good thing. *points to corner* see? Its white now. And from a distance that pink bit wont show up at all.

The only thing i find pencil liner good for is smudging a smokey undereye effect. So i done it here. Blend it like you'd blend pencil on paper. Dont use a sharp pencil, melt it a bit.
THEN WHEE. GLITTER STAR. I used lipgloss and glitter again. I applied it with a small brush :)

The best bit is the mascara because it instantly makes you eye cleaner and bigger. Its like inking in an artwork to tidy it up. Always do both sides of your lashes and be sure to brush them UPWARDS to open the eye.
Then the BEST EYELASHES EVER. Feather lashes. Now ANNOYINGLY while i was doing this i realised i couldnt find my eyelash glue ;_; so i had to kinda just shove them on without ANY adhesive at all and hope they stayed for the screenshots.
When you DO have glue, make sure you dont get it in your eye. Glue eyeball= not fun. But yeah, there's my eyelashes all done.

And remember to follow the safety instructions on the packet. Do not – do NOT overwear your lenses. If they have been worn out throw them in the bin. They lose the ability to stick to your eye and can give you a horrible infection and even cause you to go blind if misused! So don't take any stupid risks. (Especialy not for cosplay!)

So taaadahhr. Thats a piece of NiGHTS face art for you there. Hope this was helpful for whatever reason.



Tutorial © of TRiPPY.





What is Cosplay?

Wiki : "Cosplay (コスプレ kosupure), short for "costume play", is a type of performance art in which participants don costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea."

Cosplay simply put, is fans recreating their favorite gaming/anime/comic/tv characters outfits in real life. Cosplayers can create outfits for commission to make money, for collectors, for photo shoots in things like anime magazines, for the purpose of anime conventions, for advertising, for the challenge, for charity, just for the heck of it and mostly above all for fun!

Seeing somebody dressed up as a fictional character can be pretty funny and lame but not everyone understands the full scope of 'cosplay' when seeing it for the first time. It's a highly competitive (and often expensive) art wherein people's skills range from recreating real functional weaponry and blacksmithing to giant fairytale ball gowns, neon colored hair that defies gravity and futuristic anime hover bikes! And that's not even mentioning the talented professional photographers involved.

A costume can cost from $10 up to over $5000+. And as insane as those prices may seem, fans WILL pay for them for the chance to look like and represent their hero.

Most fans of a cartoon have looked at the series and thought 'How would that look in real life, or in a live action movie?'. Well that's what cosplayers do. Bring fantasy to life! Sometimes jawdroppingly well, sometimes really badly, but the point that matters is that they care enough to try in the first place. And to be a cosplayer takes a LOT of guts. (Being a bit crazy helps too).

I used to be quite snide towards cosplayers in general (well come on it IS weird), I'd only ever seen BAD examples of cosplay, until i decided one day i was going to try and create a costume myself to see if i could give it some more credibility. Boy! Is it a challenge! And that's from someone with experience doing theatre wardrobe. The amount of hard work and logic planning that goes into each costume is remarkable. Seriously, try it before you diss it. I also discovered that cosplay and fantasy fashion modeling was a very lucrative glamorous business. Not only that, but i found the cosplay community to be even more absorbing, friendly and helpful than the typical art community. It's a highly competitive area. It also helps you as an artist understand what you're drawing more. So i gained a huge respect for cosplay and set out to hunt down every NiGHTS cosplayer i could find.

Many people see cosplay as being a seedy Japanese adult industry thing were pretty girls dress up as half nekkid characters from the likes of Streetfighter and mud wrestle on video! (We only do that on Friday nights ;P ) There is a huge stigma surrounding cosplay but at the end of the day it's just another side to costume design. I can honesty say i really enjoy cosplaying. Annnnd i never thought i'd say that.

Some cosplayers can take things a little overboard such as bleaching their skin, extreme dieting, obsessive and jealous convention behavior, much comparable to the youths who look at celebrity magazines and get plastic surgery to look like their idols. Just a different area of the media that's all. Some cosplayers often lose it a bit and end up as 'lifestylers'. Which is all fine and dandy but i think when you lose that notion to take off the costume at the end of the day you really gotta re-evaluate why you don't like yourself more than the person you dress up as. But fans are fans, and fans will always have quirks.

Sometimes i'm browsing cosplay photographs and I walk away stunned. Not all cosplayers use detergent bottles hotglued to their head. Real and unique wearable clothing that frankly I wish was available in shops. Since I started getting into cosplay i've also been designing and making my own clothes and textiles. It's a useful skill to have.

Whatever your opinion on Cosplay, i'm sure you can appreciate the fact that some people want to recreate the costuming from NiGHTS into Dreams. The game was inspired by the famous world of Cirque du Soleil which is world renowned for its incredible visual artistry. So colorful and pretty, i hope you enjoy our galleries. I recommend joining the communities in the links section to get you started.




Our Takashi Iizuka Q&A

16 November;  Author: TRiPPY

November 2007:

It's not very often you get contacted by SEGA out of the blue, nor is it very often you're given the chance to have some questions answered by one of the original creators of NiGHTS into Dreams -represented- by SEGA. Ohohoh.

Takashi Iizuka, producer, director, and lead designer of Journey of Dreams was in London's SEGA headquarters to promote his new game. Community manager Kevin Eva (Also admin of Sonic Wrecks ) attended to represent the .Com, as DiGi and I couldn't attend due to busting our bank flying out to Amsterdam SEGA Benelux a few weeks prior on short notice to play the JoD Beta D:
Mr AAUK went armed with a selection of obscure questions I'd written up regarding both the original and the new game.

Thanks to Mike Taylor from NintendoLife we have audio/video and a transcript of the interview. Mike was also there asking questions along with G from SEGANerds. Consider the following to be the 'epic combi meal' of our Websites' joint efforts.


Interview Transcript:

Nintendo Life: When did development for Journey of Dreams start?
Takashi Iizuka: The idea came about 2 Years ago. Development began 1 and a half years ago

Nintendo Life: Years ago rumors came about, for a game called Air NiGHTS, a proposed sequel for the original game. Motion control was rumored to be the main idea for the game back then. Was Air NiGHTS a real game, and did it have any bearing on Journey of Dreams?
Takashi Iizuka: At the time SEGA had been playing with the idea of motion control on their consoles. Air Nights was a prototype game testing out the technology. Nothing came of it, and development stopped.

SEGANerds: Where did you come up with the idea for the My Dream segment of the game?
Takashi Iizuka: It was developed from the A-Life system in the original NiGHTS. While the original only allowed you to interact with A-Life in the missions. You now have a separate, small world, the beauty of A-Life, is it creates a place where the developers will not be able to predict what will happen.

SEGANerds: Why did you decide to give NiGHTS a voice? And why did you choose a female voice?
Takashi Iizuka: [LAUGHS] Well the original game had voice clips for NiGHTS, but in Journey of Dreams I wanted to use more voice acting. The voice helps to add depth to the game play, and tell the story in the cut scenes.
NiGHTS is neutral, and therefore has no gender. The impressions of the character with regards to gender are totally up to the player.

SEGANerds: Will there be any unlockable content in Journey of Dreams? Like with Christmas NiGHTS – you could unlock Sonic.
Takashi Iizuka: There will be some unlockable features, but I cannot say what they are. They are meant to be a surprise. But if players get high rankings, they will unlock features.

SEGANerds: Is there anything you would have liked to have changed or added to the final release of Journey of Dreams?
Takashi Iizuka: No, nothing more. I feel that we have implemented everything we wanted to. I think we did everything we could do with the Wii’s features.
Nintendo Life: [JOKES] Nothing more you could so. Perfect!
Takashi Iizuka: [LAUGHS]

SEGANerds: Which control method do you prefer?
Takashi Iizuka: I personally prefer the Wiimote controls, as you get the feeling of free flying with these controls.
But I suggest that fans of the original may wish to use the GameCube controller, as it is more like the Saturn controller, and is what players will be used to, at least at first.

NiGHTSintoDreams.com: Some people say that BellBridge (the game’s fictional setting), resembles parts of London. Is there any truth to this? And if so, why did you choose this setting?
Takashi Iizuka: Well like the character of Sonic is designed to be more like American style, NiGHTS has been designed to be more like that of European. So that is why the stages have the look of a more European setting.
It is also why the characters in NiGHTS have English accents.

NiGHTSintoDreams.com: How many people worked on NiGHTS Journey of Dreams?
Takashi Iizuka: There were 26 developers from Sonic Team USA working on the game. With the sound and CG developed in Japan.

NiGHTSintoDreams.com: Why was Jackle not included in Journey of Dreams? Is the Chameleon boss meant to be a replacement? In addition, will we see Jackle again?
Takashi Iizuka: [LAUGHS] Well really I like the character, but if we created all the characters again we would be looking at the same game. We only wanted to keep Wizeman and Reala. [LAUGHS] It is a new game.

(*)NiGHTSintoDreams.com: The second biggest mystery of NiGHTS! What did the deleted boss Selph look like? Apparently there was a deleted boss from the original game called Selph.
Takashi Iizuka: [LAUGHS] How do you know about Selph?
NiGHTSintoDreams.com: ‘They’ know.
Takashi Iizuka: [LAUGHS] They, who is they?
NiGHTSintoDreams.com: Fans.
Takashi Iizuka: [LAUGHS] Ah, ok.
Well the idea for the character existed, but he was never actually created.(*)

Nintendo Life: In Journey of Dreams, NiGHTS has different masks, which he can use. What is your favourite mask?
Takashi Iizuka: It depends on the situation; I like the Rocket mask because you can use it to create your own strategy.
But my favourite will have to be the Dragon mask.

Nintendo Life: While we were having a play of your game a little while ago, we noticed that there is a counter in the game. The counter seems to change with each night you play. Does this have any effect on the game at all?
Takashi Iizuka: No. It is just there as a counter, for you to know how long/many times you have been playing.

SEGANerds: NiGHTS used the Saturn’s internal clock to add new game play/secrets to the game, depending on the date. Will the same feature be used in Journey of Dreams?
Takashi Iizuka: No. For the Saturn, it was a new feature and a new challenge.
With the Wii, the Forecast Channel is the new challenge. However there will be seasonal events within the game, which will appear in the My Dreams section.

Nintendo Life: It has recently been announced that NiGHTS is being remade for the PS2. Will the game be released worldwide? In addition, are there any plans for a Wii version, perhaps on the Virtual Console?
Takashi Iizuka: There are currently no plans for the PS2 version to be released outside of Japan.
Nintendo Life: [TUTS]
Takashi Iizuka: [LAUGHS] It is being released in Japan, due to the high demand for the game. So there are no plans for a worldwide release… for now. As for Virtual Console there are no plans for a release either… for now.

NiGHTSintoDreams.com: For gamers who played NiGHTS into Dreams obsessively, you could unlock rare Nightopians called King or Superpians. Will there be any rare Nightopians in Journey of Dreams?
Takashi Iizuka: In the My Dreams section of the game it is possible to mix Nightopians with the Marens (baddies) to create new creatures.
There will also be Superpians.

Nintendo Life: Thank you very much, for your time and for making a new NiGHTS game.
Takashi Iizuka: Thank you.

Are we finished yet? Heck no! The following Monday morning we were sent a parcel of glee from SEGA, fiendishly gathered together during a meeting with Iizuka-san later on to discuss our lovely fanbase (THAT'S YOU GUYS). Here's some pictures of our amazing Christmas gifts!

Box Art
The unreleased USA BoxArt… signed by Iizuka!


A -massive- Japanese Journey of Dreams promo poster. Signed by Takashi Iizuka for me and DiGi XD Needless to say, Ebay will never see this sucker for no sum of money. I want to get this framed… need to find a frame BIG enough…

And as a super extra Christmas gift Arch' showed Iizuka some of my most popular pieces of old artwork. Iizuka was 'very very very impressed' and apparently 'enthralled'. Paradox was his favourite one. Aha I'm a big sap and cried about it. Dude. Then… HE SIGNED MY ARTWORK O_O… I kid you not.

Paradox by TRiPPY- Signed by Iizuka . Unspoken Tragedy by TRiPPY- signed by Iizuka
*snicker… he signed Reala's Butt teeheehee*
( That's one case of art stealing I don't think I'll report XD )

SEGA we still adore you T_T even after all these years, it's seriously heartwarming to see the creators connect to their fans in this way.
Thank you so much!

If you've listened to the audio for the above interview you will have heard the part at which AAUK asks Iizuka about the boss Selph. Iizuka seems somewhat shocked as to how we would know about a boss that didn't even make it into a beta. He speaks to his translator in Japanese thinking that it probably wouldn't be noted or understood. But we wouldn't be very good NiGHTS fans if we just took his translators English answer would we? :) ha ha

Our Japanese staff member Seiya listened to the conversation between the translator and Iizuka and told us exactly what is being said. It REALLY goes like this -

*AAUK asks about Selph*
Translator to Iizuka- "What is it? Such a boss was in the plan of original NiGHTS?"
Takashi Iizuka to translator- "Yeah, it's true. I had thought I wanna add a boss called Selph to original NiGHTS."
Translator to Iizuka- "Well, is it ok if I tell it (in English)?"
Takashi Iizuka to translator- "OK. Maybe Naka had already told it before."
Translator to Iizuka- "Ah, so they know… But why was it deleted?"
Takashi Iizuka- "Because… The original story of  NiGHTS already had been made perfectly. So I thought the boss isn't needed anymore. So I deleted Selph."

And that's the truth behind the famous deleted boss, Selph. Iizuka himself was responsible for Selph's deletion.
This most certainly wraps up the entire myth as to what Selph originaly was, and now we know. He was indeed 100% a boss character but was removed because the story was as good as it could be….which now brings up the speculation as to what made Selph so important that he changed the flow of the story.
And uh.. sorry to the lovely Mr Yuji Naka who actually DIDN'T tell us about Selph. We kinda figured that one out ourselves ;)


NiGHTS fanbase – we're a sneaky lot.



3 October;  Author: TRiPPY

Some of us are mad enough to go decorating our bedrooms all NiGHTSy themed. Textiles, murals you name it. There’s no better way to inspire your hung-over self than being surrounded by bright gaudy eyeburning colors straight from the city circus! I’d like to see more people doing this because it’s a lot of fun. Somebody needs to recreate the kids bedrooms or one of the levels or something. Go on you know you want to. Want to add your own room to this page? Post in the subs forum [here].  


Kichigai’s room:

Sariachan Mural ‘NiGHTS tempera on Wall’:
Hello, I did a NiGHTS mural for my brother’s bedroom :)


TRiPPY’s room:

This was my old bedroom back when i lived in Scotland. I’d wanted a NiGHTS pimped room for a while and one day just decided to crack out the purple gloss and gold spraypaint. Started in 2005, finished in 2006. I love kitsch and tacky, never let me near your house.



May 2005




25 September;  Author: TRiPPY

A collection of fan-made animations. If you have something to add to our archive please contact us (see the Contact link at the top menu for contact details)!


By E. D. Thweatt
"Reala sings 'Radio', the first verse at least. Reason being, I like the song and I wanted to see him sing it. I worked on it in August 2008 for a few days out of a few weeks."



By E. D. Thweatt
"Some time before "Reala Radio" I did this animation of Reala and NiGHTS bouncing back and forth for part of a bigger, but scrapped, project. Eventually I synced them up to a remake of Burning Down the House performed by Tom Jones and Nina Persson. It's a simple 3 frame animation fancied up by motion tweens, zooms, and pans. The background is very pixelated game artwork."



By Jan3D
There are hoaxes, and then there are HOAXES, lol. This is the best put together 3d animation spoof since Kichigai made NiGHTS do the Cancan. Many people on Youtube were fooled including a few of my friends, but hoax or no hoax this is some great work. Created pre JoD. Lovely work Jan :)



By Zero-Shift & Maresuke
The rather hilarious flash animation for the equally hilarious audio. 'Days of our NiGHTS'. Presented by Gulpo, Animation by Maresuke, voices by Zero-Shift. Originaly for our DreamCast show :)



By Jan3D
A personal old favourite of DiGi's, Jan created a dance troupe of famous video game characters then put them through their paces to Michael Jackson's Thriller. See the video in all its wonderful shinyness.


Box Scans

21 September;  Author: TRiPPY


The .Com’s collection of box scans of games that NiGHTS has appeared on the cover. Although he has had cameo appearances in a large amount of games this section is for his major starring roles. Enjoy viewing packaging from all over the world~

(Scans from JoD box arts coming soon) 

NiGHTS into Dreams (Sega Saturn):

U.K Small CD Box
U.K Large Box
U.S Small CD Box
U.S Large Box
J.P Small CD Box
J.P Small Platinum Box




U.S Bundle Box
J.P Bundle Box


NiGHTS Sampler (Sega Saturn):

UK sampler CD
U.S NiGHTS Sampler
U.S Sampler CD
U.K Sampler CD


Christmas NiGHTS Limited Edition (Sega Saturn):

J.P Case
U.K Case
U.S Case


Xmas U.K CD
Xmas U.S CD
Xmas J.P CD
Japanese Xmas NiGHTS Bundle 

Other Games Featuring NiGHTS cover art:

Sonic Pinball Party (universal)
U.S Sega Superstars
U.K Sega Superstars Bundle
U.K Sega Superstars



Official Art

21 September;  Author: TRiPPY



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