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TV Advertising

24 September; Author: TRiPPY

Here we have all the VERY rare, NiGHTS TV commercials. I've made it something of a life mission to get every region and game video up here! And i will! Just as soon as i get a hold of the UK NiD commercial i stupidly recorded over in '97 with a SpiceGirls concert by accident ….
I'm also looking for a proper direct recording of the UK and USA Journey of Dreams adverts. (The TV ones, not online trailers).

If you have the missing NiD UK television commercial and would be wiling to submit it then email me. Also if there were any other language commercials i'm not aware of then PLEASE send them to our subs account or mention it below.



Japanese JoD TV Campaign:
The short and shiny commercial for Journey Of Dreams. It gives us all the happy christmas fuzzies. The best commercial they done in my opinion. Sent in by CrazyInaBottle, many thanks!


An alternative version of the Japanese commercial. Shows trailer FMV and advertises the PaPetch preorder toy.


 Japanese NiD TV Campaign:
The short NiGHTS into Dreams TV preview teaser at a good sized clear recording. Nice. Simple. Sweet. Ah happy days. Kindly donated by the lovely Kawazzi in Japan.


Two wonderful full length Japanese commercials. This actually kinda makes me laugh because by the end of the second one the poor kid looks like NiD just ate her soul. Mmm souls.




Japanese Christmas NiGHTS TV Campaign:
The highly rare Japanese Christmas NiGHTS commercial (yes, Sega made one!).



 USA JoD TV Campaign:
It would seem this commercial is as hard to find online (or on the TV!) as Selph in NiD. We don't have a proper recording of it. If you have one please put us out of our misery and upload it. Not to be confused with the online trailer.


USA NiD TV Campaign:
'Fly Plaything Fly'…
While the Japanese were busy showing the beauty of the actual game, the Americans were busy comparing processor sizes with Sony.
Probably the most common NiGHTS commercial you'll see online because everyone remembers the SEGAscream guy.



Canadian NiD TV Campaign:
One of the rarer accidental finds. What i thought was the French commercial was actually the Canadian one. A dubbed version of the USA advert.
Thanks to LaMarr and Alan K. Rose.



French NiD TV Campaign:
Created by HHCL Brasserie and televised in September '96 as the first of four in what Sega called the Demonstration series. At the end of each advert, viewers saw a screen full of fake copyright information that on closer inspection was actually less serious than you'd think, suggesting that you could "wait for a plumber instead" and warning you "not to slip" when running in the rain. Then, multiple text hints would fly across the screen further demonstrating hidden features in the advertised game, with NiGHTS' clip mentioning how your score can massively improve by taking advantage of the A-Life system and hatching Nightopians.
This is essentialy the commercial we got here in the U.K, but obviously with French audio and text in. If anyone out there has the English version of this please send it in! I used to own it on videotape but lost it. Huge thanks to Alan K. Rose for the info and for finding this version.



3 Responses to “TV Advertising”

  1. TRiPPY says:

    Added direct links for those of you who can’t use/see Veoh.

  2. Alan K. Rose says:

    While researching for my own project, I discovered that HHCL Brasserie may also have produced a German version of the demonstration advertisements. Anyway, it would be great if the English commercial for NiGHTS was made available – someone has found the Worldwide Soccer ’97 clip, so presumably others from this campaign still exist? I too had all four (the others being for Daytona USA Championship Circuit Edition and Fighting Vipers) on a videotape, but sadly it went missing during a house move several years back… Until we find the rest, happy viewing!

  3. Alan K. Rose says:

    An incredible 15 years after it was first broadcast, the 1997 "Sizzler" presentation from Sega Europe has been located, featuring a (near) complete set of HHCL Brasserie's Demonstration series of advertisements in English, including the mythical NiGHTS commercial at last. Unfortunately, the Sonic R spot from this same campaign remains elusive for now, though I'm sure it will surface one day.
    Anyway, here's the link I'm sure you all dying for…
    Thanks to everyone at SS:UK for preserving this tape!

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