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NiGHTS Archie Comics

16 October; Author: Dex la Cabra


Original Post by TRiPPY-

"Feb- 1998, the following being the first Series of NiGHTS into Dreams mini comics by American comic company Archie. The same company who do the whole American Sonic thing.  I first came across these online when i joined the community in the nineties, then buying them in a shop in Chicago two years later- soon to make up my own mind on the series. Ahem. But still, any authorised NiD product is a good thing, unless you're not a hardcore fan and think this is a reflection of the actual game, errr. If so- please play the game and read some fan comics. I don't hate this series i just think it has a whole lot of flaws and was far too rushed and missed out on using a potentially great Trademark for better things. Too short, too weird and too many mistakes. If i was going to publish a NiGHTS comic i'd at least make sure it was drawn/colored/spelt properly, i wouldn't want to be responsible for making fans want to nuke a comic company. I heard a lot of people gave this comic a very hard time. Fair go's folks- but with the amount of professional people they had working on them they had no excuse. Oh well. Make up your own mind. I like the covers.  I had always hoped for a UK Fleetway STC NiGHTS series, i asked Richard Elson *bows* his reply being-"There was a lot of fuss about it when it first came out. And I seem to remember a vague rumour about some difficulties with the license. I asked Lew Stringer last week if he was ever approached to write it and he said he hadn't been. I'll ask Nigel when I speak to him next." It would have been classy! *whine*. So here's Archie NiGHTS, a fun yet brief colorful jaunt into the NiGHTS universe. Enjoy."


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5


Part 6


3 Responses to “NiGHTS Archie Comics”

  1. TURGiD says:

    No longer do I have to go via TVTropes to read these comics. Thanks!

  2. MC.Gemstone says:

    Oh cool you re-upload the comics that where on the site but got lost on the older version of the site! So that's very nice!~

  3. Anon says:

    I wish Archie or IDW would republish this series as an Onmibus with all the comics.

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