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Sonic Forces

12 November; Author: Dex la Cabra


Y'know what the beautiful thing about the PS4 is? Even I can record footage for games, saving me having to bother others for gameplay of the latest NiGHTS cameo in Sonic Forces! Included in the bonus edition of the game were SEGA costumes for your Avatar character, with our own purple jester being one of them! While the costumes give no added abilities, they're a stylish way of representing other franchises while playing the game. Included below are two videos showing my initial Avatar dressed all swanky, NiGHTS style! The first video features gameplay of the fourth level in the game, Prison Hall, an Avatar exclusive level. While I've chosen these levels specifically because they're early in the game the dialogue may still contain spoilers so if you haven't finished it yet there's your heads up!



The second video features gameplay of the Seventh level, Arsenal Pyramid, a level where you play as both the Avatar and the Blue Blur himself, Sonic. The Avatar I've chosen here is the bird because, like NiGHTS, they're known for flying.


Flying along those chains of rings can feel really satisfying haha!


With SEGA's current emphasis on reviving older IP's it's hard not to think about the future of NiGHTS, given that not long ago the series was very close to being forgotten about by them. If nothing else, little cameos like this keep the franchise in the minds of the players, and also help to entice new fans too so they're always a positive thing!


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