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Concept Art

21 September; Author: TRiPPY

Welcome to the largest collection of NiGHTS related concept art online. Development work- is the best kind of work! Thanks to SEGA, Sonic Team and fans for submitting rare scans and original source files to this gallery.



NiGHTS into Dreams:


Things to note:
* Images 1 to 9 are drawn by Naoto Ohshima, images 10 to 17 are drawn by Kazuyuki Hoshino and images 18 to 31 are by Miyake (the artist responsible for the Japanese NiGHTS storybook).
* Reala's final design was the result of a collaboration of ideas taking elements from both Ohshima and Hoshino's designs.
* Ohshima is responsible for designing NiGHTS, Jackle, Claris and Elliot, Nightopians and the other main boss Maren. He also had a hand in level design concept ideas, such as Twinseeds Tower.
* Each of the characters had numerous design concepts before they arrived at the final designs.
* It would appear Wizeman has always had a face… lol.



NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams:    

Special thanks to Windii for supplying the higher quality images!


5 Responses to “Concept Art”

  1. realaloves says:

    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo enamorada de reala i love reala♥♥♥♥

  2. Stephanie says:


    Can you do NiGHTS's mask, please?

  3. qwerty1 says:

    Can you show a close-up of NiGHT'S mask

  4. DD says:

    I really like these pencil drawings. It's great to see the artwork behind these games.

  5. NEWT says:

    The one with only one horn that's really curly at the end might've been SELPH. Pls don't kill me.

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