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A fan comic adaptation by Lynne Triplett
*Last updated 23rd of July 2012*


English Japanese

- Read the written version of this comic's story [ CLICK HERE ] -

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*Rated T for teen. This non-profit online comic is a work of fan homage and is not officially endorsed by SEGA in any way. All artwork © of Lynne Triplett 2012*


We are slowly but surely approaching the release date for NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming, the OverClocked ReMix album headed by Level 99. With that in mind, donations for the project have now officially opened. "Donations?" you say. Why, yes. But this is not something for me to explain to you. Please read the quote below taken from Level 99's recent post at the OCR forums explaining everything about the process, what it means for the project and what it means for YOU the fan. Read on for the details -

"Alright, so, now that things are winding down, I'm getting ready for the physical release. As of right now, it is planned that I will be ordering a bunch of physicals, consisting of a double disc version of the project (no bonus disc), including most (if not all) of the art as an insert book.

I'm looking to gather about $1000 to completely pay for this batch. NONE of this money will go into anyone's pocket: I will raise money until we hit the desired amount. If I don't hit it, some way will be found to pay it off (probably out of pocket). If I do gather that much, great. Any additional money I would possibly get OVER the price of the physical distribution will be put towards the cost of shipping copies out. If I gain enough to cover all shipping and STILL have money left over, the rest will be donated directly to OC ReMix.

If you donate $25 or more, you will get a copy of the physical release!

If you are interested in donating, please contact me."

It is normal for OCR album projects such as this one to open for donations leading up to the release. If you have any questions and/or are interested in making a donation yourself then please contact Level 99 at our forums via the 'Contact Information' section on the bottom left hand side of his profile page.


Last year, Level 99 and myself brought you the Winter Dreamers EP, a small selection of NiGHTSy related songs to play during your Holiday season. It was nicely received by the community and it got such a good level of feedback that Levs did mention that come next year we could probably do a follow up EP to Winter Dreamers. Well it is now 'next year' and i have good and bad news for you, my funky friends.

The bad news is we do not have the sequel to the Winter Dreamers EP for you this year.

The good news is Level 99 recognized his promise to you last year and most certainly did not want to leave you all empty handed, so he went back and remastered the songs from the EP. Now your favourite tunes from the EP have had their quality level ramped up so it sounds even more crystal clear than it did the first time around. All the more fresh for the winter season, i'd say.
Furthermore, Level 99 has also officially included instrumental versions of Hey Dreamer and Hey Dreamer (Can't Dance Sleeping Mix) in the download pack so now you can karaoke your little festive hearts out! :D

Truth being told, neither of us did forget about our idea to make the sequel for you all. The problem currently lies in the realm of having time to make a sequel. Level 99 is currently overseeing the finishing touches to the OverClocked Remix album NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming which releases mid next year, as well as numerous other music related projects with various other people from the OCR community. I can't say i've been as busy as Levs in terms of projects but i couldn't do a sequel without him, he is the guy who does the real technical work after all. And besides, i wouldn't want to make an EP alone anyway, it just wouldn't feel right seeing as we brought you the first one as a SEGA super team-up collabo~

For the download files as well as previews of the remastered Winter Dreamers EP, click this link here.

Chances are that this will be the last update before 2011 so from Level 99 and myself, as well as all the Staff here at the site, we wish you a very Happy Holidays and hope you enjoy the New Year to come.
DiGi Valentine


If you're like me and you love a bit fresh music for your playlist (because there's only so many times we can listen to the same NiGHTS music over and over again, right?) then you're gonna luuuurve this!


OverClocked Remix is a website i am hoping a lot of NiGHTS fans will be paying attention to over the next year as the highly anticipated remix album 'NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming' will be releasing for NiGHTS 15th Anniversary on July 5th 2011. I've been involved in the project, hearing what is being created and i can only speak of good things to come. What i did not expect to see (or in this case, 'hear') was remixer and old friend of mine DCT dropping a quick remix for everyone to enjoy for this winter season. His remix of 'Take The Snow Train', neatly titled 'The Polar Express', blends a soft and cozy chill factor to an already established song. You know what the original sounds like, now how about we take you on to that legendary train with a nice glass of whatever-you're-having and watch as the snow comes down outside on the opposite side of that windowpane. It's the perfect music for this festive time of year and i couldn't think of a better tune to bring us in to December. 

This particular remix can be found here and is available for your free downloading pleasure.

A big shout out to DCT for coming with a NiGHTS remix, i personally appreciate it as i'm sure other NiGHTS fans will too. NiGHTS remixes are few and far between and i like to think that makes them all the more special.
Happy Holidays everyone, here's to a pleasant December to you all.

DiGi Valentine


Today I'm very happy to report that our NiGHTS digital port campaign has reached 3000 fans. Thank you for all your support in spreading the word and getting people talking about NiGHTS again. When we started this campaign we weren't expecting so many of you to sign up. So a major thanks is due to each and every one of you who told a friend, posted a topic online, linked back or just simply clicked once on the button.

This number may seem like a lot but we need a lot more than this if we are to convince SEGA that a digital port of of NiGHTS into Dreams is worth their time and money. So keep all that NiGHTS attention coming our way and pass the link around your gaming friends. You don't have to have been around in 1996 to vote for this – if you have a genuine interest in the NiGHTS franchise and want to see it get more recognition then add your click to our page :)


Great work guys!

And in SEGA related news – I got the job at SEGA Europe as a games tester. To say today is a good day would be an understatement. So happy I could explode in raging-fangirl glitter lol. So I guess now I work for SEGA. How long did that take me? XD 17 years of my life! Never give up on your dreams kids ;)

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30 September;  Author: TRiPPY

Here we keep an archive of 'game trying to eat it's own head' events. Also giving details on how to replicate said bugs when available. Enjoy the freakymadness.


Game FMV

30 September;  Author: TRiPPY

NiGHTS into Dreams FMV *contains spoilers*:
NiGHTS into Dreams intro.
The very pretty sparkly video that plays straight after the SonicTeam logo. When you were used to seeing Mega CD graphics and saw this for the first time it blew you away. The infamous bow scene! Ahhh nostalgia.
Size-5.93Mb Time- 0:43 (.Avi)
Download Video
Elliot Edwards the intro.
This video introduces you to the teenage WOE (omg™) of Elliots life and what his nightmare is.
Size-12.4Mb Time- 1:31 (.Avi)
Download Video
Claris Sinclair the intro.
Claris’ nightmare about her audition and her stage fright. We like the shadow Maren forms we do Sega, more of that plz.
Size-12.1Mb Time-1:29 (.Avi)
Download Video

Elliot’s Pre- Ending.
Gorgeous scenery of Spring Valley here, it would have been neat to see more of the levels in the videos.
Anyway Elliot wakes up and helps Claris out. Go man go.

Size-6.40Mb Time- 0:47 (.Avi)
Download Video

Claris’ Pre- Ending.
Sure they look cute and like Oompa Loompas gone wrong but i wouldn’t trust them for a second dude. Claris is about to emo and realises she is not alone. Pretty cute scene.
Size-5.15Mb Time- 0:37 (.Avi)
Download Video
Elliot Ending.
Elliot faces his fears in the real world and steps up when the chips are down. Elliots friends have awesome eyebrows, they need some kinda recognition award just for being there. So um yeah.
Size-8.87Mb Time- 1:05 (.Avi)
Download Video
Claris Ending.
September the 29th, audition day. Reaching into the pit of oblivion (otherwise known as her self belief and her adventure with NiGHTS saving the universe and the probable demise of breakfast waffles) she brings forth the wonderous LA LA LA song. You go girl.
Size-12Mb Time- 1:28 (.Avi)
Download Video
Joint perfect A ending.
The one video everyone basicaly plays the game for. The UBERGLiTTER parade video.
Shed a tear at the niceness of it all, awe at the swirly glitter and confetti, question daylight fireworks- and then laugh at the gormless look Elliot gets when he see’s NiGHTS. It makes you wonder how bad the security was at T.Seeds tower when Elliot can go pelting down the stairs mid show.
Size-14.6Mb Time- 1:48 (.Avi)
Download Video
Elliot Outro.
For some odd odd reason the two raw outro videos were spliced all weird hence why you barely see them online because both the left and the right of the picture is cut off, but you can still see Elliot so i’ve included it anyway.

…I bet Elliot regrets throwing a hissy fit at that poster.
Size-1.61Mb Time- 0:20 (.Avi)
Download Video

Claris Outro.
Again with the weird cropped picture, but i didnt want to put up TV card video because it has lousy quality.

Fans speculate a lot about the relavence of NiGHTS on the tower at the end in the waking. People have a lot of suggestions on it. As did Archie :|
Size-1.58Mb Time-0:20 (.Avi)
Download Video


Christmas NiGHTS FMV (and Japanese audio versions!):

Christmas NiGHTS Prologue (English).
Ahh Christmas NiGHTS the one game we all play religiously at least once during the holiday season. Tiz pretty, and is a jaunty little semi-sequal to the original.
Size-17.9Mb Time- 2:12 (.Avi)
Download Video
Christmas NiGHTS Prologue (Japanese).
*Fanfare* for the first time ever online i’m proud to offer the japanese audio version for download. I only recently got to hear this myself despite owning all the Japanese versions for years. So marvel at the lovely narative voice and argue with net geeks over which version is superior.
Size-17.9Mb Time- 2:12 (.Avi)
Download Video
Christmas NiGHTS Epilogue (English).
The very amusing ending FMV to the game when completed by both children.
I love how some of the townspeople look like the Maren.
Size-15.5Mb Time- 1:54 (.Avi)
Download Video
Christmas NiGHTS Epilogue (Japanese).
The happyhappyjoyjoy version of the previous video. Thankyou to Phage who made such a big effort to convert these videos for me.
Size-15.5Mb Time- 1:54 (.Avi)
Download Video


Journey of Dreams FMV:

 Journey of Dreams Intro video.
The best thing ever. No lie. Thanks to Charlie for the JoD files :)
Size-234Mb Time- 1:54 (.Avi)
Download Video
 William FMV Collection (SPOILERS).
Video collection for Will. This includes his intro and endings. I’m so glad that after 11 years we got beautiful quality FMV sequences.
Size-710Mb Time- 5:47 (.Avi)
Download Video
Helen FMV Collection (SPOILERS).
Video collection for Helen. This includes her intro and endings. Nobody can deny SEGA do amazing animation. I love the snow ^^
Size-837Mb Time- 6:56 (.Avi)
Download Video



28 September;  Author: TRiPPY

Our collection of NiGHTS related music videos. Note- we don’t accept art stolen from this site (or D.A!) and shoved into a photo-montage maker as a music video. Put some effort and thought into what you do and it might get featured here.

NiGHTS, King Of Lullabye.
Fantastic AMV by Kori, if I could make videos I would make them like this. A perfect atmospheric video that tells a story. Be sure to check this gem out!
Size-48.6Mb Time- 4:59(.MPG)


The Dream will not die.
A nice AMV by DREAMiNF. With horribly catchy japanese music that flows well with the visuals.
Size-33Mb Time- 5:23(.wmv)


Infinite Dreams.
A long AMV from SiLK which makes good use of the fmv along to awesome music by IronMaiden.
Size-59Mb Time- 6:09(.wmv)


NiGHTS music video.
‘My NiGHTS into dreams music video. This is the first music video I have ever done, and it took a very long time to do. Please comment back on it.’ Great work from Yamilover13. Music by The Techno Dome. Footage from NiGHTS & Sonic Riders.
Size-7.70Mb Time- 2:25(.wmv)


Reala’s black black heart.
A wonderful music video focusing on JOD’s Reala by Maresuke.
Music by David Usher – Black Black Heart (Remix). A definate watch.




NiD Debug Mode

27 September;  Author: TRiPPY

If you’re a NiGHTS fan you’ve heard of the infamous ‘cheat code’… everyone has. You know, the one that requires tapping in the phone directory backwards, building a barn and then collecting 50 blue chips. Yeah… that one.

Remnants of the debug mode were still present on the CD but nobody looking into the game could ever get it to work.

Well despite years of hoax claims by people (And magazines!) unaware that the ability to use the code was removed from retail version and only available on review copies given to the press- A MIGHTY MALAN has given us something quite tangible in the form of the Action Replay Debug Mode. Ok so it’s not the Abracadabra cheat but it does the exact same thing. Well done that man! Go visit his awesome site and shower him with pineapples.

The original dirty dirty LIE:
"On the Sonic Team screen press A,B,Right,A,C,A, Down, A, B, Right, A (ABRACADABRA). If you did this correctly, you should hear the sound you hear when you run out of time. Then at the title screen, press Up, Down, Left, Right, A+Start. You should hear a chime. Highlight one of Elliot’s dreams and press X,Y,Z,Y,X and push start. As Elliot, pause. Then press Right, A, Left, Left, and Y (RALLY). Press start again. Collect 50 orbs and jump. In midair, pause the game. A debug menu should come up. With it you can change the time limit and get rid of the Alarm Egg, access all levels AND in the 2 Player VS!"

THE TRUTH! Courtesy of Malan:
Ok guys, after some days of research, I have enough details, so here’s the codes you need:

As you probably know, SEGA has deleted the Debug Menu access. But the Debug Mode is still in the game! You just need an action replay to activate all options you want to (because there is no menu to select them).

Master code
F6000914 C305
B6000B00 0000

160FFC1C 0008 : Activate the Debug Mode

– Unpaused –
X : gives you the Ideya of the current Mare (you don’t see it but you can dualize)

– Paused –
A / B : next frame
X : go to the Nightmare (crashes if you are already in the Nightmare)
Z : crash the game (in my mind, it once displayed the Debug Menu, but since it was deleted, you get a crash instead)
R : hide all data in the screen (to make some beautiful screenshots!)
L+R+Y : display the Sound Test of the level and the DSS INFO

Now, I found some other debug options that you can’t activate without the Debug Menu :

160FFC1C xxxx

0001 : Unlimited Time
0002 : ???
0004 : ???
0008 : Activate the Debug Mode
0010 : Make your own demo (start a new game, press A+B+C+START when you’ve finished)
0020 : ???
0040 : Ideya Capture test (you can’t finish the mare)
0080 : ???
0100 : ???
0200 : ???
0400 : Display time and score tables (pause)
0800 : ???
1000 : ???
2000 : ???
4000 : Hide all data (same as L button in the debug mode)
8000 : ???

Concerning the "???" I already tested them but I didn’t notice anything usefull (only some bugs)

If you want to activate several options, you just have to add numbers (be careful, it’s hexadecimal, so 0008+0002=000A, not 0010)

If you notice something I did not, feel free to post it in this forum topic here:




SEGA Library Promo

27 September;  Author: TRiPPY

This is the full super-rare official Sega Library promo video donated to my collection by the lovely Tabi. The video is quite a large download at 717Mb but it’s a great thing to watch if you’ve never seen NiGHTS into Dreams in action before. It shows all the levels, the bosses and a few little rare things like the King/Super Pian tower fully formed. The best way to describe this video is an audio walkthrough of gameplay. It also shows some good techniques to improve your scores and get 2.0′s on the boss Maren. The commentary is in full Japanese, but you’ll appreciate it all the same. Such a lovely shiny piece of memorabilia.

Compressed with the DiVX codec, originally on VHS format. Runtime 53 minutes, that’s nearly an hours footage of NiGHTS gameplay :)

*Warning- Contains fmv story spoilers






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