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Official Art

21 September; Author: TRiPPY



16 Responses to “Official Art”

  1. Chris says:

    i have nights journey of dreams for wii and it is awesome u have to buy it and all my friends think that my dream is the best because i got all as on all the level especially bellbridge

  2. kohaku says:

    SSPPLEEEE!!! I absolutely love reala now,i have some character that look…well not exactly but they have the same colors.ANYWHO reala is so awsome…3< for the sexy nightmaren

  3. MaikuBano says:

    This is definitely my favorite picture. Oh, how I wish this game was released for PS3 -.-

  4. The .P. says:

    When i found out about NiGHTS, i always got embarrased if someone found out i liked it. But that's slowly changed. I REALLY like nights now. It's a child like obssession with colour and the never ageing obssession for adrenaline that got me into it. Still am abit nervous though. This pic was pretty damn awesome, and most of the other nights pictures for that matter. They almost all include the moon, which is a little touch. "can't…… stop….. looking…"
    Need journey of dreams on XBOX 360!! In HD!!!

  5. NiGHTS says:

    Elliot kinda scares me O.o

  6. keyshona says:

    I just draw NIGHTS A genie! She is so purple cute!

  7. purple says:


  8. CLAWZ says:

    NiGHTS ROCKS!!!!
    So does Clawz, reala and JACKLE… Iv'e LOOOOOOOVED NiGHTS  ever since it came out!! :D

  9. Shego13 says:

    NiGHTS looking more prettier than she was in NiGHTS into dreams. Her eyes were like sapphire.

  10. Marina says:

    Clariss bed is cool it looks like a divan. And Helen looks super preppy upper class.

  11. kia says:

    Claris is soooooo cute! ^^

  12. thatNiGHTSfan says:

    Yipee!!!!!!! He's back after 11 years. Welcome home NiGHTS. i say he's welcome anytime

  13. NiGHTSLuvr79 says:

    I love the look of the games unfortunately never got to play cuz I never had the sega saturn but I always thought nights was cool looking. mainly cuz of all the purple but still. i wish they had done it for ps2 & if so that I could get a copy of both nights into dreams & nights journey of dreams. i do think his eyes are a tad freaky depending on the pic but then in others they're not so much. nights is bad ass.

  14. NiGHTSLuvr79 says:

    Just wondering is it possible to get the wall paper from here? Its SO COOL!  just curious. thanks!  

  15. Amethyst says:

    I think JoD NiGHTS is kind of attractive? Yes, in that way.

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