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5 February; Author: TRiPPY


Welcome to the world of Nightopia!
At the start of each dream, the Nightmaren steal almost all of your dream energy except for the most precious and powerful energy of all, Bravery. Now it's time to fight back and recover all of your lost dream energy.
Nearby is an Ideya Palace. Just walk right in and NiGHTS will come to your aid! Immediately you start floating off of the platform. Have fun flying!


Spring Valley ~ the IDEAL ~
Spring Valley is a beautiful world lush with vegetation. Walk on natural stone bridges which cross over small ravines. Strong breezes at the top of the mountains send you to treasures. Other items are hidden in giant trees. Look high and low or you'll miss some of the goodies.
Did you know?:
Spring Valley is a dreamscape created from Claris' high admiration for her father. Her 'Ideal'. Remember on the last Mare (lap) to tag the Nightopian flying above the Ideya Palace.


Splash Garden ~ the AFFECTION ~

Glide above lakeside parks where fountains shoot jets of water high into the sky. Giant blue orbs hold tempting treasures, but knock you off course when you enter them. Plunge into the water and race along the lake bottom, picking up as many items as you can.
Did you know?:
This dream has connections to Elliot's mother. Also the working floral clock will chime at 12pm as it is cleverly timed by the consoles internal clock!


Mystic Forest ~ the POSSIBILITY~
Stone blocks are solidly in place in some parts of the forest, but pillars lay broken and scattered in others. Traffic signs which dot the land seem out of place in the dark and silent surroundings. Look for the core of this dream, a "shining" cave buried deep in the ground. The forest growth here might help send you on your way.
Did you know?:
This dream is created from Claris' inner spirit of enquiry. 'Forest of Maze' and 'Swamp of Temptation' were development names for the familiar ingame areas. Beware! Leave NiGHTS in the underground cave for too long and he will be flattened paper thin!


Frozen Bell ~ the CONSCIOUSNESS~
The frozen landscape is highlighted by railroad tracks which lead into the distance and towers which soar into the sky. Fly and climb over snowy mountains covered with steep slopes. Look high and low while swinging on the bars, for you can find many goodies. Race the bobsled run to gather Star Chips and Color Chips.
Did you know?:
Frozen Bell is about Elliot reflecting on his past. Hitch a ride on the train that travels around the stage. NiGHTS turns into a bobsled on the last lap of this dream!


Soft Museum ~ the CONFUSION~

A large museum towers in the middle of a European style garden. The ground seems to warp underneath you, and red brick roads suddenly end without warning. The museum has no obvious door, so you'll need to find another way to enter.
Did you know?:
Some of the Nightopians in this dream will sculpt silver statues of NiGHTS. Also you can rack up quick points indoors by bouncing on the museum walls and doing tricks. Bonus!


Stick Canyon ~ the REVIVAL~
The canyon is set in the middle of a desert. It is filled with numerous traps which are designed to slow you down. Giant magnets suck in everything that passes. Another type of machine magnetizes you, so that items and creatures stick to you as you pass them. You need to reach amazing heights to get through this dream..
Did you know?:
Stick Canyon represents the process of Elliot growing up. Also you can reach the top of the metal tower by taking a ride in the hidden elevator on foot with Elliot.


Twin Seeds ~ the GROWTH~
[Elliot & Claris]
Claris and Elliot share this final dream. To unlock it you must have C+ grades. Take a giant leap of faith and discover your own inner courage. Then fly as either Claris or Elliot to the exciting showdown with Wizeman the Wicked.


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