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Sonic Adventure

23 December; Author: Dex la Cabra

While Burning Rangers may have been the first game to have a NiGHTS cameo, the Sonic franchise has always done well to include NiGHTS. Among these cameos, few are as prominent as the "NiGHTS into Dreams…" pinball table on Sonic Adventure. Sonics first fully 3D adventure went above and beyond to ensure than as well as the aesthetics, the music and atmosphere that made NiGHTS stand out all those years ago was present in this cameo. Indeed, due to the SEGA Saturn selling poorly this was many peoples first exposure to SEGA's purple secondary mascot, and it did well in showcasing what made NiGHTS special, from the cards displaying the unique character designs, to the moments where Sonic is whisked away through sections of Nightopia flying through rings alongside NiGHTS. 

These moments are best experienced in motion, and so fellow NiGHTS fan MidniteandBeyond has seen fit to supply us with a video of gameplay! 



3 Responses to “Sonic Adventure”

  1. MC.Gemstone says:

    Its nice to see this website some what active but I wish I was around the time it was alive and active… ;-;

  2. Sam Botkin says:

    I always played this even after i beat the game

  3. Dan says:

    Yea I love this and journey into dreams too

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