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S&K’s EPiC Adventure!

24 September; Author: TRiPPY

It's that day kids! The day were FANS FLIP OUT AND GO CRAZY.

It's Journey of Dreams release day in the USA and people in our forums are running in frantic circles trying to grab late copies. Sisters Shae and Kbooki went on an EPiC ADVENTURE and decided to share this hilarious documentary with the community. Yes. This is the true mentality of the NiGHTS fanbase in condensed form. This is what waiting 11 years does to us all. Some of us even drive cars. Beware. (Don't worry I'm sure all those years of playing the original game will come in handy when not paying attention to the road in front of you girls :D )

This documentary is in TWO PARTS dun dun dun. Check out video 2 for the dramatic conclusion.




I vote more epic adventures!


5 Responses to “S&K’s EPiC Adventure!”

  1. Andre Nesman says:

    I’m from Brazil and here the Veoh is not available to watch the video. :(

  2. TRiPPY says:

    Ahhh really? That’s annoying D: I will do my best to include direct file links to each video file then for people having probs with the video players ok? :) I’ll do that today.

  3. Andre Nesman says:

    Thanks Trippy. It worked. :) :):)

  4. evi says:

    hehe that adventure truely was epic XD
    my friends and i laughed so hard that the whole street could hear us
    but yeah an important tip for the next happy fangirls who want to buy NiGHTS JOD be sure to check if you have a wii
    i don’t have a wii too ;____; my friend has but she doesn’t have the game so we are gonna pay each a half!
    can’t wait =D

    C ya trippy!!!!
    p.s. my nick name is dusty i don’t now how my friends came on it but now i made a fan character whit that name!!!

  5. MC.Gemstone says:

    this was pretty crazy XD but I would be as happy as these wonderful lady's I wonder if they have a youtube channel I wondering what's happen to them ;-; where could have they gone? 0.0

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