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The Story

5 February; Author: TRiPPY

[ From the original US/EU SEGA Saturn instruction manuals and official websites 1996. ]

Nightopia in Peril

That night Elliot and Claris return home, thinking of themselves as failures, not realizing that the real challenge is about to begin. In the world of Nightopia where our dreams are played out, an evil being is gaining tremendous power. He is Wizeman the Wicked, and through his creations the Nightmaren, he captures precious dream energy from humans. If he is not stopped, he will rise from the subconscious and enter our world. No power on earth will be able to stop him.

As Wizeman's Nightmaren start fulfilling his horrible plan, a Nightopian escapes from the dream world and begs the sleeping Elliot and Claris to save the world from the evil being. Just a few moments ago they felt like total failures. But now that the world needs their help, Elliot and Claris feel, for the first time in their lives, a courage growing within them. They accept the Nightopians desperate request.

The creature explains to them that they need to recover four types of dream energy from Wizeman's Ideya capture, a group of large machine-like beings. The four energies are White (representing Purity), Green (Wisdom), Yellow (Hope), and Blue (intelligence).

Wizeman will attempt to steal Elliot and Claris' dream energy and try to confuse them by placing them in strange dream worlds. These worlds are places developed from the depths of their minds. The fifth and rarest of the dream energies, Bravery (Red in colour), is the only type of energy Wizeman and his henchmen cannot steal. It is said that the only one not yet under Wizeman's power is NiGHTS, who appears as an aerial acrobat and is attracted to red dream energy. The Nightopian believes that Elliot and Claris possess this rare energy, and thus NiGHTS will come to their aid.

The Nightopian warns that sooner or later Wizeman will send the most powerful of his Nightmaren, his henchmen, after Claris and Elliot. The two children will need the help of NiGHTS every step of the way to thwart Wizeman's plans if they are to restore peace to Nightopia.


5 Responses to “The Story”

  1. i like the story and i inspired jaja XD

  2. Sweet NiGHTS says:

    I had a dream recently, NiGHTS was in it! We both Dualized! She/he told me to beware sugar coated paths. Then I woke up!

  3. Jackle says:

    So I'm not the only one who dreams about NiGHTS when I've played too much. I almost got beaten to death in my dream last night, but escaped along with a mystery girl I keep seeing in my dreams. Pretty sure the guys trying to beat me with a metal bat were Nightmarens. So that was interesting.

  4. Buzzardbubbles says:

    I have dreams about the dream gates!

  5. SuperStickman into Dreams says:

    mhmmmm… yes this story is facinating…Im new to this website BTW! #YesImDreamin

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