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Dreams Dreams

26 September; Author: TRiPPY


In a dream I could see
you are not far away.
Anytime, Anyplace.
I can see your face.
You are that special one
that I've been waiting for
and I hope you're looking for
someone like me.

In my dreams
I can hear you call on me.
In the night,
everything's so sweet.
In your eyes
I feel there's so much inside.

In the nights, dream delight;
I want to see you standing there.
In the nights, dream delight;
I've found someone who really cares.
In the nights, dream delight;
I want to see you smile again.
In the nights, dream delight;
You're the one I've waited for.

In a dream we can do
everything we want to
There's no where I'd rather be
but here with you.
The stars above light the way
only for you and I.
I'm so glad I've found the one
That I've been looking for.

Keep the dream.

(Keep the dream)

Of the one you're hoping for
Love can come through an open door.
Just be strong.

(Just be strong)

And you're sure to find the one,
the one, the one, the one.
*[repeat chorus]

(woh oh woh)
In the nights (in the nights), dream delight (delight);
I want to see you standing there
(see you standing there)
In the nights…
I've found someone who really cares
(oh woh yeah).
In the nights…
I want to see you smile again
(hey yeaha).
In the nights…
You're the one I waited for (the one, the one, woo ho).
In the night (oh baby) delight.
You and me,
we could be,
together forever.
In the nights (delight)
(Baby, Oh woh, Yeah, yeah)
In the nights
dream delight (delight).
I found someone,
I found my love in the night,
In that dream with you girl
You're the one I waited for.
I dream, I dream, I dream, I dream, and you know.
(yeah yeah)
(wooh ooh; yeah, yeah, yeah)


Tomoko Sasaki
Wornell Jones


Jasmine Ann Allen
Cameron Earl Strother
Curtis King Jr.
Dana Calitri


A lot of people don't realise that the original version of the song had Japanese lyrics that were very different from the final version we all know and love. Below, thanks to Dreams, we have the lyrics and translations. How awesome is this? :)









Hoshi ga shizuka ni furu yoru ni mita yume wa
Amai nioi no suru yume deshita
Dareka ga ano tobira no mukou de boku o yonde imashita

Boku o yonde ita no wa kimi
Boku mo kimi o sagashi-tsuzukete ita n'desu
Sou desu
Mou zutto nagai aida
Boku wa shoujiki itte jibun demo dare o sagashite iru no ka
Wakaranakatta no dakeredo
Kimi no koe o kitte mayowazu "mitsuketa!" tte omotta n'desu

Ima de sawarou to mo omowanakatta kono ooki na tobira o
Akeyou to omotta koto wa boku ni totte ichidaiji deshita
Demo akeyou to suru to tobira wa hitori de ni hiraite
     shimatta n'desu

Kimi wa nande mo nai heibon na tokoro ni
Maru de keshiki no you ni, tatazunde imashita ne
Hontou ni nande mo nai kanji de nikoniko shite imashita ne
Konna ni sugu chikaku ni ita nante zenzen shiranakatta
Dou shite ima made kizukanakatta n'darou, tte
Boku wa sukoshi nayamimashita yo

Kimi no iru yume wa boku ga ima made ni mita koto mo nai
Hikari de afurete imasu
Hikari no naka ni iru to donna nozomi demo kanai-sou na
Nanka sonna kimochi ni natte kimasu



My dream peered at a night full of peaceful stars
It was a sweet-scented dream
Someone was calling me from the opposite side of a door

It was you who called to me
And I continued to search for you
So then
It's been a very long time
But I tell myself the truth, who is it I'm seeking?
Yet I didn't understand
I heard your voice and without question thought "I found you!"

All this time, it was this big door I didn't think I should touch
It was an important thing to me, that I thought I should open it
But to open it would mean that the door would finally be
     unbolted before me

You're here, in this ordinary, conventional place
As if caught in a scene, I stood still for a while
I smiled with, truly, the most natural feeling in the world
I never knew I could be so close like this

How I had never realized it until now
I briefly wept

There you are, unlike anything I had ever seen in my dream
Overflowing with light
But it seems my wish was granted, there in the light
And you do make me feel that way


Tomoko Sasaki


7 Responses to “Dreams Dreams”

  1. NymphoNazi says:

    I got the NIGHTS INTO DREAMS Sampler Disc for Sega Saturn, Rated K-A (Kids to Adults).

    It's the coolest <@:-}   (drunk clown w/ curly hair)

    OBEY THE PENTAGRAM -    Taylor Green

  2. Спасибо,давно искала текст.^^

  3. SailorSonic says:

    This is the best video game love song ever. ^^

  4. snowdrops1 says:

    This song always fills me up with love and joy.
    Because we always find that things we love in our dreams.

  5. susie8 says:

    I don't care if people say this song is cheesy, I think it blows every single love song I've ever heard out the water, except for maybe Disney movie love songs.
    The orginal 1996 adult ver. is the best. I want it to be played at my funeral. (Yes, I'm serious.) I got to meet Dana Calitri when I was 9, and it was the best day of my life.
    One of the few things I remember about my beloved late father is that he loved EVERY version of the song and played all the versions all the time on the boombox in his room. It drove my mom and my sister crazy. He was the reason my family got to meet Dana Calitri. I also got to meet Cameron and Jasmine too, when they were 10 years old. Cameron was sooooo cute XD I also found him on Facbook and became a good friend of his. All because of my dad's love for DREAMS DREAMS!
    Unfrotunately my dad died in 2004,  3 years before JOD was made. It was sad, because I wanted him to hear the new versions of DREAMS DREAMS. As a tribute, I played the 1996 adult ver. at his funeral.
    Crap, I'm rambling too much. In short, this song has had a major influnce on my life. It's very dear to me. In fact, I think I hold it closer to my heart than NiGHTS itself.

  6. Wonsik Choi says:

    우연히 접했던 음악을 몇 년 째 듣고 있는지 모르겠네요..
    경제적 여유가 된다면 게임 플레이도 반드시 해볼 예정입니다ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ
    'dreams dreams' 라는 곡을 굉장히 좋아하는데 가사말처럼 듣고 있으면 정말 꿈꾸고 있는것 같아요 :-)
    이런 음악을 접하게 해주신 제작자분들께 정말 고개 숙여 감사드리고 싶습니다. 힘내세요!

  7. Rogerio says:

    It's been 2 weeks I did a wedding proposal to my girlfriend. We say Dreams Dreams is our song, so check what I did to her :)https://youtu.be/tUoirTIf_Qk

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