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NiGHTS Appears in “Who Dat?”

17 December;  Author: Dex la Cabra

Well isn't this a wee delight? DiGi Valentine, the man who needs no introduction here, has released the next episode of "Who Dat?" and guess which nightmaren takes centre stage?

No not Reala, the other one!

I for one think that this is a job well done in describing NiGHTS, and I personally agree with the point that people often forget NiGHTS' Nightmaren heritage, long live the bad boy/girl!

Also was that this very site I spotted in the video? ;P

Glad the purple menace is still getting love,

Dex la Cabra~!


NiGHTS into Dreams Walkthrough

5 July;  Author: Dex la Cabra

Thanks to forum member MidniteAndBeyond we now have a walkthrough of "NiGHTS into Dreams…" in the works! It will be uploaded to Youtube but documented here for all people to see. Access the walkthroughs of each level once they are uploaded through this handy Dream Gate video by clicking on the name of the level you'd like to watch. Commentary is provided by MidniteAndBeyond himself to ensure a family friendly time to be had by all!





DiGi Does NiGHTS into Dreams…

14 December;  Author: Dex la Cabra


Resident rapper and previous admin DiGi Valentine is celebrating the festive season in style, by playing through the Steam version of NiGHTS into Dreams… to unlock the fabled Christmas NiGHTS! Watch him play through Spring Valley in this first part, though I'm dropping a bad language warning for you young'uns :P Throw his channel a like or two, the bunny man has done a lot for us all over the years :) The rest of the series is on his youtube page if you want to catch the rest!

P.S. Yeah the owl's called Hollow DiGi! ;D

Peace out for now,

Dex la Cabra~!


Thanks to Kev over at Sonicwrecks we now have a wonderful video of our Hoshino-San interview. It was so inspiring and great to sit there talking to the creator of all our favourite NiGHTS characters. Enjoy the NiGHTS chatter! :)


If you remember the video collection of commercials we have stored away here you'll remember my story of woe about accidentally recording over the original UK NiGHTS TV advert with a Spicegirls concert back in 1996. How horrible.

WELL! Do we have a treat for you Saturn fans :) A certain Mr Alan K. Rose has made it something of a mission to dig up this commercial over the past few years and at last he brings us a link to the near full set of UK TV commercials. Enjoy!

An incredible 15 years after it was first broadcast, the 1997 "Sizzler" presentation from Sega Europe has been located, featuring a (near) complete set of HHCL Brasserie's Demonstration series of advertisements in English, including the mythical NiGHTS commercial at last. Unfortunately, the Sonic R spot from this same campaign remains elusive for now, though I'm sure it will surface one day.
Anyway, here's the link I'm sure you all dying for…
Thanks to everyone at SS:UK for preserving this tape!

Incidentally, Japan, us UK guys beat your high score ;)


So why has Miss TRiPPY been so quiet the past month?

Let my boss Bentley Jones (AKA Lee Brotherton) tell you~


Yup I've been up to my drawing antics. But this time on a epic scale :) WE Я ANIMADE. Announcing live at MCM Expo London 29-30th May 2010. For tickets go to or for more info go to


And this is why I'm going to Expo! XD;


Studio Imagni TV

18 November;  Author: TRiPPY

Welcome to the Studio Imagni Livestream channel! Here you can watch live and prerecorded shows all about our comicbook Engelbaum, NiGHTS into Dreams and other random malarky. To connect to the chat just click on the chat logo – note the chat function will only be available during live shows. If you've missed a show, just click on the 'on demand' button and start from the oldest recordings at the bottom.
Feel free to leave comments below for things you'd like to see in the future and I'll see what I can do.
*PARENTAL WARNING: Also be aware because this is a live recording it's probably not suitable for young viewers due to random swearywords (come on, it's DiGi afterall).

Other than that, enjoy!


Misc Video

30 September;  Author: TRiPPY


*page in progress*


Cosplay Video

30 September;  Author: TRiPPY

A collection of NiGHTS related cosplay videos! NiGHTS cosplay is pretty rare- so when it's done it takes a lot of effort and enthusiasm…. not to mention guts lol! Cosplaying NiGHTS characters also raises awareness of the games at large public events, so i massively encourage it. If you have any videos of NiGHTS cosplayers tell us [ HERE ]

Lélis and PhoenixBruno
elis and Bruno made some incredible costumes for the huge World Cosplay Summit competition and went on to win places in both regional and Brazilian events. I'm so proud of them! Getting on stage is no easy thing to do and they done it so well too. "
NiGHTS into Dreams is such a WONDERFUL game. I am a NiGHTS lover since Sega Saturn. Last year, the launch of "NiGHTS Journey of Dreams" for Nintendo Wii make the gaming community EXCITED. Me included =D
The game is good, not so good as "into Dreams" but the design of THIS NiGHTS is sooooo nice that I decided to cosplay him (or she xD) ? It was a hard costume. Damn, very HARD to make that HAT. And to find the correct fabric…'cause this NiGHTS has a special shiny thing ? XD I simply love to play NiGHTS. One of my favorite costumes, FOR SURE <3"

1rst Place at World Cosplay Summit Regional Eliminatory at Kodama 2008
10th Place at World Cosplay Summit Brazilian Eliminatory 2008

Lélis and PhoenixBruno

What if you could fly?
Through the night sky, the World of Dreams awaits you.
A World just for you your Nightopia!!

Visitor from another world, welcome!
Is it your first time here? So, let me explain!
You are now at the entrance that your people call World of Dreams.
But don't be fooled by the name World of Dreams!
I don't mean that it doesn't exist. It is simply… How could I put it? It is a world that you can only visit when you are asleep.
But let me tell ya, it will be much better if we fly around then chat all day long! So, what do you say? Wanna dualize with me and fly around? Cause NiGHTS here is able to assimilate with your body and… Oh, it will be easier to understand if you try! Shall we go?
AHAHAHAHAHA! Ah NiGHTS, long time no see! Walking around with our little visitor friend, aren't you?

You can cut the act now my dear brother, because the plan to obtain your …Ideya… has gone per-fec-tly!
Don't listen these lies!!!
LIES??? AHAHAHAHA! Let me ask the visitor something. Do you know he is a …Nightmaren… like me? Oh! Poor, poor little visitor! Betrayed by the one you thought was a friend! Now say good bye, visitor!
NOOOOOO!(combat scene)
Visitor voice:
NiGHTS, I believe in you. I believe because we are friends. NiGHTS, I TRUST YOU!
Reala, you don't need to act like this!

SHUT UP NiGHTS! An infidel like you can say NOTHING!
We are the same, my brother! You don't need to follow the dark side …cause we are not Wizeman's puppets! Reala, we all have free will! Come with me brother, make your choice!(END)

Maresuke & Friends
A compilation of Wizeman's best bits.
Beth as Wizeman, Hannah as NiGHTS, Michelle doing camera work, and Maresuke as Reala. Absolutely bloody hilarious. Word.

NiGHTS cosplay on national TV? Hell yes. This is us on BBC Childrens Newsround thanks to SEGA Europe. Yes 'us'… DiGi was their official Sonic mascot hahaha. So much fun! Be sure to watch the next video to see more of our little record breaking adventure. Getting to meet the LEGENDARY LIZO was a definate rofflewaffles.

Warning contains some bad language courtesy of DiGi. What it TAKES to BECOME Sonic! … and NiGHTS. Very very funny. Sleep-over at SEGA HQ! Too much fun was had making this. Possibly the most fun ever in 24 hours.

Warning contains some bad language and inuendo. This is ooooooold! Back in 2006, when i originaly completed my UV NiGHTS cosplay (and first got together with DiGi!) we attended Auchinawa 06. Scotlands first anime convention. We took a lot of video but never done anything with it for years, JoD coming out sort of distracted us. So here is DiGi slowly (VERY SLOWLY) losing his MIND as i take 4 hours to get dressed. No that's not an exageration! Sorry for the bad lighting quality our camera is a little bit poo.

EternalFluffy & LilStarcon
Cosplay at Colossal Con spotted! *stealthcam*

NARSi and TRAViS at Anime Boston. Warning contains bad language… lol is it just me or do all us NiGHTS cosplayers have verbal rage? Though i think if you understood how much work goes into cosplaying NiGHTS you'd be the same too *lol*

EternalFluffy & LilStarcon
The terrible-two at Colossal Con answering questions- in character! Zuhaha great stuff!



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