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DiGi Does NiGHTS into Dreams…

14 December; Author: Dex la Cabra


Resident rapper and previous admin DiGi Valentine is celebrating the festive season in style, by playing through the Steam version of NiGHTS into Dreams… to unlock the fabled Christmas NiGHTS! Watch him play through Spring Valley in this first part, though I'm dropping a bad language warning for you young'uns :P Throw his channel a like or two, the bunny man has done a lot for us all over the years :) The rest of the series is on his youtube page if you want to catch the rest!

P.S. Yeah the owl's called Hollow DiGi! ;D

Peace out for now,

Dex la Cabra~!


One Response to “DiGi Does NiGHTS into Dreams…”

  1. iLLViLLAiN says:

    Pretty entertaining vid. Can't wait to see the next one. 

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