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3 October;  Author: TRiPPY

Some of us are mad enough to go decorating our bedrooms all NiGHTSy themed. Textiles, murals you name it. There’s no better way to inspire your hung-over self than being surrounded by bright gaudy eyeburning colors straight from the city circus! I’d like to see more people doing this because it’s a lot of fun. Somebody needs to recreate the kids bedrooms or one of the levels or something. Go on you know you want to. Want to add your own room to this page? Post in the subs forum [here].  


Kichigai’s room:

Sariachan Mural ‘NiGHTS tempera on Wall’:
Hello, I did a NiGHTS mural for my brother’s bedroom :)


TRiPPY’s room:

This was my old bedroom back when i lived in Scotland. I’d wanted a NiGHTS pimped room for a while and one day just decided to crack out the purple gloss and gold spraypaint. Started in 2005, finished in 2006. I love kitsch and tacky, never let me near your house.



May 2005




3 October;  Author: TRiPPY


This is where we keep the NiGHTS related fanmonster creations. Mascots, DiY dollies, custom Dollfie and all manner of bizzarely cute soft things belong in here. The official Sega dolls will be in the Merchandise section soon. If you've made anything you'd like to share then please post it in our [subs forum].

Dragon NiGHTS 'Lord of Dreams' [ Photo: 1 2 3 ]
By Alkerone

"Yep. NiGHTS' Dragon-Form from Journey of Dreams.  I wanted one, so I figured I'd make one
It's pretty big–95 inches long (one inch away from being eight feet) from nose to tip-of-tail (for you metric people out there, that's… probably about 2.4 meters or so…) -and ENTIRELY HAND SEWN. Took forever to complete, but I love it lots ."

NiGHTS [ Photo: 1 ]
By Loufren

"A doll given to me by a close friend last year for my birthday. He looked gimpier then, and he's been fixed up a lot, but he's very loved."

Chibi NiGHTS [ Photo: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 ]
By Sam Zero 22

"Almost scrapped the idea but I finished it, hope you like it." … How could you even IMAGINE abandoning this project?! ;O; Look at him! Look at those EYES!

Sam Zero 22 JoD NiGHTS [ Photo: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 ]
By Sam Zero 22

Sam amazes us all over again with a brand new plushie made to Journey of Dreams designs. The detail here is fantastic.

Sa-Chan NiGHTS [ Photo: 1 ]
By Sa-Chan & Mum

Very cute little NiGHTS plush complete with jingly bells! Made by Sa's mum with help from the art fiend herself.

Madmen NiGHTS [ Photo: 1 ]
By Madmen

Madmen made this plushie of NiGHTS ENTIRELY by hand, which is mind boggling. Beautiful use of fabrics and shiny things. *drool*

Sam Zero 22 NiGHTS [ Photo: 1 ]
By Sam Zero 22

Sam sent me these photo's recently of plush making exploits and i adooooore them! Keep making more soft toys, you're a natural.

NEEKLAMY NiGHTS [ Photo: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 ]

I bought this odd little lanky dude from an online shop called Neeklamy that were selling videogame plushies. His eyes glow in the dark and his body is made from a fluffy fabric. Cute XD

Lithe-Fider NiGHTS [ Photo: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 ]
By Lithe-Fider

Nyssa is a very talented online plushie maker with an entire range of video and anime characters under her belt. This NiGHTS plush is funky. Love him.

Sam Zero 22 Reala [ Photo: 1 ]
By Sam Zero 22

Gah words cannot express how much i love this Reala plush. His colors, the proportions, the detailing, all spot on. Welldone Sam!

Sa-Chan Jackle [ Photo: 1 / 2 ]
By Sa-Chan & Mum

Can anyone say WOW? I know i can… I've sat oogling at this thing all morning XD I wish my mum made stuff like this!

Jackle [ Photo: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 ]
By Sam Zero 22

Amazingly detailed Jackle plush here with great poses! You got to love his little tarot card. Can't wait to see what's next in the series from Sam.

SiLK Jackle and Mini NiGHTS [ Photo: 1 / 2 ]

Boasts being the first ever Jackle plushie made XD Not only that but he looks badass! SiLK recreated my artwork 'Dealing Fate' here ahaha. Nice one.

U.V NiGHTS [ Photo: 1 / 2 / 3 ]
By Envy

Really cute U.V plushmonster made by Envy. When she's not papering her bedroom with all the NiGHTS art in the universe she is making awesome plush toys. Adooore.

Icachan U.V NiGHTS [ Photo: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 ]
By Icachan

Ica sent me this adorable little squishy bundle of Maren through the post a few years ago now, where he has lived on my shelf ever since. Much loved and much hugged.

Tashayarna U.V NiGHTS [ Photo: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 ]
By Tashayarna

Tashy suprised me with this insanecute U.V plushie while i was at Auchinawa convention. He goes nearly everywhere with me and lives on the shelf with the other fabric beasties. Thankyou again!

Britewingz Blade the Dark Chao [ Photo: 1 ]
By BriteWingz www.thechaogarden.com

Brite does AMAZING custom Chao plushies and also takes commissions at her above website, so be sure to give her creations a look.

BriteWingz Dark NiGHTS Chao Plushie [ Photo: 1 ]
By BriteWingz www.thechaogarden.com

Great to see more Dark Chao dolls, especialy when theyre of such a high standard!

BriteWingz NiGHTS Chao Plush [ Photo: 1 ]
By BriteWingz www.thechaogarden.com

My favourite of the bunch! I needs to get me one of these. Especialy since the official NiGHTS chao plush was so damn rare.

Gillwing Plush [ Photo: 1 ]
By Tashayarna

An awesome Gillwing plushie that was created for SiLK as a gift. Its cool to see second level Nightmaren in doll form.

Wizeman the Wicked [ Photo: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 ]
By Sam Zero 22

The lord of Nightmares himself in glorified plushie form curtesy of Sam Zero 22. This is simply all levels of awesome.

BriteWingz NiGHTS Chao [ Photo: 1 ]
By BriteWingz www.thechaogarden.com

A NiGHTS Chao with shorter horns available in a range of colors. Check out the website for details!


Cosplay Video

30 September;  Author: TRiPPY

A collection of NiGHTS related cosplay videos! NiGHTS cosplay is pretty rare- so when it's done it takes a lot of effort and enthusiasm…. not to mention guts lol! Cosplaying NiGHTS characters also raises awareness of the games at large public events, so i massively encourage it. If you have any videos of NiGHTS cosplayers tell us [ HERE ]




Lélis and PhoenixBruno
elis and Bruno made some incredible costumes for the huge World Cosplay Summit competition and went on to win places in both regional and Brazilian events. I'm so proud of them! Getting on stage is no easy thing to do and they done it so well too. "
NiGHTS into Dreams is such a WONDERFUL game. I am a NiGHTS lover since Sega Saturn. Last year, the launch of "NiGHTS Journey of Dreams" for Nintendo Wii make the gaming community EXCITED. Me included =D
The game is good, not so good as "into Dreams" but the design of THIS NiGHTS is sooooo nice that I decided to cosplay him (or she xD) ? It was a hard costume. Damn, very HARD to make that HAT. And to find the correct fabric…'cause this NiGHTS has a special shiny thing ? XD I simply love to play NiGHTS. One of my favorite costumes, FOR SURE <3"

1rst Place at World Cosplay Summit Regional Eliminatory at Kodama 2008
10th Place at World Cosplay Summit Brazilian Eliminatory 2008

Lélis and PhoenixBruno

What if you could fly?
Through the night sky, the World of Dreams awaits you.
A World just for you your Nightopia!!

Visitor from another world, welcome!
Is it your first time here? So, let me explain!
You are now at the entrance that your people call World of Dreams.
But don't be fooled by the name World of Dreams!
I don't mean that it doesn't exist. It is simply… How could I put it? It is a world that you can only visit when you are asleep.
But let me tell ya, it will be much better if we fly around then chat all day long! So, what do you say? Wanna dualize with me and fly around? Cause NiGHTS here is able to assimilate with your body and… Oh, it will be easier to understand if you try! Shall we go?
AHAHAHAHAHA! Ah NiGHTS, long time no see! Walking around with our little visitor friend, aren't you?

You can cut the act now my dear brother, because the plan to obtain your …Ideya… has gone per-fec-tly!
Don't listen these lies!!!
LIES??? AHAHAHAHA! Let me ask the visitor something. Do you know he is a …Nightmaren… like me? Oh! Poor, poor little visitor! Betrayed by the one you thought was a friend! Now say good bye, visitor!
NOOOOOO!(combat scene)
Visitor voice:
NiGHTS, I believe in you. I believe because we are friends. NiGHTS, I TRUST YOU!
Reala, you don't need to act like this!

SHUT UP NiGHTS! An infidel like you can say NOTHING!
We are the same, my brother! You don't need to follow the dark side …cause we are not Wizeman's puppets! Reala, we all have free will! Come with me brother, make your choice!(END)



Maresuke & Friends
A compilation of Wizeman's best bits.
Beth as Wizeman, Hannah as NiGHTS, Michelle doing camera work, and Maresuke as Reala. Absolutely bloody hilarious. Word.



NiGHTS cosplay on national TV? Hell yes. This is us on BBC Childrens Newsround thanks to SEGA Europe. Yes 'us'… DiGi was their official Sonic mascot hahaha. So much fun! 


EternalFluffy & LilStarcon
Cosplay at Colossal Con spotted! *stealthcam*

NARSi and TRAViS at Anime Boston. Warning contains bad language… lol is it just me or do all us NiGHTS cosplayers have verbal rage? Though i think if you understood how much work goes into cosplaying NiGHTS you'd be the same too *lol*



EternalFluffy & LilStarcon
The terrible-two at Colossal Con answering questions- in character! Zuhaha great stuff!



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