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UK NiGHTS TV Advert found again after 15 years!

7 March; Author: TRiPPY

If you remember the video collection of commercials we have stored away here you'll remember my story of woe about accidentally recording over the original UK NiGHTS TV advert with a Spicegirls concert back in 1996. How horrible.

WELL! Do we have a treat for you Saturn fans :) A certain Mr Alan K. Rose has made it something of a mission to dig up this commercial over the past few years and at last he brings us a link to the near full set of UK TV commercials. Enjoy!

An incredible 15 years after it was first broadcast, the 1997 "Sizzler" presentation from Sega Europe has been located, featuring a (near) complete set of HHCL Brasserie's Demonstration series of advertisements in English, including the mythical NiGHTS commercial at last. Unfortunately, the Sonic R spot from this same campaign remains elusive for now, though I'm sure it will surface one day.
Anyway, here's the link I'm sure you all dying for…
Thanks to everyone at SS:UK for preserving this tape!

Incidentally, Japan, us UK guys beat your high score ;)


3 Responses to “UK NiGHTS TV Advert found again after 15 years!”

  1. ZeekTheSweet says:

    Woah seems like someone really dug deep for this one. Very nice find! Thanks a ton Alan!

  2. (penname) Roy staccato says:

    Bomber man looks very similar to spiral knight's (another SEGA game) bomb arena mode. I wonder….

  3. JaxTH says:

    Oh cool. This means I can stop searching for this after all these years.

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