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UPDATE 2: For those of you who missed the stream you can rewatch all the recorded video via Malan's profile page :) Here:

UPDATE: The stream will run today (Thursday) at 7PM GMT at Malan's Twitch channel:

You can either sign up to the Twitch chat client and log in or use our NiD chatroom which is still situated here:
See you there!


Those of you interested in the technical game side of NiGHTS things will be delighted to know that the brilliant Malan will be hosting a Livestream this coming week to show off the infamous removed Saturn debug mode and the Beta. This gives you the chance to ask questions and get him to check things out on your behalf. Here's the message from Malan:

Yesterday morning I decided to do some custom stuff on my Mega Drive 2 and my Saturn to add 50Hz/60Hz and PAL/NTSC switches. It works very well, I’ve tested it on some EU/JP games and on the NiD Beta. I posted a video of the Beta on youtube, but maybe people want to see more details, or ask questions etc… same for the famous debug mode, I assume that not many people have an action replay to play with it.

So I will be doing a Livestream of the Beta and the debug mode on the original game. So, everyone will be able to ask me to do anything they want to, on live.


This is being planned for some time Thursday evening GMT (12th). So please check back on Thursday for stream details and time! :)


Hold me people. This was a complete surprise that I didn't know a single thing about until this morning.

A new Sonic Lost World video has appeared online with a VERY SPECIAL teaser for NiGHTS fans at the very end. Really. Just wow.

The video can be seen here:

The resulting reaction of NiGHTS fans so far online has required a lot of mops.

What really is a huge and amazing thing here is that we didn't have to ask for this or cause a fuss or annoy anyone. It just happened. This is great for the NiGHTS franchise. I'm so happy I can barely type lol, don't be expecting any well thought out journalistic write ups from me – I'm too busy straight out fangirling at the fact JACKLE is in this.

If you'd like to see some screenshots then read on below. I'll try to get some nice HD ones up soon as I get any.

Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much SEGA.



Puffy and Sonic

Chuck Norris




Now please excuse me. I need to return to squealing. Oh- and finding out how to preorder this edition. Guys get on this as quick as you can so none of you miss out on the NiGHTS content!
Thanks to Daniele Narducci for the heads up!


NiGHTS into dreams @PAX

5 September;  Author: TRiPPY


The NiGHTS demo of Spring Valley was playable at PAX recently and it's been being received very well by fans! SEGA were there to give a preview of the game and hand out NiGHTS badges. Great to see the game in the public eye again! :) Here's the wonderfully enthusiastic Mr Anthony Carboni from rev3games letting you all know how badass NiGHTS is *lol* We like this guy a lot. Be sure to subscribe to their Youtube channel. Watch this video for the full lowdown on how the port sizes up.


If you remember the video collection of commercials we have stored away here you'll remember my story of woe about accidentally recording over the original UK NiGHTS TV advert with a Spicegirls concert back in 1996. How horrible.

WELL! Do we have a treat for you Saturn fans :) A certain Mr Alan K. Rose has made it something of a mission to dig up this commercial over the past few years and at last he brings us a link to the near full set of UK TV commercials. Enjoy!

An incredible 15 years after it was first broadcast, the 1997 "Sizzler" presentation from Sega Europe has been located, featuring a (near) complete set of HHCL Brasserie's Demonstration series of advertisements in English, including the mythical NiGHTS commercial at last. Unfortunately, the Sonic R spot from this same campaign remains elusive for now, though I'm sure it will surface one day.
Anyway, here's the link I'm sure you all dying for…
Thanks to everyone at SS:UK for preserving this tape!

Incidentally, Japan, us UK guys beat your high score ;)


Kentilan made a fan game called NiGHTS: Christmas Reverie a few weeks ago so chances are most of the our regular members would have already seen this by now. But for those of you who have not here's a video of the fan game -

As well as the standard form of play the game also features – Link Attack, Time Attack, Chase Mission, Battle, Race, 2-Players Battle, 2-Players Race, and a Sonic mode.
And if you play in December, you activate a "Christmas mode" with some graphic changes.

The game can be downloaded from this link here.




Showing some major community love for new NiGHTS website! Carrying on from where left off, Charlie has pulled on the admin gloves and hopes to reignite some insane highscoring action in you all. All the former highscores have been moved across so nothing has been lost. All they need is your interaction to get the rivalries up and running again :) I'll be adding my new scores (and DiGi's haha) to the database when I dig my Saturn out soon. I'm rusty! D: And remember you can submit scores for not only the original Saturn version but the PS2 port AND JoD.

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30 September;  Author: TRiPPY

Here we keep an archive of 'game trying to eat it's own head' events. Also giving details on how to replicate said bugs when available. Enjoy the freakymadness.


NiD Debug Mode

27 September;  Author: TRiPPY

If you’re a NiGHTS fan you’ve heard of the infamous ‘cheat code’… everyone has. You know, the one that requires tapping in the phone directory backwards, building a barn and then collecting 50 blue chips. Yeah… that one.

Remnants of the debug mode were still present on the CD but nobody looking into the game could ever get it to work.

Well despite years of hoax claims by people (And magazines!) unaware that the ability to use the code was removed from retail version and only available on review copies given to the press- A MIGHTY MALAN has given us something quite tangible in the form of the Action Replay Debug Mode. Ok so it’s not the Abracadabra cheat but it does the exact same thing. Well done that man! Go visit his awesome site and shower him with pineapples.

The original dirty dirty LIE:
"On the Sonic Team screen press A,B,Right,A,C,A, Down, A, B, Right, A (ABRACADABRA). If you did this correctly, you should hear the sound you hear when you run out of time. Then at the title screen, press Up, Down, Left, Right, A+Start. You should hear a chime. Highlight one of Elliot’s dreams and press X,Y,Z,Y,X and push start. As Elliot, pause. Then press Right, A, Left, Left, and Y (RALLY). Press start again. Collect 50 orbs and jump. In midair, pause the game. A debug menu should come up. With it you can change the time limit and get rid of the Alarm Egg, access all levels AND in the 2 Player VS!"

THE TRUTH! Courtesy of Malan:
Ok guys, after some days of research, I have enough details, so here’s the codes you need:

As you probably know, SEGA has deleted the Debug Menu access. But the Debug Mode is still in the game! You just need an action replay to activate all options you want to (because there is no menu to select them).

Master code
F6000914 C305
B6000B00 0000

160FFC1C 0008 : Activate the Debug Mode

– Unpaused –
X : gives you the Ideya of the current Mare (you don’t see it but you can dualize)

– Paused –
A / B : next frame
X : go to the Nightmare (crashes if you are already in the Nightmare)
Z : crash the game (in my mind, it once displayed the Debug Menu, but since it was deleted, you get a crash instead)
R : hide all data in the screen (to make some beautiful screenshots!)
L+R+Y : display the Sound Test of the level and the DSS INFO

Now, I found some other debug options that you can’t activate without the Debug Menu :

160FFC1C xxxx

0001 : Unlimited Time
0002 : ???
0004 : ???
0008 : Activate the Debug Mode
0010 : Make your own demo (start a new game, press A+B+C+START when you’ve finished)
0020 : ???
0040 : Ideya Capture test (you can’t finish the mare)
0080 : ???
0100 : ???
0200 : ???
0400 : Display time and score tables (pause)
0800 : ???
1000 : ???
2000 : ???
4000 : Hide all data (same as L button in the debug mode)
8000 : ???

Concerning the "???" I already tested them but I didn’t notice anything usefull (only some bugs)

If you want to activate several options, you just have to add numbers (be careful, it’s hexadecimal, so 0008+0002=000A, not 0010)

If you notice something I did not, feel free to post it in this forum topic here:




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