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Fan Game – NiGHTS: Christmas Reverie

11 December; Author: DiGi Valentine

Kentilan made a fan game called NiGHTS: Christmas Reverie a few weeks ago so chances are most of the our regular members would have already seen this by now. But for those of you who have not here's a video of the fan game -

As well as the standard form of play the game also features – Link Attack, Time Attack, Chase Mission, Battle, Race, 2-Players Battle, 2-Players Race, and a Sonic mode.
And if you play in December, you activate a "Christmas mode" with some graphic changes.

The game can be downloaded from this link here.


3 Responses to “Fan Game – NiGHTS: Christmas Reverie”

  1. Andre Nesman says:

    Excellent. I'm playing it for two weeks. Congratulations on the job! :)

  2. Gustavo says:

    Awesome! It's nice to see a NiGHTS game for Pc, and this one is excellent!
    The "December Christmas Mode" is a wonderful touch to the game <3

  3. Flight says:

    Wow,,Thanks So Much! Great work. Wow!

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