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New website! NiDscores.Com

12 August; Author: TRiPPY



Showing some major community love for new NiGHTS website NiDscores.com! Carrying on from where Scoreattack.net left off, Charlie has pulled on the admin gloves and hopes to reignite some insane highscoring action in you all. All the former highscores have been moved across so nothing has been lost. All they need is your interaction to get the rivalries up and running again :) I'll be adding my new scores (and DiGi's haha) to the database when I dig my Saturn out soon. I'm rusty! D: And remember you can submit scores for not only the original Saturn version but the PS2 port AND JoD.


One Response to “New website! NiDscores.Com”

  1. charlie says:

    Thanks for the support TRiPPY! :) I hope to see everyone join in on the fun and submit their scores.

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