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18 December; Author: TRiPPY

U.V Eye Makeup


I'm only doing ONE eye as i dont want to waste all my stuff for just a test. Also excuse the bad photos, this was from back in the day when i only had a webcam.

0.1. CONTACT LENSES. PUT THEM IN. (Time reduces pink eye).

You start like anything in art with a BASE. Make sure you cleanse your face first of any flaky skin or spots. Then i took white Grimas pro clown makeup and applied it, by DABBING (not dragging) a sponge lightly on my skin. To get an equal purewhite porcelin finish you have to do it in layers. Dry then apply. Until flat white. Then i used a rather gothy white face powder i own to make the paint matt. This also helps it stay in place longer. And a shiny face looks bad. Especialy under lights. So you cover the paint in powder. Then using some blue eyeshadow i dusted over my eyelid socket to give a slight shadow. taking a pale pink powder i started to dust upwards towards my hairline. people used to do this in the 80's a lot i seem to recall, lol. DONT go over your eyebrow line or it looks fugly. And dont go too far down your face either :p

Now in the final cosplay i will be bleaching my eyebrows platinum blonde to match my wig (and because NiGHTS doesnt actualy HAVE eyebrows, thus pale eyebrows work well) But for the sake of this i used a goldy brown pencil and extended my eyebrows as far as they would go. This is a trick for making your face look sharper and your eyes bigger. Plus if you have big lashes and short brows it looks crap. So you want really stylised brows. Now since i err have jetblack brows i colored them up with gold hair mascara to look lighter XD IT WORKS! Just dont get any in your eyes. Because it burns horribly. So go full Spock and make your eyebrows funky.

3. SHADING and GLITTER !!!1********
Most art has shading. Makeup is no exception. basicaly you stick darker shades the further in your eye you get. In the corners and arches especialy. So i took dark pinks and blues and using a BRUSH i blended to give myself a 'hawk eye' appearence. This means i drag the powder down over my inner eye. Most evil badguy anime charcaters have this kind of appearence, it makes the eyes look sharper and a bit more demented, lol. I do this really obviously with any Reala makeup i do. Remember- MARENS HAVE HUGE EYEBALLS, so you have to make do with humansized piddly small ones and try to big it up as much you can.
NOW. GLITTER. My fave part. I use loose fine glitter. Makeup glitter- NOT crafts glitter. If you stick craft glitter on your face the color will bleed into your sweat, run down your face, stab you in the eyeballs and possibly blind you. So no doing that. I use glitter in little pots i bought from Accesorise years ago for like £1 each. I have a lot of different colors for different effects. The multi white stuff is best because it looks like fairy dust! And you can shove it on everything including your hair and its so damn sparkly. But yeah. THE SECRET TO STICK ON GLITTER GOOD= LIPGLOSS. Use a lipgloss stick and shove it on your face where you want the glitter to stay, and it will STAY. Like making sand pictures as a kid. Blow the excess off. I used dark pink glitter here.

You can never have enough sparkle XD So i take the OMGWHITESTUFF and cover my entire upper eye with it. Then i use dark violet glitter and do the shading in thing. Blend it cuz nothing looks worse than solid big dods of makeup >_< Lots of lipgloss later i have a very glittery eye. And i am happy.

Never ever use a black pencil for doing sharp lines around your top eyes because it smudges horribly and melts. I always use liquid eyeliner. Use the kind with the BRUSH not the felttip thingy. Mines is like an actual paintbrush (which is pretty useful) XD
Now U.V NiGHTS is very birdy based as you may have noticed. So i try to give his eyes a sort of 'swallow tail' look. Big ol' anime eyes are best done with liquid eyeliner because it looks like ink. It takes a steady hand and a lot of practise to NOT BLINK or SNEEZE. But paint it on like you would on paper. I always draw false lashes to make my eyes look bigger. Its something i was always told to do when preforming on stage. Actor makeup is always overdone to show up your features under bright lights so you need to have your eyes outlined properly. Or you will bleach and look kinda faded with tiny eyes. Be careful when underlining your bottoms. The tiny little lashes tend to catch the brush and spray everywhere. It takes practise like anything.

The secret to big exagerated eyes is drawing your liner bigger than your eye. You'll notice i made the inner eye come down to a point. Well thats because i then get a tiny brush, with white facepaint and paint in the corner of my eye to hide the pink skin bit. It stings but it makes your eyes look wider by about a CM. And thats a good thing. *points to corner* see? Its white now. And from a distance that pink bit wont show up at all.

The only thing i find pencil liner good for is smudging a smokey undereye effect. So i done it here. Blend it like you'd blend pencil on paper. Dont use a sharp pencil, melt it a bit.
THEN WHEE. GLITTER STAR. I used lipgloss and glitter again. I applied it with a small brush :)

The best bit is the mascara because it instantly makes you eye cleaner and bigger. Its like inking in an artwork to tidy it up. Always do both sides of your lashes and be sure to brush them UPWARDS to open the eye.
Then the BEST EYELASHES EVER. Feather lashes. Now ANNOYINGLY while i was doing this i realised i couldnt find my eyelash glue ;_; so i had to kinda just shove them on without ANY adhesive at all and hope they stayed for the screenshots.
When you DO have glue, make sure you dont get it in your eye. Glue eyeball= not fun. But yeah, there's my eyelashes all done.

And remember to follow the safety instructions on the packet. Do not – do NOT overwear your lenses. If they have been worn out throw them in the bin. They lose the ability to stick to your eye and can give you a horrible infection and even cause you to go blind if misused! So don't take any stupid risks. (Especialy not for cosplay!)

So taaadahhr. Thats a piece of NiGHTS face art for you there. Hope this was helpful for whatever reason.



Tutorial © of TRiPPY.





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