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25 September;  Author: TRiPPY

A collection of fan-made animations. If you have something to add to our archive please visit the subs forum: [HERE]


By E. D. Thweatt
"Reala sings 'Radio', the first verse at least. Reason being, I like the song and I wanted to see him sing it. I worked on it in August 2008 for a few days out of a few weeks."


By E. D. Thweatt
"Some time before "Reala Radio" I did this animation of Reala and NiGHTS bouncing back and forth for part of a bigger, but scrapped, project. Eventually I synced them up to a remake of Burning Down the House performed by Tom Jones and Nina Persson. It's a simple 3 frame animation fancied up by motion tweens, zooms, and pans. The background is very pixelated game artwork."


By Jan3D
There are hoaxes, and then there are HOAXES, lol. This is the best put together 3d animation spoof since Kichigai made NiGHTS do the Cancan. Many people on Youtube were fooled including a few of my friends, but hoax or no hoax this is some great work. Created pre JoD. Lovely work Jan :)

By Kichigai

Not technicaly an animation file but worth mentioning because there are still people out there who think Kichi's fake screenshots are from a real NiGHTS anime show…. I WISH! No sadly, this never existed as an animation, fan made or otherwise.


By Kichigai

*TRiPPY scream!cries into her soup*… why can't this be real? T_T


By Zero-Shift & Maresuke
The rather hilarious flash animation for the equally hilarious audio. 'Days of our NiGHTS'. Presented by Gulpo, Animation by Maresuke, voices by Zero-Shift. Originaly for our DreamCast show :)


By Jan3D
A personal old favourite of DiGi's, Jan created a dance troupe of famous video game characters then put them through their paces to Michael Jackson's Thriller. See the video in all its wonderful shinyness.


By Kichigai

By Avenrir

Woah blast from the past! Does anyone remember this animation on the very first version of my website in 1998? It probably induces seizures.

By Jof
The remade U.V NiGHTS version

By Jof
The first Reala version

By Feniiku
A lovely Christmas gift to the NiGHTS fandom by Feniiku. A really fun and jollyfilled flash animation!


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