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And now for the 30 great runners up. I wish I had an infinite stash of prizes to give away to you guys as your entries were all superb and really difficult to choose from ^^; That goes to everyone who entered. Great job guys. It was really cool getting to see your dream personas. That's something really personal, so i appreciate the sharing. I'd love to see lots more artwork of your creations in the future, so everyone keep drawing!

30 Badge set winners


It's time to show the first 20 contest winners for the 'In MY Dreams' design competition. The prizes are from the lovely folks over at SEGA so congrats to all the winners for getting their creative mitts on this brand new rare and official merch! Appologies for the late update but I've been very sick in bed with the flu this weekend @~@ Sorry about that. Anyways, without further ado- our top 20 winners! All art is judged for meaningful creative and original design concepts.
The remaining 30 Runners up will be listed in a seperate update coming tonight!


20 Pillow case & Badge winners

By Cottonbun
My dream persona would probably take form of a tiny moth-shaped maren ( I'm a frequent visitor to the Nightmare I'm afraid haha… ).
In my dreams I often view the world through the eyes of different characters/people that I dream about. T
he moth seem to be asleep and inactive but the third eye observes everything quietly, only sometimes using its silky threads to make the
host to follow its bidding.

By Dexlacabra

Hyalus By Amy
This is my Nighmaren, Hyalus. (Hyalus means "glass" in Latin. He is
named for the spyglass he caries) He is an astronomer and a
philosopher. Generally quiet and contemplative, but always willing to
engage in lengthy, deep conversation.
I took a slightly different approach to the "create a dream-world
alter-ego for yourself" idea. Instead of personifying my whole self
and personality, I personified just a piece. I created a Nightmaren, a
physical form, for the "voice of reason" in my head, you could say.
When thinking deeply about various subjects and decisions, I tend to
converse with myself in my head and reason and ration and weigh
thoughts and possibilities. Hyalus here is a personification of those
inner philosophical musings. He's my conversation partner.

When I first read that NiGHTS was inspired by Mystere, I also wanted
to create a Nightmaren based on something from Cirque Du Soleil. I
chose to base Hyalus on a character/creature from O, my personal
favorite Cirque Du Soleil show. .


By Kanna
In our world, there is a lot of bad things, good things, and dreams allow us to create a world of their own, such as we want.
Speaking about the dreams, I am real dreamer, a child in my heart, and always will be so.

When I was little, I dreamed about toys, books, good grades in school, well, probably, like all^^ But when I grew up, I realized that in the world there are more important things.
A long time ago when I had the Internet, my life has changed, I found my best friends, wonderful people who always understand me, laugh with me, and compassion, if it necessary.
And I found in the Internet love of my life, the best man in the world… I love them very much.
There is only one problem-we all live in different cities. Here's what my dream is more than anything else, I want to see them, I want to be with them.
I dream about it when I draw for them, when we had fun laughing on Skype, when I sleep, and I see that dream again-as I ran to them, we hug and go on a new adventure. I hope you understand me…

That's what my picture about-this is my dream in reality, the characters of my friends in the form of small toys flying around me, because my main dream is to meet them.

The first interest that reunited us was from our beloved universe of SEGA-Sonic The Hedgehog, that's why I holding little Sonic plush in my arms. 
All my friends there have no character-nightmarens now, but I hope that after the remake of our beloved game, NIGHTS Into Dreams, they will have them)

My Nightmaren character Kanna basing a little on my Sonic character who represents me in the world of Sonic…
Soooo, my favourite color is turquoise, And I'm REALLY long-haired with a long braid in reality ^__^''' So that's Real Me, blue-eyed real dreamer in the world of NIGHTS…


My dream persona is an ethereal thing, lithe and flowing.  Prone to flights of fancy, sky gazing, ignoring the laws of gravity, and painting the clouds with starlight. 
She wears a mask, which at it's simplest explanation is a reflection of my love of theatre.  What lies beneath? 
Well that varies from dream to dream, but suffice to say the simple exterior conceals potential, different lives, different worlds, different dreams, vibrant in their variety..


By Lil' Shock
My dream self has always been the rag doll of loneliness, LyLyDyA. She is that doll that was outgrown, torn and filthy from faithfully tagging along in the form of a nightmaren. We both share a strong feeling of being left behind. However, there's always that bit of hope that glows from my ideya that she holds so close.


By Karita


DRiFT by Sami
I'm quite the day dreamer, so I figured creating a Nightmaren based on day dreaming would be interesting.
The character, "DRiFT", is lazy, always tired and is never stood up right. The cloud-like hair is based off day dreaming and it's carefree personality.


Delt by Sarah
In the refuge of my dreams, I am at liberty to become my true self- a creature named Delt. 
However, because I anxiously sleep with one eye open, I must dream with one eye closed. 
I gradually float back to the surface of reality, racing against time while searching for those fleeting thoughts that are
most important to me before I finally awake to my human reflection.


By Heather

The girl herself is obviously me; but strangely enough I didn't have a "Dream Persona" that isn't/wasn't what I normally portray myself as.
Since I'm very content with my overall appearance and I normally don't have dreams of myself wearing fancy/silly/other costumes.
So instead of giving myself a makeover I didn't really want, I gave myself a pencil that can create my alter ego; a girl dressed up as a clown.
This personally fits better for my "Dream Self" because I love to create things;
pictures, stories, you name it, so long as I don't have to change myself in the process.
My mind is bursting with the creativity and imagination of a child; which leads me to the nightopia itself.

The Nightopia itself was very fun to draw, I'll admit. The whole thing was inspired by my inner child; my alter ego clown-girl.
Since Nightopia is supposed to be the reflection of ones heart, I wanted to reflect the childish part of my heart
(Which I assume would be powered by my ideya of purity with how silly and childish this place is)
And while everything seems completely fine and dandy, you may take notice that the walk way; along with everything else; is floating in the day time sky.
This represents my ambitions to be a writer, and at the same time, my fear of failing to do such and falling to my doom.


AKAi by Krystal
My Dream Persona is named AKAi.
She's kind, always willing to help when given the opportunity.
AKAi, even on the hottest of nights, would always be seen in sweaters and jackets.
For they give her comfort and that soft, fluffy feeling.
Never will she want to be alone and follows anyone who she can trust..


Athlon by Cristian
Well, his name is Athlon and he has the ability to transform himself in any thing, he can also stretch his arms,
legs and neck as far as he wish, something like a spring.

He also has the ability to change your dreams into night or day by using his swords, if your having a dream where you can see the sunlight,
he immediately can change it into night, making it a nightmare.

If you have a kind and pure heart, all your dreams will be under the sunlight, but if you have a dark heart, your dreams will become nightmares.


The Child of the Moon
In the majestic world known as the 'Night Dimension', where the serene and joy-loving world known as Nightopia exists,
there resides a very unique resident of its existence. Dressed in flowing garments that look as of it was dyed with pale blue moonlight itself,
it roams throughout the serenity that surrounds the world one can only visit within their sleep and their dreams.
With skin as blue as her majestic rags, a fox's face can be seen covering the upper half of her face, only exposing the eyes reflecting the moon's
luminous and guiding light. With dream-like winds in her midst, cherry blossom petals follow and surround her as if they were
children looking to their beloved mother who watches and cares for them. Her child-like body she possesses
signifies the purity of her soul and longing to forever remain young within a dream.
Visitors, Nightmarens, and Nightopians alike all wonder who this mysterious being is, and its origin of its existence.
The possibility of a Visitor remains distinct, for behind the mask, a human is visiting this world for the night,
only to disappear on the dawn of a new day. Or perhaps a Nightmaren, created by the Wicked One's dark power,
whose purpose only lies within the snatching away of beautiful dreams Visitors have at night,
taking them as sakura petals to add to her midst.
Being a Nightopian is another possibility to ponder, as she could be another peace-loving resident without a care in the world.
Who do you think she is?


By Zander
This guy's not actually a Nightmaren in any sort, but a regular dreamer. The last half of his life he had trouble with Nightmares. The problem wasn't of dealing with them, but not having them. He had only recently witnessed a nightmare for the first time in years; woke up in a cold sweat and his heart racing fast. The adrenaline rush was actually rather different and refreshing. He enjoyed the experience of fear and danger but ending up in your room unharmed and safe. 

This is his disguise to infiltrate the realm of Nightmare. The goal is to be able to explore it and experience the terrors it has to offer, and without the Nightmaren ganging up and directly attacking him. 

The disguise doesn't grant any special abilities. He can't fly or do anything terribly out of the ordinary. Perhaps the claws might work as a weapon but that would be the extent of it.


Mindy by Summer
When I started designing Mindy I thought back to all the dreams I had and was going to build her personality based on how I behaved in dreams.
I tend to run away from things in my dreams a lot which made think of a chicken. She had a design that made her appear
more chicken like but after redrawing her a couple times, I came up with her current design which is based more off of Cockatoo.
She has an expressive crest that blends in with her hair, the poofy collar around her neck to represent her plummage,
and her coat tails are her tail feathers. Another thing that happens in my dreams
(or nightmares because I'm usually running away from something when it happens) is I'll sometimes blend in.
So I gave her glasses that act like the personas from Journey of Dreams to let her change shape.
However, one of the lens got cracked which makes her change at random times so blending in doesn't always work and Mindy
will have to keep running away anyway. Mindy likes to believe she is an intelligent being but due to her running away from everything the
citizens of Nightopia might consider her more of a bird brain. (I couldn't help but pun I'm sorry.).



-I'm holding two pencils, one has an axe and the other has a white flag. The axe is the violent solution that I have the power to use. The white flag is the diplomatic solution that I choose to use. There is no normal is my catchphrase…cookie if you can guess who inspired it.
-I imagine myself like that in my Nightopia. Sort of, if I had time (and more practice) I would've used digital art.
-Lately, I've had the urge to know about other countries…
-The tree is kinda dead looking but its growing despite the bad soil…soon It'll reach the moon and I can climb it. Still, there's hurricane behind it…that's troublesome.
-The thing behind the dead tree in the darkness is where my fear is but my ideya  are sort of leaning there because even though I'm afraid I have this sort of admiration for things that I fear. 
-The ropes that are tied to my boots are keeping me on the ground, one day I'll untie them and reach for that city on the moon. 
-Ninja bunny protects me from the virus called doubt.
-The hole on the ground with the words game over on it give you the illusion that you can give up, but that is only a trick made by fear.
-The endless stars in the sky represent the endless possibilities.
-My hair will only be that long in my dreams, so I will enjoy that luxury. It covers my left eye because I'm shy but my other eye is very friendly.
-The books are coming out of the brown box where ideas are created. They will fly out in random directions as ideas can be very random.
-I have a thing for jackets and jester hats…
-My favorite numbers are written randomly.
-The Emerald earring represents some of my qualities…and the fact that I'm a bit spoiled.
-The fang on my mouth represents what a sharp tongue I have when I'm mad.
-I've been told I'm cute and I've said I'm awesome, but best of all…I'M WEiRD!
-By the way can you guess what city is on the moon?


By Sterling Quinn


S'more by Jennifer
She was created from the distress and ideya of an average young adult who had constantly faced misfortune after misfortune.
Slowly breaking and feeling more like a puppet themselves. A rag doll. S'more constantly makes a mess of their dreams.
From the weirdest to the dreariest of dreams. More and more the dreamer tried to drown themselves in the "sweeter" side, while slowly becoming one with the nightmare,
unknowingly as planned. Eventually the dreamer had been lured in by an empty promise from S'more and fell into the all seeing hands of the wicked one.
Although the fate of the dreamer is unknown, S'more lives a well off life. Stalking her crush and hoping to have him all to herself someday even though it is clearly forbidden..
Favorite Quote: "Dost thou hunger for a sweet or two?"


Verigo & Bruna by K*Chan
Hum.. I wasn't quite sure if I should draw my dreamer self or a nightmaren so.. Why not both?


iD by Layla
I drew myself and my Nightmaren "iD". (pronounced id not eye-dee)

iD is a reject nightmaren, basically a broken doll that I was able to find, and dualize with. 
Missing many parts, she was able to be fixed up with any spare parts and bits of rags sewn together. (I was able to find them on subsequent trips to the Dream realm)
iD is considered female, a skilled flyer/fighter and is very knowledgeable about places in the nightmare realm, always trying to help visitors find their way back.
She has a quiet somber air about her, but is prone to show signs aggression.
iD is missing her right eye and jewel residing in her chest, hence why iD wears an eye-patch and a twin tailed red scarf.
(In my dreams, 5 different colored scarves represent the 5 ideya).



Spark up your Ideya dreamers – It's epic competition time here at NiGHTSintodreams.Com with amazing prizes of brand new official merch from SEGA!
With tons of prize packs up for grabs everyone has a good chance of winning something really special in time to celebrate the HD release of NiGHTS into dreams… this October.
After our successful fan campaign supporting a rerelease of the original game and NiGHTS hitting the track for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, it's time for even more fan love from the company.

What can you win in this competition?

The main prize up for grabs are these wonderful official NiGHTS pillow cases created for this competition and promo use. You can't buy these anywhere! This is the variant version of the black pillow case that SEGA held a competition for recently. The new white case features one of my favorite bits of artwork taken from the Japanese Saturn game's cover. It was also used a lot for our NiD15 campaign, so this one should mean a lot to you community guys out there especially. It fits a regular bed sized pillow and is made from a super soft fleece fabric.

But that's not all!

These lovely badges were created as promotional items for the recent PAX event in America. Seriously limited edition each set of 4 come in a little sealed baggie with a pretty backing card featuring NiGHTS. Each badge set includes NiGHTS, The game logo, Wizeman, Claris and Elliot.


We have lots of these to give away as prizes, so the top 20 winners will each receive a pillow case AND a set of 4 badges.
30 runners up will receive a set of 4 badges each.

We want you all to get creative with this one. Dreams are an amazing source of magic and inspiration, we all dream, even if we don't remember it – dreams are something we all have in common. For this competition I want to see you design yourself a dream persona. An alter ego. Over the years many of us have encountered our own personal dream creatures and personalities when we slept at night. NiGHTS into dreams… encouraged self interpretation and exploration of real dreams. So what would you look like when you dream? Draw a picture of your dream self, your alter ego in the world of Nightopia. Designs can take influence from Nightmarens, Nightopians and Dreamers. A wild reflection of yourself within the world of dreams.

This competition will be judged on imaginative and inventive designs – not artistic skill. If you want to you can also write a short paragraph about your creation to accompany your entry.

If you'd like some reference materials or inspiration for design you can check out our official character art archive [ here ].

* Entries can be digital or traditional. Traditional artwork can be sent to us by scanning it or taking a photograph if you don't own a scanner.
* Your image can be either full color or black and white.
* Any character description to accompany your design must be included in the same email entry you send us.

So when you've got your entry good and ready email it to us at [[email protected]]

- The design concept must be done by you. It must not be a direct copy of someone elses fan character.
- Do not trace another artists work to create your own.
- Entries are welcome from anywhere in the world :) I'll post prizes anywhere there is a NiGHTS fan!
- Nothing offensive please. Questionable entries will be rejected outright.
- By entering this competition you are agreeing to provide me with your name and an address to mail a prize to if you win. This information will be deleted straight after I've used it for the sole purpose of mailing prizes.
- If no response is received from a winner after 2 weeks their prize will be given to another suitable entrant.
- Winners will be notified by email after the closing date. The winning entries will be up for display on this website afterwards. Prizes will be sent out as soon as possible.
- Prizes are as stated. No cash equivalent or replacements are available for items lost in the post.

The closing date for this competition is the 5th of October 12pm GMT. No entries will be accepted after this date.
Winners will be announced on the 6th of October via this website.


Check out this amazing DiY toy made by the wonderful Mr Aiden Kongas. This gives the official PaPetch a run for its money. For more information on the Hudson's Hub Gallery check out their Facebook page.
You can visit this exhibition until the 11th of August at :

  • 78 Mitchell Street, Bendigo, Victoria 3550 – Australia


Because just being on Tumblr is never enough.




Comic update

5 July;  Author: TRiPPY

Happy 16th Birthday NiGHTS
May all your dreams come true ~

Read the rest of the comic here: [ CLiCK ]


ナイツ: 夢の中へ
A fan comic adaptation by Lynne Triplett トリピ
Translation by Naoto Ohshima

*更新されました :  2012年7月24日*


English Japanese

- Read the English written version of this comic's story [ CLICK HERE ] -

- Click on an image below to enlarge -

Page 1

*Rated T for teen. This non-profit online comic is a work of fan homage and is not officially endorsed by SEGA in any way. All artwork © of Lynne Triplett 2012*


Thanks for all your lovely (and crazy) varied entries to our NiGHTS Christmas competition! We have 10 winners to announce ~ so without further ado the winners are:

3rd Place: MidniteandBeyond

We liked the amount of effort that had been put into this entry. A cute and funny tale of how Reala stole Christmas.


2nd Place: Ketrin

'You are not far away'
A striking image with a beautiful message. Well done!

*1st Place: Viperxmns*

Absolute laughter. That is all. Viper, you are bad-crazy.




7 runners up!:
Jessica Stanley
// Daimondstar07 // CrossingJ2000 // SaiferDracondrali // Light-Girl // Terry M // Zander Rosell

Thank you for your entries! Runners up winning entries can be seen in full [ HERE ] in our forums.
All winners will be contacted soon for mailing details regarding prizes.


Fan artwork of modern NiGHTS from the 2007 game 'Journey of Dreams'.

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