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In MY Dreams! – Design contest Runners up

8 October; Author: TRiPPY

And now for the 30 great runners up. I wish I had an infinite stash of prizes to give away to you guys as your entries were all superb and really difficult to choose from ^^; That goes to everyone who entered. Great job guys. It was really cool getting to see your dream personas. That's something really personal, so i appreciate the sharing. I'd love to see lots more artwork of your creations in the future, so everyone keep drawing!

30 Badge set winners


4 Responses to “In MY Dreams! – Design contest Runners up”

  1. MESFiN says:

    Hah, I won something! Amazing!

  2. KannaTC says:

    It’s so great that the drawings were chosen by design and not by skill!
    So many amazing works *-* Really…

  3. Ruby says:

    It's awesome that I'm a runner-up of something!! ^_^

    Any ideas when the badges will arrive to various people, or are they being given out in order that the pictures are in? (Probably meaning that mine will be a bit late haha.)

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