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This isn't strictly NiGHTS related, I know, but it's definitely something close!

Square Enix and Balan Company (founded by our own Yuji Naka and Naoto Ohshima) have just revealed their new game called "Balan Wonderland"! You can tell just by looking at the trailer and promotional art that this is clearly a labour of love that has more than a few things in common with our beloved NiGHTS, as well as the likes of Billy Hatcher and other older SEGA games! The game is due for release on just about everything in Spring 2021, so there's something great to look forward to next year!


It's downright fantastic to see two of NiGHTS' creators working together again!

I've taken screenshots from the Balan website, which features some incredible art from Ohshima-san and the team involved!

We might not be getting a new NiGHTS anytime soon, but the spirit of the franchise is still alive and well! First in Rodea, and now in this new game! Judging by the trailer it looks like we're even getting Nightmaren equivalents, and I'm a sucker for a well designed Nightmaren~!

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more news about "Balan Wonderworld" by following their Twitter, their Blog and even their Instagram!

I'll continue to report on "Balan Wonderworld" if you guys have no problem with it, or would you prefer the site stick only to NiGHTS?

Let me know in the comments or the forums~!


NiGHTS Community: July

11 July;  Author: Dex la Cabra

It's that time again! Our monthly Community Post is here, where we take a look at the latest submitted artwork and projects from the NiGHTS fans!

This month's post is a bit later as it was NiGHTS' anniversary on the 5th of July (chances are I don't need to tell YOU that)

so I held off to give any stragglers a chance to be included in this birthday special!

There were SO MANY posts this time so I've done it a bit differently this time.

All artwork is included in a big gallery instead of just being uploaded right here because this post would have taken up the whole site!

Artists are credited under their art but I'll link to their respective pages afterwords!


NiGHTS into Zines


The Community Posts aren't the only thing that updates monthly! NiGHTS into Zines Issue 3 is out now!

Be sure to check out the latest issue!




Victor McKnight shared this sensational piece of music inspired by NiGHTS, featuring Noah McKnight and Thora Daughn!

Don't miss out on this!


NiGHTS Artwork


What a turnout this month~! The artists involved are as follows:


Alex Price

Art of the Video Game Boy






Doug Spirit



E's Art

Gabriel the Starman







Konami Yung


Light Melody

MagicalGirl M


Milky Fugitive


Myotis Cervus










That Two Guy

Tiago into Dreams




Yuki Chan (18+ NSFW Account!)

If your art is featured and you'd like to be credited differently just let me know!

The same applies if you submitted your artwork and it's not here,

I haven't intentionally left anyone out, sometimes things slip through the cracks!


Hope to see you next month~!


NiGHTS Community: June

6 June;  Author: Dex la Cabra

Well lookie what we got here: another NiGHTS Community Post!

The world is a scary place right now, with Covid-19 still running rampant and police brutality in the US becoming an even bigger problem than it already was,

so we're here to give you a moments reprieve to look at some excellent art by the NiGHTS Community!


Aurora Cannon

Aurora keeps at it with the fantastic "NiGHTS into Zines"! packed full of activities for you to partake in during lockdown, be sure not to miss!

Even the cover is great!



DaveyHames treats us to a wonderful picture of NiGHTS inviting us to fly through the night sky!



Dreamie shows us an incredible traditional drawing of NiGHTS perched elegantly on a spire!



D.P has created some excellent pictures here of NiGHTS for every occasion!

From ASR's 10th Anniversary to SEGA's 60th Anniversary, D.P and NiGHTS have you covered~!


Helen Cartwright

Helen shares with us this cute picture of Claris and Helen being good pals~!



NABi shares this great picture of NiGHTS with an ice cream, making me crave a cone for myself~!



TRAGEDiCART has really gone to town this month with the NiGHTS love and we couldn't be more thankful for it~!

A Pokemon based on Hollow would definitely learn Dream Eater, right?


And there we have it, another month, another collection of fine work from the best community an admin could hope to be a part of~!

Speaking of community, now more than ever it is integral to point out that as far I'm concerned the NiGHTS fanbase has always and will always be welcoming to people of every Race, Gender, Religion, Sexuality etc.

So long as you're polite to people we will welcome you with open arms!

The imagery coming out of the US just now is harrowing but it's also great to see so many people stand up in unison against systemic oppression and racism!

Black Lives Matter too~!


NiGHTS Community: May

3 May;  Author: Dex la Cabra

It's that time again, the start of a new month! With this new month comes our look at what the fanbase has been up to! We've got some great projects this time, so let's go through the list alphabetically!


Aurora Cannon

We start off with a doozy here; an entire fanzine! Aurora has created something incredible here for fans of all ages to print off or read online to beat the pesky isolation blues!

There are loads of activities to do, to the point where I couldn't choose specific pages to share here, you're better off looking through it all!

It even has a website you can go to to read it online! 

Absolutely brilliant work here, well done~!



Ooh-la-la~! Boop! shares with us Reala being a tasty wee number, and NiGHTS being the acrobatic contortionist he's known to be~!




Charlo created this amazing sculpture of NiGHTS in his classic pose! I'm always in awe of people who can sculpt haha!



Dex la Cabra


Oh, who's this handsome devil? It's only me! ;D

If you follow me on Twitter you'll know I do a free webcomic called Clown Cops because I don't shut up about it~!

The latest pages are set in a convenience store called Saturn, which as you can see references NiGHTS heavily!

Naturally a shop needs produce to sell, so I've designed alcohol bottles based on NiD bosses, and cereal boxes based on the score items in the series!

They're not too detailed since they're small in the background, but thought you fellow NiGHTS fans might get a kick of out these!





D.P is a NiGHTS artist that always delivers the goods~! From seasonal celebrations to No-face inspired belly mouths, there's something for everyone~!




I actually owe Monophobe an apology here, since this entry was supposed to be in the last Community Post! Sorry!

And what an entry it is! This Dreams level looks like an absolute delight to play, oh my god! There are more videos of this

sensational NiD inspired world on their channel, be sure to check them out!


SiLVER shares with us this atmospheric piece of art! The tagline to this piece was "Spring is coming… There is always hope!", which is a much needed affirmation that these dark times won't be forever!



Squiderdoodle shows us our favourite Nightmaren in some SWANKY duds~! Reala really suits glasses, they're a good compromise between the Persona mask and still being able to see his face!


And there you have it, another collection of quality NiGHTS projects by you guys, the best fanbase a series could ask for~!

Keep up the fantastic work, and if you would like to submit your project we'd be happy to show it off as long as it's not TOO NSFW! Hit up the Contact page in the top bar for links on where to do so!



Stay strong folks, we'll all get through this~!


NiGHTS Community: April

2 April;  Author: Dex la Cabra

The world may be going through uncertain times, but you'd best believe that the NiGHTS fans have delivered some sheer delights for you this month!

From St. Patricks Day to Reala Day, we've got something for everyone here! Let's look through everyone's hard work alphabetically, shall we?




7MariChan7 shows us a picture of Reala doing what he does best; creeping up on minors~!



Alexander Price

Alex Price shared with us this fantastic render of NiGHTS, this must've taken ages!





Ben fuses Reala and Voltaire to make a very entertaining animatic! What a pairing!




D.P was hard at work again this month, giving us a series of pictures from all across the board! I just might go and play some 2P versus NiD on the Saturn now!




Dreamy shows us the SEGA crossover we all need in our lives (or at least I do), NiGHTS and Yakuza! As well as a sensational piece for Reala Day!





Entomolojest gives us an appropriately scary look for Reala, and some gameplay of Reala decimating his Nightmaren siblings~!




Feniiku has created some NiGHTS themed clothing for Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Relax on an island in style!



Helen Cartwright

Helen (Yep, the one and the same!) Shares a WIP of Memory Forest, it's looking great so far! It's not often I see fanart of JoD levels!




Juricha shows a more bashful side to NiGHTS in this wonderful piece!




MangleMan25 brings an older piece back to be worked on and shared!




Myotis Cervus shares a picture of Reala sitting, the colouring on this one gives it a nice atmosphere!




NABiS shares a picture of JoD Reala getting his duds on!





NightopianFoxGirl shares an intriguing expansion on the Reala Day tradition of him swapping with NiGHTS.

Here, we get a look at what JoD could've been like where they the other way around, with some very cool designs!



Realas Toothpick Claw


Realas Toothpick Claw really hit the ball out of the park here; a whole Reala Day comic~! Seeing all of the hard work that people like Toothpick do is why these Community Posts are so important, so we can all marvel at it all!




TRAGEDiC Art shows us some fantastic pictures of NiGHTS and Reala, with a cheeky appearance from Octopaw and Owl!




Viperxmns shows us what a Reala Nenderoid would look like (and apparently it'd be AWESOME??), and a glimpse of Pizza guy Reala staying at home until all this blows over, by request of MiSHiKiS!


You guys did superbly this month, you should all be proud of the work you've done! If you've got something to share in the next Community Post just get in contact with us and we'd be happy to share it, assuming it's SFW!


Until next time, stay at home if you can, and wash your hands properly~!


NiGHTS Community: March

5 March;  Author: Dex la Cabra

Hello and welcome back to our monthly Community Post! We have some wonderful entries this month, with both Valentine's Day themes and celebratory themes for Naoto Ohshima's birthday on the 26th of February! Let's get started!




Ben shared these lovely drawings of NiGHTS doing what he does best: looking swanky~!



Cherry-A shared this fantastic picture of NiGHTS carrying his creator Ohshima-san, he'd better not drop him!





DP went TO TOWN this month, with drawings for every occasion, even a nostalgic picture of NiGHTs with long hair,

taking us all back to the early days of the fandom! 





Dreamy shared these fantastic pictures, one of Reala all dolled up for Valentine's Day and a wonderful comic page!




Entomolojest shared a video of the trumpet meme, NiGHTS style! JoD had some very jazzy music, huh?





NetNomad went out of their way to make this piece of art before the cut-off date for this month! *chefs kiss*





Nightopolis shared this stunning remix of "Message From Nightopia"! I love a good 90's dancy number and this DELIVERS!






SiLVER shared these delightful pictures of NiGHTS! He's always so expressive in your work, SiLVER!





Viperxmns shared this wonderful picture of Reala as a response to DP's picture above of the Reala coffee,

can we get these products for real, already?





WeatherWitch also shared a picture of what NiGHTS' hair could look like under the hat, with a closer look at his superbly drawn face!


Excellent work this month, folks! I'm really glad to be receiving such great entries, hopefully we can all make some fantastic art of Reala to celebrate Reala Day on the 1st of April for the next Community Post! He's even getting a statue of his very own, ICYMI~!


First4Figures Reala Statue Pre-orders Now Open!

28 February;  Author: Dex la Cabra

Sorry for the delay, your resident admin has been moving house and I've only just got internet here this moment!


The Reala First4Figures statue is now up for pre-orders! Coming in two editions, a Standard Edition and an Exclusive Edition, this is not to be passed up! They both cost $329.99 ordinarily, but are currently on discount for $296.99!

This early bird discount of 10% only applies if you pre-order by the 9th of March, and there are multiple payment plans if you don't have the cashola right now!

You'd be mad to miss this chance, as we almost never got this statue in the first place!


There's even a video showcasing the statue, including a handy size comparison to the F4F NiGHTS statue!


I'm delighted that First4Figures changed their minds about cancelling Reala, let's do our best to support the NiGHTS franchise in whatever form it takes~!


Just as I've started community driven events to quench the thirst for official NiGHTS news, the Reala First4Figures resin statue finally begins production!

Our first view of the statue painted, and he looks GLORIOUS~! I'll always prefer his NiD design to the JoD one but I'm sold on it already! This will be the perfect piece to match the NiGHTS statue First4Figures already released previously!


I genuinely thought that the fans had failed, and that the Reala statue would forever be shelved by the production team but I'm over the moon to say that this is not the case! Our website will be updating on the 21st with more information once it's available! Keep an eye on the First4FIgures site and their Facebook page for access to their livestream on that date (times on the header image!) and for the love of all that is holy, let them know how much we appreciate this statue finally being made!

Also something worth noting is the wording on the First4Figures website post about this statue: "REALA, from our all new NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams lineup", suggesting that there may be more JoD statues afterwards, IF you support Reala! It's all on us to show FIrst4Figures, and therefore SEGA, that we Don't Forget NiGHTS!


Even though I'm bloody skint, I'll still be saving every penny to get one of these beauties~!


NiGHTS Community: February

2 February;  Author: Dex la Cabra

Hello there, welcome to the first monthly post on this here site purely dedicated to you, the NiGHTS fans! Simply submit your projects through Twitter or Email before the 27th of each month and it'll appear in these posts for all of your fellow fans to see! If you miss the cut off date don't worry, it just means your work will be in the next months post instead! We had some fantastic entries for our first post, so let's take a look at them alphabetically~!





D.P submitted these wonderful pieces of art of the 1st level Nightmaren himself, NiGHTS! The glittery effect really makes these pictures POP!






Leporis wows us with these fantastic pictures! There's so much texture and life here!





Monoshuga has created a pair of keychain charms, one NiGHTS, one Reala!

These have limited availability so get buying these little delights!




Picoffee shows us a NiGHTS in more Casual clothing!

The fantastic warm colour scheme is exactly what we need in these cold winter months!




pikmin442 shows us a pair of starry night-time scenes with NiGHTS doing what he does best!

The use of purple for the sky is lovely!




Segamanager treats us to a very cool render of both Reala and Shadow!

The red and black dopplegangers look great together!





SiLVER's artwork appears often on our Twitter, consistently drawing quality art of NiGHTS and co!

The colours, the glowing effects, there's so much to love here!



SaturnDave shows us that NiGHTS fans are some of the most creative out there with a custom case for Christmas NiGHTS! 

How professional does that look!? Even the disc looks legit!

but he didn't stop there, check out these stream overlays!

Beautiful work all around!



tedbob84 shows us a magnificent drawing of NiGHTS, Claris and Elliot in Christmas garb!

Here's hoping Elliot keeps hanging on!



WeatherWitch gives us a glimpse at a mischievous NiGHTS roaming the streets of Bellbridge!

It comes with the territory to a degree, but NiGHTS fans excel at sparkles and glowy wonder!


Yuki Chan

Yuki Chan (WARNING: NSFW content beyond link) shows us not only some fantastic NiGHTS artwork,

but we get a look at a Fanmaren as well!


See, I told you we had some fantastic entries! Let's work together to make these community posts full of content! I shall contribute art as well once I'm finished drawing the current part of Clown Cops!

See you next month, and thank you to everyone who submitted~!


The Future of

20 January;  Author: Dex la Cabra

Don't worry, it's not what it looks like! In fact this is good news!

I've been looking at the site for a while and it's been getting to me just how quiet it's been on the news front. I try to keep this place professional, updating you with only official news, instead of 20 updates a week about Wills Dad memes. Naturally a franchise with 2.5 games (the newest of which was HOW many years ago!?) doesn't come up very often, and we're definitely in a quiet spot. So I thought about ways to generate more to post on here! After the 100+ pages of NiGHTS into Webcomics I'll be honest, I kind of had my fill of making NiGHTS content (just for now of course) as it was my entire life for a good few years.

That's when I remembered about all of the quality NiGHTS projects I see on social media! You really are a talented bunch, you lot! So much love for the franchise goes around but I felt I couldn't justify doing posts for every creation. Which is why I've decided that from now on I'm going to do a big community post monthly, where you can send in anything NiGHTS related that you've created that month and show the rest of the fans your hard work! Just tag us at @NiDcom on twitter or send it to us through email to submit your work! All work will be credited to whatever name you prefer! If you're aware of a fan project that's in the works that isn't yours feel free to inform us about it so we can get in contact with the creator!

The future of is our community, coming together to create our own content, just like the old days!

I can't wait to see all of your cool projects~!


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