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First4Figures Reala Statue Delayed

12 January;  Author: Dex la Cabra

Hello again! 2021 is off to a wonderful start, isn't it?

If you've ordered the First4Figures Reala you'll have received an email stating that Reala was entering Mid-production. Good news right?

Well it turns out that this email was sent accidentally, and that Realas release date has in fact been delayed until Q3 2021. This was to be expected given the current state of the planet (and First4Figures track record ;););)) so no surprises here!

The email reads as follows:

"First off, we would like to thank you for patiently waiting. We recently sent a notification to let you know that your statue is in the middle stages of production. Please ignore the notification as it was sent due to a manual error from our end. The statue is still in the early stages of production.

The estimated release date has been extended to the 3rd quarter of 2021. Our first priority is to make sure that the finished product lives up to our customers expectations and we will not compromise quality to reach the estimated release date. We will resend the Product Completion notification email again as soon as we get to the middle stages of production.

Thank you for your understanding. Should you have any inquiries, please fill in the Contact Us form on our website."

So if they're delaying it to ensure quality, this is only a good thing!

Let's be patient, Reala will be here soon enough~!


NiGHTS Community: December/January

3 January;  Author: Dex la Cabra

Hello and welcome to the last Community Post of 2020 / first Community Post of 2021~!

We've got a double whammy of artwork from both new faces and old favourites, let's have a look!


Ameer Ashour


Ameer Ashour shares with us a cool fusion of JoD and NiD Key art!






Anthro7 shares not one but two issues of NiGHTS into Zines, a great way to end the year!












D.P shares a whole slew of incredible artwork, including some older pieces of a cool Autumn NiGHTS design!










Dreamie shares some fantastic artwork, showing how far they've grown as an artist~!


Konami Yung


Konami Yung shares this cute picture of NiGHTS chilling in the night sky~!


Mila .H


Mila .H shares this cosy picture of NiGHTS, inspired by a candle in real life~!


Myotis Cervus


Myotis Cervus shares this festive picture of Christmas NiGHTS, the texture work really brings this piece to life!


Nanis TM


Nanis TM shares a cool NiGHTS face mask made by their parents!




Pokéhita shares this wonderful picture of NiGHTS above Bellbridge, the city must have taken particularly long~!




Toppy shares some excellent art to celebrate JoD's 13th Anniversary~!









TRAGEDiCART shares some very Autumnal artwork and some celebratory JoD birthday art~!




Whalewithay shares this very warm picture of Christmas NiGHTS basking in the light of a star~!


Yuki Chan


Yuki Chan (NSFW 18+ Warning!) shares this picture of NiGHTS sitting on the moon in the night sky!


We had some beautiful submissions this time,

thank you to everyone who worked hard this year to give us NiGHTS content to enjoy in the worst year of recent history!

Let's continue to support the NiGHTS series through 2021, which will hopefully be a better year for all!


Until next time, keep on fighting~!


NiGHTS Community: November 2020

8 November;  Author: Dex la Cabra

Another month gone, another NiGHTS Community Post! You love iiiiit~!

We have quite a few festive Halloween NiGHTS pictures to show this week! Let's get cracking!




7Marichan7 shows us an incredible picture of Halloween NiGHTS, holding a Jack o' Lantern! Spooky!



NiGHTS into Zines


Aura Cannon shares the latest issue of NiGHTS into Zines! Packed with loads of activities, there's always something fun to do~! 





CraziestRobo shares this awesome picture of an alternative costume for NiGHTS~!



Dex la Cabra


I couldn't draw anything Halloweeny this year, so I thought I'd share something different!

Here we have the only two pages for the next part of "NiGHTS into Webcomics" that I completed~!





D.P shares some excellent artwork of Halloween NiGHTS with both Balan

and the ghosts of what NiGHTS could have been; his concept designs!

Throw in an Italian NiGHTS and you have some lovely pictures~!





DreamCastingArt shares with us a fantastic drawing of NiGHTS sporting his JoD outfit in a very acrobatic pose~!





Dreamie shares with us a pair of drawings of NiGHTS and his new counterpart Balan~!





DreamyImagination101 shares this lovely picture of NiGHTS and Jackle for Jackle Day 2020~!





Picoffee shares with us this ambient picture of NiGHTS down in Pumpkin Hill, finding his lost piece~!




Toppy shares with us this wonderful picture of Halloween NiGHTS with their OC~!





TRAGEDiCArt shares with us some Halloween goodness and some fan art of UV NiGHTS!

The NiGHTS with a nose is from some unused American box art for NiD

which thankfully was replaced with one far more fitting how NiGHTS actually looked~!





WeatherWitch shares with us a brilliant picture of Halloween NiGHTS with some flying eyeballs~!


And there we have it! Some brilliant work from some talented people!

Christmas fast approaches so if you live in an acceptable location there is a NiGHTS Holiday Ornament available from the US Store~!

If only the UK one would sell the NiGHTS memorabilia as well :'( 

Until next time~!


You like "NiGHTS into Dreams…", right?

Well, now you can download the game on Steam, for free no less!


All you have to do is visit the SEGA60th site and sign up for updates to their SEGA celebrations, link your Steam account and presto! Free NiGHTS, baby~!

"But Dex", I hear you exclaim, "I already have the game on Steam!". Share the link with any friends you have that might be interested~!

Personally, I didn't have it because my PC would immediately detonate if I tried to play it and I already had it on PS3 and 360, but now I have no excuse not to own it haha!


That was a short but sweet announcement, hope you're all doing well~!


NiGHTS Community: October

6 October;  Author: Dex la Cabra

Is it that time already!? The start of the month means it's time to have a look at what the NiGHTS

community has been up to! The past couple of months had an explosion of NiGHTS related artwork and projects

due to the announcement on Balan Wonderworld but things are calming down again!





7marichan7 shares this lovely picture of NiGHTS! The colour scheme is very well done~!





Aura Cannon shares the latest issue of NiGHTS into Zines, get cracking with the latest 

NiGHTS activities to keep you sane in the pandemic~!


AstrixZ shares these wonderful matching pictures of NiGHTS and Reala~!





Boop! shares a whole slew of NiGHTS and Jackle pictures~!





Buttnobel shares this Devil NiGHTS in response to D.P's Angel NiGHTS drawing~!





Speaking of the Angel NiGHTS drawing!

D.P continues to be one of the most productive artists in our community~!




Dreamie shares some wonderful drawings of the NiGHTS cast, and a nice Sonic Adventure 2 reference with Balan~!





Iris shares a real treat for us NiGHTS fans, collections of stickers and badges~! You can buy your own sets here!





TragedicArt shares with us this excellent picture of a furious Reala and a concerned NiGHTS~!



SO there we have it! A smaller update but with just as high a standard of quality!

This month is Halloween so let's all do our best to create some spooky NiGHTS related content~!


NiGHTS Community: September

6 September;  Author: Dex la Cabra

September already!? How time flies! It's time for our monthly look at the latest NiGHTS artwork from the fanbase!




2bit shares this stunning artwork of NiGHTS and Balan!



Amymanddy shares these lovely pictures of NiGHTS, Reala and a wee Claris!




Aura Cannon has released the latest issue of NiGHTS into Zines! Get creative with one of the best NiGHTS projects going just now!




Bianca shares this incredible render of NiGHTS!




Buttnobel goes to town with a whole slew of NiGHTS pictures~!




Chenny shares a drawing on a peaceful moment between NiGHTS and Reala!




D.P shares these fantastic drawings of NIGHTS, and a crossover with Balan!




Deegee shares these great drawings of NiGHTS' face in various poses~!


Dex la Cabra


Hey, that's me! I drew a picture of Girania to go alongside the Donbalon from last months Community Post!

Hope you like green~!




DreamCastingArt shares these wonderful drawings, with some 90's inspiration going on~!




Dreamie shares this great picture of Reala's face~!




Elisenelart shares these lovely pictures of NiGHTS and Balan~!




Ermayd shares this cool picture of NiGHTS~!




Eternatori shares this wonderful picture of NiGHTS' head~!




Feniiku shares this cheeky picture of NiGHTS~!




Gechotaris shares these incredible pictures of NiGHTS~!




Giuriolo shares this picture of a naked NiGHTS, we do understand Jackle, we do~!




Hirano shares this picture of NiGHTS that could've come straight from a NiGHTS cartoon~!


Infinite Octopaw


Infinite Octopaw shares this awesome NiGHTS Badge~!




JayJayfan shares these wonderful drawings of NiGHTS, Reala and Jackle~!


JoJo D. Artist


JoJo D. Artist shares this picture of NiGHTS with a nice big cheesy grin~!


Kalei Works


Kalei Works shares an incredible use of a current meme~!




Keithektk shares this lovely picture of NiGHTS and some Nightopians~!




Kiko shares this fantastic drawing of NiGHTS~!




Leaf shares this awesome picture of NiGHTS holding the Blue Ideya of Intelligence~!


Mint Ivory


Mint Ivory shares this sleek drawing of NiGHTS~!




MochiShiroPa shares this cute picture of NiGHTS~!


Nanis TM


Nanis TM shares these drawings of NiGHTS, one recent and one from their childhood~!




Necrocrunk shares this very atmospheric picture of NiGHTS~!




Oilwun shares this hilarious crossover of NiGHTS and Yakuza 0~!




Ridel shares a lovely crossover of NiGHTS and Balan~!




Roposhipin shares this incredible picture of NiGHTS, he's practically glowing~!




Sarah shares these cute drawings of NiGHTS, Reala and Jackle in alternative outfits~!




Sarahbelle shares with us their take on a NiGHTS sequel and characters~!




Sketchmii shares with us a beautiful crossover of NiGHTS and Balan~!


There we have it, another fine collection of work from one of the best fandoms around!

Take care of yourselves out there~!


NiGHTS Community: August

2 August;  Author: Dex la Cabra

Hello there, it's time for the next NiGHTS Community Post!

The July post was later than usual so I thought there wouldn't be much to include since then

but then Balan WonderWorld was announced!

Everyone then proceeded to draw NiGHTS and Balan together in some great fan art!

Let's take a look!



0ricory starts us off with a great drawing of NiGHTS and Jackle, laughing away as he attacks!


About Roll

About Roll shows us a series of NiGHTS warm up drawings in some classic poses!




Abraxas shares this cool pixel art of Reala!



Anthro shares the latest issue of NiGHTS into Zines, available now! Entertain yourself in these challenging times!


Barry the Gengar


Barry the Gengar shares this whimsical piece of NiGHTS and Balan, hand in hand!




ButtNobel shares a wonderful romantic comic of NiGHTS and Reala, and some more Reala love!




CHIKA shares with us this fantastic drawing of NiGHTS! That hand is especially good!



D.P shares with us an older music themed piece, and some newer drawings too!




Dariattic shares this incredible 3D model of an Ideya Palace music box! This should definitely be a real thing!


Dex la Cabra


Hey, that's me! As I'm taking a break from Clown Cops between chapters, I wanted to draw something different.

Which ended up being more clowns, go figure!



DreamCastingArt shares this incredible variety of NiGHTS drawings! The use of lighter hues is inspired!




Dreamie shares drawings of a Summertime Claris and of Reala, with colour variations!


Dreamlike Real


DreamLike Real shares this brilliant drawing of Reala that could have come straight from a cartoon!




FlappyBat creates this WONDERful drawing of NiGHTS and Balan!


Ketrin Dark Dragon


Ketrin Dark Dragon shares this cool costume/colour swap idea for NiGHTS and Balan!




KordeliahBelle shares this great picture of Reala and new "Balan Wonderworld" villain Lance!




Kuresantarou shares this fantastic drawing of NiGHTS and Balan!




manospi shares an awesome drawing of NiGHTS and Balan as well!


Mj Hedgehog


Mj Hedgehog shares this cool drawing of Balan and the SEGA characters his series seems inspired by!




NyuudouP shares not only a NiGHTS and Balan crossover, but an Eartbound one as well!




OceanPalaces is selling these delightful NiGHTS charms!




Palette shares this great drawing of Reala!


Pink Illustator


Pink Illustrator shares with us a cool drawing of NiGHTS and Balan!


Re Enter The Dream


ReEnterTheDream shares with us this incredible picture of NiGHTS and Balan, even the background is a crossover!




SmolHarukaa shares these portraits of NiGHTS and Balan, side by side!




TragedicArt shares this wonderful picture of NiGHTS and Balan!




viperxmns shares this beautiful picture of NiGHTS showing Balan how to do that iconic smile!




Wallass shares this picture of NiGHTS! The screenshot in the background is such a nice touch!




WeatherWitch shares this delightful picture of NiGHTS and Balan posing for the camera!




YumjuArt shares this magnificent picture of NiGHTS in a cool outfit! Cosmically cool!!

I think the NiGHTS community is quite smitten with Balan, wouldn't you say?

Another collection of incredible work completed! Perhaps in the future I should introduce a theme for a Community Post so everyone can try drawing a certain character or scene? Would any of you be interested? Though the current system where you all create whatever you want is clearly good as well!

If you want to submit a NiGHTS related project just check the contact section at the top of the page for where to find us!

Keep up the good work people, you've got this~!


This isn't strictly NiGHTS related, I know, but it's definitely something close!

Square Enix and Balan Company (founded by our own Yuji Naka and Naoto Ohshima) have just revealed their new game called "Balan Wonderland"! You can tell just by looking at the trailer and promotional art that this is clearly a labour of love that has more than a few things in common with our beloved NiGHTS, as well as the likes of Billy Hatcher and other older SEGA games! The game is due for release on just about everything in Spring 2021, so there's something great to look forward to next year!


It's downright fantastic to see two of NiGHTS' creators working together again!

I've taken screenshots from the Balan website, which features some incredible art from Ohshima-san and the team involved!

We might not be getting a new NiGHTS anytime soon, but the spirit of the franchise is still alive and well! First in Rodea, and now in this new game! Judging by the trailer it looks like we're even getting Nightmaren equivalents, and I'm a sucker for a well designed Nightmaren~!

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more news about "Balan Wonderworld" by following their Twitter, their Blog and even their Instagram!

I'll continue to report on "Balan Wonderworld" if you guys have no problem with it, or would you prefer the site stick only to NiGHTS?

Let me know in the comments or the forums~!


NiGHTS Community: July

11 July;  Author: Dex la Cabra

It's that time again! Our monthly Community Post is here, where we take a look at the latest submitted artwork and projects from the NiGHTS fans!

This month's post is a bit later as it was NiGHTS' anniversary on the 5th of July (chances are I don't need to tell YOU that)

so I held off to give any stragglers a chance to be included in this birthday special!

There were SO MANY posts this time so I've done it a bit differently this time.

All artwork is included in a big gallery instead of just being uploaded right here because this post would have taken up the whole site!

Artists are credited under their art but I'll link to their respective pages afterwords!


NiGHTS into Zines


The Community Posts aren't the only thing that updates monthly! NiGHTS into Zines Issue 3 is out now!

Be sure to check out the latest issue!




Victor McKnight shared this sensational piece of music inspired by NiGHTS, featuring Noah McKnight and Thora Daughn!

Don't miss out on this!


NiGHTS Artwork


What a turnout this month~! The artists involved are as follows:


Alex Price

Art of the Video Game Boy






Doug Spirit



E's Art

Gabriel the Starman







Konami Yung


Light Melody

MagicalGirl M


Milky Fugitive


Myotis Cervus










That Two Guy

Tiago into Dreams




Yuki Chan (18+ NSFW Account!)

If your art is featured and you'd like to be credited differently just let me know!

The same applies if you submitted your artwork and it's not here,

I haven't intentionally left anyone out, sometimes things slip through the cracks!


Hope to see you next month~!


NiGHTS Community: June

6 June;  Author: Dex la Cabra

Well lookie what we got here: another NiGHTS Community Post!

The world is a scary place right now, with Covid-19 still running rampant and police brutality in the US becoming an even bigger problem than it already was,

so we're here to give you a moments reprieve to look at some excellent art by the NiGHTS Community!


Aurora Cannon

Aurora keeps at it with the fantastic "NiGHTS into Zines"! packed full of activities for you to partake in during lockdown, be sure not to miss!

Even the cover is great!



DaveyHames treats us to a wonderful picture of NiGHTS inviting us to fly through the night sky!



Dreamie shows us an incredible traditional drawing of NiGHTS perched elegantly on a spire!



D.P has created some excellent pictures here of NiGHTS for every occasion!

From ASR's 10th Anniversary to SEGA's 60th Anniversary, D.P and NiGHTS have you covered~!


Helen Cartwright

Helen shares with us this cute picture of Claris and Helen being good pals~!



NABi shares this great picture of NiGHTS with an ice cream, making me crave a cone for myself~!



TRAGEDiCART has really gone to town this month with the NiGHTS love and we couldn't be more thankful for it~!

A Pokemon based on Hollow would definitely learn Dream Eater, right?


And there we have it, another month, another collection of fine work from the best community an admin could hope to be a part of~!

Speaking of community, now more than ever it is integral to point out that as far I'm concerned the NiGHTS fanbase has always and will always be welcoming to people of every Race, Gender, Religion, Sexuality etc.

So long as you're polite to people we will welcome you with open arms!

The imagery coming out of the US just now is harrowing but it's also great to see so many people stand up in unison against systemic oppression and racism!

Black Lives Matter too~!


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