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Happy Halloween from!

30 October;  Author: Dex la Cabra


Happy Halloween everyone! I'm uploading the festivities a day early as tomorrow is my favourite day of the year, so I'm not sure if i'll be around to post tomorrow. I hope you all have a great time over the weekend, don't go too nuts with the candy ;D Are any of you doing anything NiGHTS related this Halloween? If so, be sure to share it with us!

"NiGHTS into Webcomics" also has a 4 page Halloween special today here (in the reading section to the left.) The normal upload schedule will continue on the 9th of November (the following Monday) continuing Elliots adventures in Splash Garden.



2 September;  Author: Dex la Cabra

*under construction*

Ideya Capture

Despite its object-like appearance, The Ideya Captures in NiD are actually Nightmaren aswell. Beta footage of NiD showed that before the final release the Ideya Capture had a different model, looking more akin to a hot air balloon as opposed to the almost jellyfish-like form of the final version.



A resident of Nightopia, Octopaw appears throughout the various dreamscapes of JoD. Cowardly by nature, Octopaw will flee the player just for getting close, creating rings as it flies through the air. This is how the link missions are constructed, through following Octopaw and passing through every ring it leaves behind. Concept art exists of a Pink Octopaw which was never used in-game.



2 September;  Author: Dex la Cabra

JP Remake Translation:

"A very cheerfully, innocent, race inhabiting Nightopia, the world of dreams. They love having a good time, which they do by showing passing visitors fun dreams doing things like singing or dancing. It's just in their nature to do whatever they can to let visitors enjoy themselves!"

In NiD Nightopians can be found within all of the levels bar Twin Seeds. They are a part of the games "A-Life system", and depending on how you treat them the music will change. This can be monitored on the "Christmas NiGHTS" demo disc, allowing you to see the happiness level of each Nightopian. This was included in the PS2 remake as well, and later on in the more recent port for PS3, Xbox 360 & PC.

The Nightopians have no hierarchy and are incapable of working together for a common goal. Through specific breeding however, a Superpian can be created (Malan has created a guide here for us all to use) which even builds a castle within the level it was created. 

In JoD the Nightopians act the same as they do within levels in NiD, but in this game there is another feature. If you Paraloop either Nightopians or Nightmaren, instead of killing them like in NiD, they are transported to a separate world called "My Dream". Here they can be kept and are fed with Blue Chips. Any Nightmaren paralooped to here will eat Nightopians though, so it is in your best interest to remove them. Depending on how many Mepians or Nightmaren you have, the landscape will change accordingly.

Mepians are present in both games and are created the same way within the games; by throwing a Nightmaren, turning it into a sphere, and allowing the sphere to come in contact with a Nightopian. This will create an egg, inside of which is a fusion of the two called a Mepian. It is essentially a Nightopian with randomised Nightmaren features.


JoD 3rd Level Nightmaren

2 September;  Author: Dex la Cabra

*under construction*


NiD 3rd Level Nightmaren

2 September;  Author: Dex la Cabra

*under construction*


Hollows are Owl-like Nightmaren that spit orbs at NiGHTS if he flies straight in front of you. Being hit by this will cause NiGHTS to lose 5 seconds from the timer.




Mamus are peculiar Nightmaren that resemble fish. They surround themselves with spike balls which cause NiGHTS to lose 5 seconds when touched.




A Nightmaren resembling some form of shellfish, they will latch onto NiGHTS and drag him to the ground. They explode once they reach the ground, taking 5 seconds off the timer.




A sheep-like Nightmaren, They don't pose much of a threat to NiGHTS. They will inflate their puffy bodies to get in the way slightly, but are easily dispatched.




Verols appear like chameleons in their true form. They can disguise themselves as the games collectable Blue Chips, fooling you into taking damage.




Cuttles are an odd, almost jellyfish-like Nightmaren. They create a false ring of electricity which shocks NiGHTS should he make contact. This will result in 5 seconds being taken from the timer. The aim is to either fly through it or avoid it completely.




A tropical fish-like Nightmaren, Party will whip its tail at NiGHTS if the player gets too close. Contact will result in the usual 5 seconds from the timer.




A Nightmaren resembling a lion, Gaos run around the levels they inhabit and are quite fast. They will periodically surround themselves with electricity, causing NiGHTS to lose 5 seconds from the timer should he make contact during this time.



Crewle  & Pole

Two Nightmaren working together, Crewle sits atop Poles head as they terrorise Nightopia. They attack by using the orbs around them to not only take 5 seconds from the timer but shrink NiGHTS. The players speed is proportionally slower in this temporary state.




These Nightmaren walks the floors of Nightopia, jumping at NiGHTS should he pass. They attempt to freeze you by spitting ice, resulting in 5 seconds gone from the timer.


JoD 2nd Level Nightmaren

2 September;  Author: Dex la Cabra

*Under Construction*


A gumball shaped Nightmaren similar to Puffy from NiD. Donbalon has a four-pointed jester hat, a large clownlike nose, feathers and a large ruff around his neck. Underneath his waistcoat is his body, which has a patchwork appearance. His arms are incredibly thin & long, with white gloves over his hands.

Donbalon's arena is a vertical structure with various obstacles on the way up. The goal is to keep throwing Donbalon upwards past these obstacles and to the top, where he is popped by the sharp teeth of the face at the top.

His themes are called "Drifting Donbalon".


A gigantic fish-like Nightmaren covered in spiky armour and sporting a Salvador Dali-esque mustache, with huge wild eyes. 

Girania is possibly the largest Nightmaren you face, towering over NiGHTS easily. He fights by swimming through the rock floor of his coliseum and leaping at NiGHTS, biting with his sharp teeth. To defeat him you must grab on to his chin and throw him. This breaks apart his body and reveals what his form is created by; hundreds of coloured orbs. Once you get to this stage, your aim is to Paraloop as many of these orbs as possible within the few seconds before he regenerates. The more you Paraloop, the smaller he becomes. Eventually he becomes small enough to defeat through regular throwing.

His themes are called "Giant Girania".


A chameleon with no legs, sporting a waistcoat, magician's cape and top-hat, topped off with a black and white magician's wand. Chamelan's definitely one of the sharpest dressed Nightmaren you encounter.

Chamelan's arena is arguably the most confusing at first. He hides behind a large veil you must Paraloop to tear, and try to locate where he has hidden behind it. Behind the veil are large playing cards, which count down to 1 the closer you are to his hiding place. There are also transparent cards that lead to bombs, but these are easily noticed and aren't typically a threat. Once you uncover Chamelan, he panics and doesn't run away, giving you time to give him a final Paraloop to his actual body, defeating him. A useful hint is that once Chamelan starts hiding behind the veil, you can see a slight shimmering where he is, which you can follow until he stops, allowing you to take him out as fast as possible.

His themes are called "Cackling Chamelan".


A cat dressed in witchs clothes with a pole for legs. She spawns smaller cats that only have heads and tails, like tadpoles.

If Chamelan's fight is the most confusing at first, Bomamba's is the most frustrating. She perches on top of a large table that hangs over a huge hole in the ground. The goal is to get every cat she releases to go down the holes in the table by tilting it from specific handles. If the cats are stationary for too long however, they will stand on their tails and rocket towards you. Once every table has been beaten Bomamba will plummet into the hole in the ground, defeated.

Her themes are called "Bony Bomamba".


Two dog-like Nightmaren linked by chains to an orb in the middle, which in the second battle turns out to be a third Nightmaren. The main two have large spiked orbs for bodies, the heads of snarling dogs and long thin legs with claws. The third Nightmaren has the same head, but made of energy. This head will appear and produce spikes on its body if NiGHTS takes too long to reach it.

The goal of this fight is to get to the middle orb and throw it, making the other two heads slam into each other. The Rocket Persona mask is needed to do so, as the the middle head will protect itself if you aren't fast enough getting to it. Simply slam their heads together enough times to beat them.

His themes are called "Clashing Cerberus".

Queen Bella

A crown wearing spider that lives on rings of metal above a vat of lava. 

Queen Bella will produce silk balls throughout the battle, which you must use to throw at the metal rings, destroying them and breaking her foothold over the lava. She will leap over the gaps you create in the rings if you are not quick enough. A well placed initial first shot can actually defeat Queen Bella. Simply destroy every segment of metal under her at once to send her to a horrid defeat burning in liquid hot magma.

Her themes are called "Queen Bella's Ball".


NiD 2nd Level Nightmaren

31 July;  Author: Dex la Cabra

Naturally under the 1st level Nightmaren of Wizeman's henchman hierarchy are the 2nd level Nightmaren. They serve as the bosses of the game and will appear only when their respective level has been completed. Each Nightmaren has a unique way of fighting that you'll have to learn if you hope to get the 2.0 score multiplier! Thanks to neriede for the translations!


JP Remake Translation:

"By Second Level standards, he's got a huge, enormous body but he's really just a big air-head. The moment he considers you an enemy, he'll stop at nothing to chase you down. he possesses the ability to re-grow his head from his long tail."


Gillwing is a gigantic dragon consisting of a head, two wings, a tail and more spikes than you can shake a broom at! He can regenerate his head at the expense of losing a section of his tail. You can defeat him by knocking his head off until he runs out of tail to regenerate from, thus winning you the battle. A quicker way to beat him however, is to sneak up behind him and paraloop the end of his tail, destroying all of it at once! This method is recommended for more true paraloop masters though, so get practising! In Christmas NiGHTS Gillwing is redesigned to have a far more christmas themed appearance.

His theme is called "The Dragon Gave a Large Scream."




JP Remake Translation:

"A rubber ball-like Second-Level, her body is pliable and flexible. Because of this, NiGHTS' attacks don't seem to work on her. Maybe somewhere around that mansion she created there's a clue to defeating her."


A bejewelled humanoid bouncy ball with rabbit ears, Puffy is definitely one of the more obscure Nightmaren, at least in appearance. Puffy is invincible to typical attacks such as drill dashing and paralooping. Instead, you have to knock Puffy through the various walls of her domain. This leads to the end of a corridor, where our poor bouncing gal is flattened and popped by falling debris. In the "Sonic into Dreams" present on Christmas NiGHTS, Puffy is reskinned to look like Doctor Eggman. Her theme is replaced by "Final Fever" from Sonic CD.

Her theme is called "She Had Long Ears."




JP Remake Translation:

"This fish-type Second-Level will swallow anything up completely with his huge mouth. His form is ferocious, but his personality is surprisingly calm. Knowing his weakness is his slowness, he's set up traps all around his body to catch his prey."


Gulpo is a Large fish-like Nightmaren who swims within a cylinder of water. He summons smaller red fish to surround the perimeter of his water, and has them attack with purple waves only a handful at a time. NiGHTS can use these fish when not attacking to propel himself through the water to the opposite side of the cylinder. If NiGHTS collides with Gulpo, it will hurt him and make him expose his belly, allowing NiGHTS to land further hits quickly. Be careful though, as sometimes Gulpo will surround his own body with waves of energy which will detract 5 seconds of valuable time from the player if NiGHTS hits Gulpo in this state.

His theme is called "Deep it Lies."




JP Remake Translation:

"ASecond-Level black cat with sharp claws, he's spiteful by nature and would rather torment you from the shadows than attack you fair and square. So, just how far will NiGHTS have to chase those quick feet…?"


Clawz is cat-like in appearance, and has the incredible agility to go with it. The arena consists of two rings, with firework mice lining them. Clawz can only stand on these mice, and detonates them over time, jumping to the nearest other one. NiGHTS must break the sparking ones before they take off, acting as missiles. If NiGHTS gets close to Clawz when he can't reach the other mice, he can grab him and kill him in one hit.

His theme is called "E-LE-KI Sparkle."




JP Remake Translation:

"Wrapped in a huge cloak, this is one insane Second-Level. He'll use totally bizarre and unthought of methods-whatever it takes, really-to scare visitors. Stored within his cloak is the unrivaled power to repel whatever attacks come this way. Rumor has it that Wizeman intended for him to be a First-Level, but something failed in that moment of creation…"


Jackle is perhaps the most popular of the 2nd level Nightmaren. It is often debated whether his body is invisible or non-existent. Regardless, only his hands, feet, eyes and mouth are apparent, alongside his hat and cape. It is also speculated that Jackle represents the Grim Reaper, with the surrounding of his domain backing this. Jackle attacks by throwing tarot cards which leave a trail of colour behind. He is invincible so long as he possesses his cape, so the aim is to catch up to Jackle and knock his cape off. Once detached, Jackle will make a beeline for his cape, allowing NiGHTS to catch and attack him continuously. 


Sonic Runners NiGHTS Event Now Active!

30 July;  Author: Dex la Cabra

The NiGHTS into Dreams event in Sonic Runners has now begun, allowing you to unlock Buddies of NiGHTS, Reala and a Nightopian! The event lasts until the 13th of August, so get collecting those Red Rings for the Premium Roulette! I'll be collecting images of the event for you to view here if you cant/don't want to download Sonic Runners.


There are a few changes to the BGM during this event. The premium Roulette wheel now has "DREAMS DREAMS (In Silent Memory)" playing. If you have all 10 special eggs however, it changes to "Growing Wings." Using NIGHTS as Buddy 1 changes the BGM to "Message from Nightopia", while Reala gets "NiGHTS and Reala" fittingly. While the Nightopian doesn't get a song, it sings the first 6 notes of the chorus of "DREAMS DREAMS" when its ability is activated.

I love how Sonic Team even kept them to scale with the Sonic characters, I think there was a lot of love going on when making this event :)

I'm still trying to unlock Reala,

Dex la Cabra~! (That kinda rhymed!)


NiGHTS into Webcomics

21 July;  Author: Dex la Cabra

You can also see these pages at the Tumblr page, though this website will continue to be a page ahead.



Hey guys! This is my idea for a NiGHTS webcomic for the site, what do you think? I'm going for something light and fun here :) I will upload new pages on Mondays, stay tuned for updates :) This page can be found in the "READiNG" section to the left. I've uploaded the first two pages to deviantART aswell just to get as much feedback as possible at the start. Let me know what you think guys :) There's the link for the forum page if you want to deliver any critique :P


NiGHTS into Sonic Runners

6 July;  Author: Dex la Cabra

chibi NiGHTS

Well this was unexpected (it was completely expected!) NIGHTS is set to appear in the Mobile game Sonic Runners as announced on their twitter here. I'm going to assume he'll be a flying type, I dunno, just a theory ;P I'll update the post once he is present in the game. Thanks to DiGi Valentine for sharing this on social media!

This'll give me a reason to play it again haha,

Dex la Cabra~!


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