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Hi guys, TRiPPY here.

Sorry you've not heard from us in a long time, life became incredibly busy after I went full-time artist mode. I've been working on awesome published comic books and getting things set up for the end of 2014 with my new Engelbaum Patreon campaign (Check it out if you ever enjoyed my dream/Gen related comic work!: http://www.patreon.com/trippy).
The years may come and go but I still love NiGHTS the same as ever. It's his 18th birthday today, wow can you believe that, 18 years… it honestly seems like just yesterday to me the first time I dreamed of him or played the actual game. So many great positive things have come of that day 18 years ago. And we're still all here!

Because of how busy my life is right now though I feel it's only right to hand the reins over to another admin so that everyone can enjoy the website again with updates and activity. I feel very guilty about not being able to work on this website since I worked so incredibly hard on it for many years. So rather than let it fade I'd like to give it a kick up the butt and get some stuff rolling again. Me and DiGi are going to take a back seat for now after we technically hit the heights of doing as much as we possibly could for NiGHTS and you guys. We lived the dream we built and now it's time for new dreams and new faces. It's been a lot of fun working with you guys over the years, causing trouble and getting NiGHTS back into the spotlight again. So much so that we don't even have to ask SEGA anymore. They know people care about NiGHTS now. Lots of us. And I knew that when I worked at SEGA myself, working on NiGHTS with DiGi, that all those coffeelicious 5am HTML blasts back in 1999 on a Dreamcast browser were worth it, lol. So thank you.

Lately it seems the NiGHTS community has migrated over to Tumblr, which is cool, but I still think this website is a great information point for new and old fans so it deserves to be preserved.

But It's with great happiness and pleasure that I tell you all today that from this point onwards (after all the server side stuff is sorted out for his accounts yadda yadda) that our new main admin of NiGHTSintoDreams.com is the wonderful Dex la Cabra. A long time NiGHTS fan and a good friend of ours with SO MUCH enthusiasm and care for what he does. He's friendly, sensible and just the right kind of guy this place needs to get things running again. So give him a warm welcome and prepare for cool things again :) I myself have tons of content, emails and work that have built up over 2 years that  myself need to submit to the site, so it's going to be Dex's job to give you guys the goodies, report on both SEGA and community news and keep an eye on everything in the ~ world of dreams.

If i could explain just how much this website has given me, both as a person, a fan, an ex employee and a dreamer I'd have to write a very long book. All I will say is that without this website and NiGHTS I wouldn't be where I am in life now, surrounded by great people, working my dream jobs and waking up every morning to see DiGi beside me. It's all been worth it. Every single thing.

So never let anyone tell you that dreams are worthless. NiGHTS is always there if you need him, no-matter who you are or how impossible things might seem.

Thank you to DiGi, to the fans, to my friends at SEGA Europe, Japan, America and China, Sonic Team, Naoto Ohshima and to our magical 18 year old purple guy.

Lynne Triplett & Niyazi Sonmez signing off ~



Here's a great opportunity for all you American NiGHTS fans to meet the lady behind the official voice of NiGHTS in Journey of Dreams! The wonderful and multi-talented Jewels Aguirre has been confirmed as a special guest at RMCC this coming October in Colorado. Jewels will be doing signings and would really love to meet the NiGHTS fans. This is her first convention appearance so lets give her lots of support! Tell all your NiGHTSy friends who live local to the convention or hit the road yourself :) I really wish I could go but I'm stuck in the UK, booo.

The Rocky Mountain Collector Con runs over the course of 3 days from October 4th to the 6th. Tickets are available to purchase online at the convention website.

To learn more about Jewels' impressive portfolio of work check out her guest page on the RMCC website. You can also connect by showing her support on her official Facebook page.


UPDATE 2: For those of you who missed the stream you can rewatch all the recorded video via Malan's profile page :) Here: http://www.twitch.tv/malantp/profile

UPDATE: The stream will run today (Thursday) at 7PM GMT at Malan's Twitch channel: http://fr.twitch.tv/malantp

You can either sign up to the Twitch chat client and log in or use our NiD chatroom which is still situated here:
See you there!


Those of you interested in the technical game side of NiGHTS things will be delighted to know that the brilliant Malan will be hosting a Livestream this coming week to show off the infamous removed Saturn debug mode and the Beta. This gives you the chance to ask questions and get him to check things out on your behalf. Here's the message from Malan:

Yesterday morning I decided to do some custom stuff on my Mega Drive 2 and my Saturn to add 50Hz/60Hz and PAL/NTSC switches. It works very well, I’ve tested it on some EU/JP games and on the NiD Beta. I posted a video of the Beta on youtube, but maybe people want to see more details, or ask questions etc… same for the famous debug mode, I assume that not many people have an action replay to play with it.

So I will be doing a Livestream of the Beta and the debug mode on the original game. So, everyone will be able to ask me to do anything they want to, on live.


This is being planned for some time Thursday evening GMT (12th). So please check back on Thursday for stream details and time! :)


I just stumbled across this 5 minutes ago on Deviant Art and it made me grin a lot, since this is the first Claris and Elliot team up cosplay I've ever seen. I thought I'd share so you guys can send some appreciation their way. Amazing work guys!

Check out PeachyPie101's gallery here: http://peachypie101.deviantart.com/art/Claris-and-Elliot-397562496


Just a heads up to say that our forums are now back online and ready to welcome back the community! It's been a while but with pretty good timing I'd say ;)

Our community is notoriously friendly full of good decent folks so don't be shy, come make some new friends and share your love of everything NiGHTS related. Don't be a lurker :D Come join in ~

Forum link: http://www.nightsintodreams.com/forum/


Since lots of people have been asking and I'm not entirely sure it's clear enough yet (I've been getting a lot of emails about this) – the Deadly Six bonus edition with the NiGHTS content is already secured with any preorder of the game you've made. SO NO NEED TO CANCEL YOUR PREORDER FOR THIS VERSION! It's automatically included! I got this from the comments on the official SEGA Facebook replies. So now you know. Just preorder the game from any of your usual places and you will be granted full on shiny amazing things.

*goes to preorder right now from Amazon!* And no, I don't even have a Wii U yet. Once again I'm buying a Nintendo console for the sole purpose of NiGHTS hhaha. Go get your preorders and Wii U's folks!


SEGA updated the blogs a few seconds ago with awesome details on the NiGHTS news from yesterday! It seems to confirm being available in all the usual regions :) Good news for you fans not in the UK. Read on for the official blurb and pretty pretty screenshots of our favourite Marens! I'll update with links to places you can preorder this special version as I find them to save you guys missing out.

It’s Sonic’s worst NiGHTMARE!  Sonic has been sucked into a world of nightmares created by Wizeman, and must defeat the Deadly Six, who are riding on gigantic Nightmaren monsters inspired from the game NiGHTS into Dreams… .  This exclusive level is accessed via a redeemable code when pre-ordering the game, or while supplies last.  The NiGHTMARE DLC can be played at any point in the game and when the level is completed, a special Color Power (usually only obtainable from Miiverse) is rewarded to the player. Pre-order the Deadly Six Bonus Edition (called the Deadly Six Edition in Europe) of Sonic Lost World today!



Official SEGA Blog here! Go shower them with thank yous and good things :) : http://blogs.sega.com/2013/08/22/sonics-worst-nightmare-sonic-lost-world-deadly-sixbonus-edition/


Hold me people. This was a complete surprise that I didn't know a single thing about until this morning.

A new Sonic Lost World video has appeared online with a VERY SPECIAL teaser for NiGHTS fans at the very end. Really. Just wow.

The video can be seen here:

The resulting reaction of NiGHTS fans so far online has required a lot of mops.

What really is a huge and amazing thing here is that we didn't have to ask for this or cause a fuss or annoy anyone. It just happened. This is great for the NiGHTS franchise. I'm so happy I can barely type lol, don't be expecting any well thought out journalistic write ups from me – I'm too busy straight out fangirling at the fact JACKLE is in this.

If you'd like to see some screenshots then read on below. I'll try to get some nice HD ones up soon as I get any.

Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much SEGA.



Puffy and Sonic

Chuck Norris




Now please excuse me. I need to return to squealing. Oh- and finding out how to preorder this edition. Guys get on this as quick as you can so none of you miss out on the NiGHTS content!
Thanks to Daniele Narducci for the heads up!


Thanks to Kev over at Sonicwrecks we now have a wonderful video of our Hoshino-San interview. It was so inspiring and great to sit there talking to the creator of all our favourite NiGHTS characters. Enjoy the NiGHTS chatter! :)


Listen to the Kazuyuki Hoshino interview MP3
[PLAY] – Kazuyuki Hoshino interview 2013

Summer of Sonic 2013 – Kazuyuki Hoshino interview
Special thanks to Bobby Wertheim for translating

It was a Saturday. It was Summer of Sonic. It was sunny. Very sunny. London was over-run by hundreds of bicycles. Tesco Local was a warm sandwich gauntlet of death. Small hyperactive children ran around in circles outside with pointy blue hats… Oh and we spoke to the legendary SEGA artist/designer Kazuyuki Hoshino about all things NiGHTS. It's not often you get to sit down and have a jolly good chat with the Lord of Nightmares dad, so yeah! Prepare to be slightly awed by the creator of everything wonderful from Jackle to Metal Sonic!
{The following is an transcript of our short interview we have on audio recording unedited. There also exists a video version by Mr Awesome Eva who loaned us his camera, but for now have the full untouched version with the lols, rustlings, insanely obscure questions and jokes still included. As we were pressed for time and didn't get the chance to have our other interview with Iizuka san (long series/story based questions) we kind of had to just pick short questions on the fly since our plans got messed up a bit. But what we got was still very very cool.}
Also random Jun Senoue *happened* which was hilarious at the time.
Read on for the full interview:

[DiGi] Allllright! Cool.
[Hoshino-San] *spots DiGi's NiGHTS E3 T-shirt* What a great T-shirt!
[DiGi] It's hers! *laughs*
[TRiPPY] It's mine… he took it off my shelf :<
*T-shirt/camera related ramblings and interview begins*

[DiGi] Okay, so firstly, how did you end up working for SEGA and how did your career begin as an artist?
*insert comedy group harassing of translator* Come on Bobby. *fast writing*

[Hoshino-San] I actually went to an art University and always liked pictures and drawing art, I always wanted to be a designer of some sort. Now in Japan at the time games were all the rage and the Famicom was huge for example. When I was in University I wanted to and had the ambition that I want to make games and be involved in that. So in my mind I either wanted to apply for Nintendo or SEGA. Nintendo's HQ they're based in Kyoto, which is quite far away from Tokyo. Now after University when I was going through the whole job hunting phase I was asked by Nintendo to come down to Kyoto for an interview. 'Where do I have to go for this interview?' I said. *laughs* They said 'Kyoto', as at the time they didn't have a Tokyo office. So I just immediately ruled that one out because that's just -too- far away.
So I applied for SEGA. I passed the entrance exam and joined the design/artwork section. That was the beginning of my career.

What is your favourite NiGHTS cameo of all time out of all the Sonic games?

[Hoshino-San] Pinball (in Japanese).
*TRiPPY and DiGi laugh*
[DiGi] It's ok you don't need to translate that *laughter*

[DiGi] For the NiGHTS series what did you have a hand in creating? What characters were your creation? What did you create for that series?
[Hoshino-San] *starts listing character names in Japanese* But suddenly does a VERY familiar noise. This is the ingame sound effect of Elliot's voice when he jumps in the air* (wow!!)
*pause* [Hoshino- San] What's the name of the fish?
*group laughs*
[TRiPPY and DiGi] Gulpo, Gulpo.
(Translated)[Hoshino] The characters that I specifically created were Elliot, Claris, they were the playable characters that I created. You probably already know but did you know I was the voice for Elliot? I done all the the 'HYAH!' *motions*
*bemused laughter from TRiPPY and DiGi (We didn't know!)*
And also I designed all of the bosses, Puffy and all of them.

[DiGi]Jackle! I LOVE Jackle.
[TRiPPY] You're a Jackle fanboy.
[DiGi] Amazing.

*Jun Senoue suddenly walks in the room. Everyone stops and looks up. Jun pauses and waves.*
[Jun] Yo.

[TRiPPY] Hello Junnn~
[Group] Eyyyy! *laughter* /end random Jun (Is shushed by TRiPPY)

[TRiPPY] -Begins confusing question of doom about concept art- About Reala! He used to have a different design, he had a different shaped head. I think it was uh, one part Ohshima-San's design and the other part you designed and then they both came together.
[Hoshino-San] *surprised*
Can you tell us a bit about why Reala was changed because the design seemed pretty final, then he got the red and black colour scheme?
[DiGi] We seen some concept art for the first game for Reala and his design changed completely from what he was.
[TRiPPY] *laughter* He used to have earrings.
[Hoshino-San] *laughing* You know too much, you know so much.
[TRiPPY] I know – everything! *laughs*
[DiGi] Fangirl.

[Hoshino-San] So originally it was actually Ohshima-San's job to create Reala, he was designing NiGHTS. He was really struggling, so he actually asked me like 'Hey, Hoshino help me out'.
[TRiPPY] Do my homework for me.
[DiGi] I need a favour.
[Hoshino-San] So I was like 'Okay' and I started making some designs. So Ohshima-San basically took what he liked from the designs I made, like the nails and stuff like that.

[DiGi] Out of ALL your creations, which one would you say is your favourite and why?
[Hoshino-San] (Japanese) Wizeman.
[DiGi] Yeaaah.

Photo thanks to sonicwrecks.com

*insert Hoshino-San enthusiastically describing Wizeman by doodling on paper and mimicking his hands and cape*
(TRiPPY and DiGi fangirl mode while the translator needs new paper to write on)
[DiGi] Keep going.

In the story Wizeman is like the all knowing, all seeing, be all and end all, he is the creator of creation. He is everything. He is the ultimate god. So I really wanted to sort of scale that and represent that visually. That sort of scale of what he represents. So i took inspiration from the Buddhist statue. You know like a Buddhist statue, a typical Japanese Buddhist statue has multiple hands and they've got this sort of halo effect thing going on in the background.

Journey of Dreams has the halo in.
[DiGi] Yes!
[Hoshino-San] It's not your sort of Christian halo though, it's like Japanese halo in the background. So I've taken inspiration from those statues for that. So he has all floating hands, *in the circle* so that's what it's forming. And instead of having a body, he's got no body but he has a cloak – and by not having a body it represents like infinity.
[DiGi] That's awesome~
[Hoshino- San] He hasn't got eyes, but he's got eyes in his hands. That's basically him, he's not looking because he hasn't got eyes, but he's seeing everything. Like he sees – everything. So it's that sort of sense of spirituality, that mythic feeling that he has, that sort of religious motif, that's what I think of, I really like that.

[DiGi] He is a great design.
[TRiPPY] Well done!
Wizeman in Journey of Dreams was amazing, I loved him.
*thinks* Uh, If you voiced Elliot who voiced Reala? *laughter* Does anybody know? I know how the voices were done for the game (*Anon members of Sonic Team recorded the voices during sleep overs at the office in secret)(Just because)(Sonic team)(90's!) So does anybody know?

[DiGi]Nobody knows.
[TRiPPY] Everyone asks me!
*long think*
[Hoshino-San] I'm not too sure.
[TRiPPY] I think it's better if nobody knows *laughs*
[Hoshino-San] I will ask Ohshima-San!
[TRiPPY and DiGi] Yaaay, cool.

[TRiPPY] Where any of the Nightmare designs inspired by nightmares in your own dreams?
[Hoshino-San] Well from when I was a student I was always interested in dreams and what it meant, what it could mean. I read up a lot about it, the philosophy and academic side of what others think of it, like Freud and Jung. So that's what really I was basing it all around. But it turned out, different, what we were concepting at first was quite a difficult and academic thing to grasp. Ohshima-San wanted to implement a more entertainment based, feeling of festivity, of almost like a circus. So it really transferred from being a really academic point of view to start with- to a more light-hearted entertainment colourful and flashy sort of thing. So anyone should be able to understand. It's more sort of mass acceptable entertainment content. Then, with it being a very evil world as well, rather than it being being based specifically on my experiences.

*End of interview ramblings, signing and nattering*

Thank you Hoshino-San for a great and funny interview! :) Thank you everyone for your questions. Don't be disheartened if your question didn't get asked this time because I'll try to get everything answered eventually by those in the know.