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Community Post: March 2021

7 April; Author: Dex la Cabra


It's that time of month again, Community Post time!

This time we're looking at the artwork and such sent to us in March,

a decidedly quiet month but one that bore fruit regardless, let's take a look~!




7marichan7 shared this lip sync video for Reala Day!

It won't let me embed it for some reason so you'll have to follow the link~!





Andy-Cat10 shared this awesome pencil drawing of NiGHTS!





Anthro7 and the gang have released the latest issue of NiGHTS into Zines,

with a wonderful picture of Reala for the front cover!





D.P shares this lovely picture of Reala with an idea for two shadowy subordinates

called Miasma and Ectoplasma, very cool~!





Dreamie shares this fantastic photo of NiGHTS urgently stopping a dreamer from falling~!





Dreamy shares this sleek picture of Reala, the fluidity in this piece is incredible!





DreamyImagination101 shares this atmospheric picture of Reala soaring through the night sky!





Luna shares this pair of pictures of NiGHTS, each with a different background!



Mila H


Mila H shares this funny picture of NiGHTS using one of Balans dreads as a mustache~!



SegaChild Starspawn


SegaChild Starspawn (with the coolest name EVER!?) shares this picutre of NiGHTS with Balan, Sonic and her OC

as they play with some Tims~!





TRAGEDiCART shares the latest drawing of their St Patricks Day/Spring NiGHTS, an older piece of Reala

with some Ursula flair and an animatic of Reala singing~!





Viperxmns shares these older pieces of Reala, looking both blingin' AND pimpin'! What a pair!



So there we have it! Another collection complete!

It would have been done sooner but I got heavily distracted over the end of March by Balan Wonderworld!

It's not perfect but by god does it have some good stuff going on in there, from the music to the art direction to

that one costume that totally breaks the game but it feels GREAT to do so haha!

Until next time~!


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