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Community Post: May 2021

6 June; Author: Dex la Cabra

It's that time again~! Time to look at what the NiGHTS community has been up to this past month!

This update is actually for April as well as there were so few submissions last month,

I simply compiled them here instead!




Anthro7 shares with us this ridiculously cool NiGHTS lampshade!





DP shares with us a collection of stellar work, from a NiGHTS Nendoroid design

to a redraw of a fan favourite costume!



Dreamie shares with us art work of NiGHTS and Reala,

with some incredible colouring and effects going on!





Jan3D shares with us this lovely picture of his NiGHTS model flying through the sky!





Luna shares with us this fantastic picture of NiGHTS,

mixing elements of both his NiD and JoD designs!



Mila. H


Mila. H shares with us these brilliant designs for Oreos based on NiGHTS, Sonic and Balan!



NiGHTS into Zines


NiGHTS into Zines continues to go strong with its latest issues!

Also, the lovely staff of the zine have arranged a T-Shirt design competition

to celebrate NiGHTS' 25th Anniversary this year!

If you're an artist be sure to enter and support this wonderful idea!

The more people who enter, the more chance of winning!





PGirl has been ON FIRE lately, sharing with us piece after piece of quality NiGHTS art!

Those NiGHTS Earrings are so over the top, I love them~!






SegaChildStarSpawn (still the coolest name ever!) shares these MerMay drawings,

both NiGHTS and a Nightopian!





TRAGEDiCART shares with us some fantastic artwork and does what SEGA couldn't;

give Helen life and soul behind her eyes ;) Excellent work!





TxpZ_998 shares with us a sensational design of a dragon based fanmaren!


And there you have it! A slew of NiGHTS goodness to tide us over until next time!

If you have any NiGHTS related art, music, videos etc that you've been working on,

share them with us via the contact page at the top on the website!

Also please consider entering the NiGHTS 25th Anniversary T-Shirt contest mentioned above,

the more the merrier as Eggman says! I'll be doing a post focused on it ASAP!


See you next time~!


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