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“NiGHTS Dream Wheel” Appears at San Manuel Casino

29 June; Author: Dex la Cabra

The fabled "NiGHTS Dream Wheel" has finally reared its head, with San Manuel Casino

tweeting a couple of days ago about its presence at their venue!


"This is not a dream and you aren't in Nightopia… YET!

SEGA Sammy's NiGHTS Dream Wheel has hit our casino floor! Located on the second floor near the Merch Shop,

this game features a .01c denom with a .50c min and $5 max bet."


I don't know the first thing about these kinds of machines but visually they've gone all out using JoD imagery~!

We've got Reala, Owl and Nightopian icons incorporated into the game, and I'm guessing the

NiGHTS model by the actual wheel may be animated to a degree?


[EDIT] twitter user Isabel has tweeted a video of the machine in action~!

I'm surprised it's not pachinko~!


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