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If you're not following the First4Figures Collector's Club on Facebook then you might have missed this photo shared on Sunday of our favourite red and black nightmaren Reala!

Ohhhhhhh, he's going to be so cool next to the NiGHTS statue~! I'll be keeping an ear to the ground for any more developments with this statue and will report them here as standard! I'm sure if you follow the twitter account you'll have this thrown in your face a lot once it is fully revealed for pre-order :P

Just imagine him once he's painted~!


What's groovin' bros!? 

That was certainly an…eventful year. I hope you all had a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 2016 was a very quiet year for NiGHTS but then that's a given really :P Some love was sprinkled throughout the year towards our favourite purple maren in various forms.

This website continued to reupload older content, with the NiGHTS Storybook now being available to read in English and Japanese again. Our own "NiGHTS into Webcomics" updated regularly, although with a couple of months silence whilst I set about getting my PC fixed. That was a looooooong time to not have a computer let me tell you! A large chunk of the JoD concept art was updated with better quality images like they deserve.

Customers received their NiGHTS statues from First4Figures during 2016, giving us all yet another way to marvel at the sheer magnifience of NiGHTS' ass! So shiny and sleek! Also teased by First4Figures this year was a Reala statue, with them gauging interest in their choice of pose for it. Keep your eyes peeled for that coming about!

In other NiGHTS merchandise news, we had new garments be made available via Cospa! a Eyemask, T-shirt, and new Hoodie were all released (though I've yet to get my hands on them haha)!

The community were very active over on social media this year, what with it being the NiGHTS franchise's 20th anniversary! NightsOCclub on DeviantART held a T-shirt design competition with some magnificent designs entered! Our own viperxmns won with his Storybook inspired design! 

You only have to search for NiGHTS on social media to see all of the fantastic pictures people have made over the year, it's been heartwarming to see people put so much passion into their work! There's also a lot of written love, such as ChaiDreamLatte's AU!

Another stand out item is the Ask the Nightmarens blog! The amount of work people put in to creating regular NiGHTS content is inspiring!

As for me, I took my little NiGHTS plush keyring down to Summer of Sonic in August to guarantee his presence at the event ;P I also met two people that I think maybe have something to do with NiGHTS still being relevant to SEGA!

It's like Admins old and new (and my girlfriend haha)!

We also had our resident Mishikis tweeting some very raunchy things just to get it on the big screen at the event, so cheeky :P  

To round the year off we had a NiGHTS Advent Calendar going on during December over on our social media accounts, all of which are preserved on this website! My favourite one was of course number 24;

Here's hoping 2017 is a good year for the NiGHTS franchise!


NiGHTS Advent Calendar Collection

2 December;  Author: Dex la Cabra

This December we've got a NiGHTS Advent Calendar event happening on our Twitter and The NiGHTS into Webcomics Tumblr ! Each day a new image is being uploaded, portraying a character from the NiGHTS Franchise! This page will be used to collect these images for the website, enjoy!


Sure is spooky up in here! 

It's the 31st of October, which means it's Halloween again! Time for Elliot Edwards to be running around Mystic Forest in the NiD re-releases! Have any of you had any festive NiGHTS related shenanigans going on this year? Unfortunately I'm still in the process of getting my PC fixed so didn't have any way to get a Halloween edition of NiGHTS into Webcomics out, or just the webcomic in general but it's not long now, I just might do some belated spooky comics ASAP! 

I hope you've all had a good time, here's hoping I can do more for this site next year!

Gonna watch more spook films,


New NiGHTS Merchandise inbound!

29 August;  Author: Dex la Cabra

Hello everyone!

Japanese website Cospa have recently revealed new NiGHTS merchandise on their store! An eyemask, hoodie and T-Shirt are available at I initially glanced over this as I thought it wasn't official but I have since been corrected on the matter haha! The eyemask kind of creeps me out but I really like that hoodie, either way I'll be sure to get my hands on these eventually!  

New NiGHTS merchandise is such a rare thing to come by, it's always exciting to see how products are shaped by the games premise, such as the eyemask, and the pillowcases we've had in the past.

Get them before they're disgustingly overpriced on eBay in ten years,


NiGHTS into Webcomics Turns 1!

21 July;  Author: Dex la Cabra

Ahoy there sailors! It's the 21st of July today, which makes our own "NiGHTS into Webcomics" 1 year old today! I actually surprised myself with this, I didn't think I'd be able to stick to a project for so long, I even put other projects aside for fear of them getting in the way! I'm truly thankful for all the positive words since it started, I'm glad that people have enjoyed my silly little comics :) Special thanks go to the guys on Twitter and Tumblr who retweet/reblog the pages, it is HUGELY appreciated (and I love seeing the hashtags you guys do with it ;)

The webcomic is approaching the end fairly soon, I intend to do some Holiday Specials afterwards, there's a reason all of the alternative character costumes haven't been used yet! Afterwards, who knows what will be next, but I intend to keep making NiGHTS related content for you to enjoy :)  

Thank you so much for your support so far, here's to finishing the story and giving NiGHTS some attention!



12 July;  Author: Dex la Cabra

For the translated English version, please click here.


NiGHTS Storybook

12 July;  Author: Dex la Cabra
"Written by Kyoko Inukai with beautiful illustrations from Takumi Miyake. Published by Futabasha in Japan in 1996. Full color, hardback with thick glossy paper, shiny sleeve and silver advertising obi card. 56 pages (inc front and back). English format. Just quite frankly absolutely stunning. If you can find a copy of this book for yourself i can't recommend it enough. Magical :) It's a shame Sega never thought of allowing this book to be translated and published in the west. Children (and big kids like myself) would have adored it. SO TRiPPY TO THE RESCUE! I'll get it translated don't worry :) Yay! Thanks JOF, Kentilan and Thrippa. Although i think the pictures tell a perfect story even if you can't read Japanese. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD- WIZEMAN *DROOL* ahem. If you're a NiGHTS fan you'll die happy like i will now do XD This book went into a second print back in February 2008 when the PS2 re-release appeared. So if you're looking for a cheap copy then check out Ebay."
-original post by TRiPPY
I've taken the translations and slapped them on the pages for ease of reading. For the English version with the text translated click the "EN" picture. For the original Japanese pages click "JP". – Dex

It's the 5th of July so you know what that means! That's right, It's NiGHTS' Anniversary today, the 20th one no less. We've been celebrating over on Twitter here and so far people have shared some incredible artwork and other creative projects. We've also got a 5 page NiGHTS into Webcomics Anniversary Special up here with a follow up 3 pages next week. It's been great to see so much fan celebration through social media, even if SEGA themselves have done next to nothing. But then that's always been the way, hasn't it? ;) You wonderful fans have always been the ones to carry the torch for NiGHTS so take this chance to reminisce and reflect on how much you've all accomplished for NiGHTS over the years. How are you celebrating the occasion, it's not every day the NiGHTS franchise hits the big 2-0!

I've been retweeting stuff all day on Twitter, how do people do this on a daily!?


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