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NiGHTS Community: November 2020

8 November; Author: Dex la Cabra

Another month gone, another NiGHTS Community Post! You love iiiiit~!

We have quite a few festive Halloween NiGHTS pictures to show this week! Let's get cracking!




7Marichan7 shows us an incredible picture of Halloween NiGHTS, holding a Jack o' Lantern! Spooky!



NiGHTS into Zines


Aura Cannon shares the latest issue of NiGHTS into Zines! Packed with loads of activities, there's always something fun to do~! 





CraziestRobo shares this awesome picture of an alternative costume for NiGHTS~!



Dex la Cabra


I couldn't draw anything Halloweeny this year, so I thought I'd share something different!

Here we have the only two pages for the next part of "NiGHTS into Webcomics" that I completed~!





D.P shares some excellent artwork of Halloween NiGHTS with both Balan

and the ghosts of what NiGHTS could have been; his concept designs!

Throw in an Italian NiGHTS and you have some lovely pictures~!





DreamCastingArt shares with us a fantastic drawing of NiGHTS sporting his JoD outfit in a very acrobatic pose~!





Dreamie shares with us a pair of drawings of NiGHTS and his new counterpart Balan~!





DreamyImagination101 shares this lovely picture of NiGHTS and Jackle for Jackle Day 2020~!





Picoffee shares with us this ambient picture of NiGHTS down in Pumpkin Hill, finding his lost piece~!




Toppy shares with us this wonderful picture of Halloween NiGHTS with their OC~!





TRAGEDiCArt shares with us some Halloween goodness and some fan art of UV NiGHTS!

The NiGHTS with a nose is from some unused American box art for NiD

which thankfully was replaced with one far more fitting how NiGHTS actually looked~!





WeatherWitch shares with us a brilliant picture of Halloween NiGHTS with some flying eyeballs~!


And there we have it! Some brilliant work from some talented people!

Christmas fast approaches so if you live in an acceptable location there is a NiGHTS Holiday Ornament available from the US Store~!

If only the UK one would sell the NiGHTS memorabilia as well :'( 

Until next time~!


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