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Free “NiGHTS into Dreams…” Steam Key SEGA60th Event

16 October; Author: Dex la Cabra

You like "NiGHTS into Dreams…", right?

Well, now you can download the game on Steam, for free no less!


All you have to do is visit the SEGA60th site and sign up for updates to their SEGA celebrations, link your Steam account and presto! Free NiGHTS, baby~!

"But Dex", I hear you exclaim, "I already have the game on Steam!". Share the link with any friends you have that might be interested~!

Personally, I didn't have it because my PC would immediately detonate if I tried to play it and I already had it on PS3 and 360, but now I have no excuse not to own it haha!


That was a short but sweet announcement, hope you're all doing well~!


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