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Community Post: February 2021

3 March; Author: Dex la Cabra

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Dex, shouldn't this be February/March?"!

I had something of a realisation that I was labelling the post after the month the post was uploaded in,

but not the month that actual art was collected over, so I've waited a bit to realign it all!

This post collects artwork and such from both, January and February but the last

Community post already said January so I didn't label it again haha!

Okay enough waffle, let's look at some beautiful beautiful art~!


Ameer Ashour


Ameer Ashour shares this delightful picture of NiGHTS~!





Anthro7 shares the latest issues of NiGHTS into Zines, get them while they're HOT!





D.P is at it again, bringing us quality artwork on a regular basis~! And this time they're not alone!

That last picture is actually a collab with VictoryRina, NiGHTS fans UNITE!





One of the great things about doing these posts is that I get to watch all you artists progress

and evolve as you harness your skills! Dreamie for example is constantly impressing me,

this time sharing some genuinely spectacular artwork~!

There is also a speedpaint for the NiGHTS piece!





Dreamplazas shares this wonderful picture of Reala, with an alternative,

far more bright take~!

They also share this AMV, this has me wanting to play JoD again! 



Momo's Art


Momo's Art shares this lovely piece of NiGHTS art~!



Myotis Cervus


Myotis Cervus shares this brilliant picture of Jackle in a cool, very angular, almost polygonal style~!





Squiderdoodle shares these incredible fan designs of NiGHTS, his past self, Reala and OC Void!





TRAGEDiCART, like D.P, makes sure we always have some wonderful NiGHTS

content to see on a regular basis~!





Watch out, he's got a ruddy gun! TXPZ shares this great picture of Reala sporting a rainbow sniper rifle~!


So there you have it, another collection of seminal work from the NiGHTS fans, keeping the dream alive!

Next month starts with Reala Day on the 1st of April, so let's get to work on some good stuff to honour him haha!


Until next time~!


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