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NiGHTS Community: August

2 August; Author: Dex la Cabra

Hello there, it's time for the next NiGHTS Community Post!

The July post was later than usual so I thought there wouldn't be much to include since then

but then Balan WonderWorld was announced!

Everyone then proceeded to draw NiGHTS and Balan together in some great fan art!

Let's take a look!



0ricory starts us off with a great drawing of NiGHTS and Jackle, laughing away as he attacks!


About Roll

About Roll shows us a series of NiGHTS warm up drawings in some classic poses!




Abraxas shares this cool pixel art of Reala!



Anthro shares the latest issue of NiGHTS into Zines, available now! Entertain yourself in these challenging times!


Barry the Gengar


Barry the Gengar shares this whimsical piece of NiGHTS and Balan, hand in hand!




ButtNobel shares a wonderful romantic comic of NiGHTS and Reala, and some more Reala love!




CHIKA shares with us this fantastic drawing of NiGHTS! That hand is especially good!



D.P shares with us an older music themed piece, and some newer drawings too!




Dariattic shares this incredible 3D model of an Ideya Palace music box! This should definitely be a real thing!


Dex la Cabra


Hey, that's me! As I'm taking a break from Clown Cops between chapters, I wanted to draw something different.

Which ended up being more clowns, go figure!



DreamCastingArt shares this incredible variety of NiGHTS drawings! The use of lighter hues is inspired!




Dreamie shares drawings of a Summertime Claris and of Reala, with colour variations!


Dreamlike Real


DreamLike Real shares this brilliant drawing of Reala that could have come straight from a cartoon!




FlappyBat creates this WONDERful drawing of NiGHTS and Balan!


Ketrin Dark Dragon


Ketrin Dark Dragon shares this cool costume/colour swap idea for NiGHTS and Balan!




KordeliahBelle shares this great picture of Reala and new "Balan Wonderworld" villain Lance!




Kuresantarou shares this fantastic drawing of NiGHTS and Balan!




manospi shares an awesome drawing of NiGHTS and Balan as well!


Mj Hedgehog


Mj Hedgehog shares this cool drawing of Balan and the SEGA characters his series seems inspired by!




NyuudouP shares not only a NiGHTS and Balan crossover, but an Eartbound one as well!




OceanPalaces is selling these delightful NiGHTS charms!




Palette shares this great drawing of Reala!


Pink Illustator


Pink Illustrator shares with us a cool drawing of NiGHTS and Balan!


Re Enter The Dream


ReEnterTheDream shares with us this incredible picture of NiGHTS and Balan, even the background is a crossover!




SmolHarukaa shares these portraits of NiGHTS and Balan, side by side!




TragedicArt shares this wonderful picture of NiGHTS and Balan!




viperxmns shares this beautiful picture of NiGHTS showing Balan how to do that iconic smile!




Wallass shares this picture of NiGHTS! The screenshot in the background is such a nice touch!




WeatherWitch shares this delightful picture of NiGHTS and Balan posing for the camera!




YumjuArt shares this magnificent picture of NiGHTS in a cool outfit! Cosmically cool!!

I think the NiGHTS community is quite smitten with Balan, wouldn't you say?

Another collection of incredible work completed! Perhaps in the future I should introduce a theme for a Community Post so everyone can try drawing a certain character or scene? Would any of you be interested? Though the current system where you all create whatever you want is clearly good as well!

If you want to submit a NiGHTS related project just check the contact section at the top of the page for where to find us!

Keep up the good work people, you've got this~!


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