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NiGHTS Community: June

6 June; Author: Dex la Cabra

Well lookie what we got here: another NiGHTS Community Post!

The world is a scary place right now, with Covid-19 still running rampant and police brutality in the US becoming an even bigger problem than it already was,

so we're here to give you a moments reprieve to look at some excellent art by the NiGHTS Community!


Aurora Cannon

Aurora keeps at it with the fantastic "NiGHTS into Zines"! packed full of activities for you to partake in during lockdown, be sure not to miss!

Even the cover is great!



DaveyHames treats us to a wonderful picture of NiGHTS inviting us to fly through the night sky!



Dreamie shows us an incredible traditional drawing of NiGHTS perched elegantly on a spire!



D.P has created some excellent pictures here of NiGHTS for every occasion!

From ASR's 10th Anniversary to SEGA's 60th Anniversary, D.P and NiGHTS have you covered~!


Helen Cartwright

Helen shares with us this cute picture of Claris and Helen being good pals~!



NABi shares this great picture of NiGHTS with an ice cream, making me crave a cone for myself~!



TRAGEDiCART has really gone to town this month with the NiGHTS love and we couldn't be more thankful for it~!

A Pokemon based on Hollow would definitely learn Dream Eater, right?


And there we have it, another month, another collection of fine work from the best community an admin could hope to be a part of~!

Speaking of community, now more than ever it is integral to point out that as far I'm concerned the NiGHTS fanbase has always and will always be welcoming to people of every Race, Gender, Religion, Sexuality etc.

So long as you're polite to people we will welcome you with open arms!

The imagery coming out of the US just now is harrowing but it's also great to see so many people stand up in unison against systemic oppression and racism!

Black Lives Matter too~!


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