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The Making Of: JoD

28 September;  Author: TRiPPY

This DVD came free with any E-rated Sega game purchased at GameStop.
It is a short documentary promo running through a brief history of NiGHTS into Dreams and then showcasing the latest game, NiGHTS Journey of Dreams. It is certainly a very interesting video with some cool shots of SonicTeam doing their concept work. Thanks to Xenon for sending this in.
Size-73Mb Time-7:16 (.mpg)




28 September;  Author: TRiPPY

Our collection of NiGHTS related music videos. Note- we don’t accept art stolen from this site (or D.A!) and shoved into a photo-montage maker as a music video. Put some effort and thought into what you do and it might get featured here.

NiGHTS, King Of Lullabye.
Fantastic AMV by Kori, if I could make videos I would make them like this. A perfect atmospheric video that tells a story. Be sure to check this gem out!
Size-48.6Mb Time- 4:59(.MPG)


The Dream will not die.
A nice AMV by DREAMiNF. With horribly catchy japanese music that flows well with the visuals.
Size-33Mb Time- 5:23(.wmv)


Infinite Dreams.
A long AMV from SiLK which makes good use of the fmv along to awesome music by IronMaiden.
Size-59Mb Time- 6:09(.wmv)


NiGHTS music video.
‘My NiGHTS into dreams music video. This is the first music video I have ever done, and it took a very long time to do. Please comment back on it.’ Great work from Yamilover13. Music by The Techno Dome. Footage from NiGHTS & Sonic Riders.
Size-7.70Mb Time- 2:25(.wmv)


Reala’s black black heart.
A wonderful music video focusing on JOD’s Reala by Maresuke.
Music by David Usher – Black Black Heart (Remix). A definate watch.




SEGA Library Promo

27 September;  Author: TRiPPY

This is the full super-rare official Sega Library promo video donated to my collection by the lovely Tabi. The video is quite a large download at 717Mb but it’s a great thing to watch if you’ve never seen NiGHTS into Dreams in action before. It shows all the levels, the bosses and a few little rare things like the King/Super Pian tower fully formed. The best way to describe this video is an audio walkthrough of gameplay. It also shows some good techniques to improve your scores and get 2.0′s on the boss Maren. The commentary is in full Japanese, but you’ll appreciate it all the same. Such a lovely shiny piece of memorabilia.

Compressed with the DiVX codec, originally on VHS format. Runtime 53 minutes, that’s nearly an hours footage of NiGHTS gameplay :)

*Warning- Contains fmv story spoilers







25 September;  Author: TRiPPY

A collection of fan-made animations. If you have something to add to our archive please visit the subs forum: [HERE]


By E. D. Thweatt
"Reala sings 'Radio', the first verse at least. Reason being, I like the song and I wanted to see him sing it. I worked on it in August 2008 for a few days out of a few weeks."


By E. D. Thweatt
"Some time before "Reala Radio" I did this animation of Reala and NiGHTS bouncing back and forth for part of a bigger, but scrapped, project. Eventually I synced them up to a remake of Burning Down the House performed by Tom Jones and Nina Persson. It's a simple 3 frame animation fancied up by motion tweens, zooms, and pans. The background is very pixelated game artwork."


By Jan3D
There are hoaxes, and then there are HOAXES, lol. This is the best put together 3d animation spoof since Kichigai made NiGHTS do the Cancan. Many people on Youtube were fooled including a few of my friends, but hoax or no hoax this is some great work. Created pre JoD. Lovely work Jan :)

By Kichigai

Not technicaly an animation file but worth mentioning because there are still people out there who think Kichi's fake screenshots are from a real NiGHTS anime show…. I WISH! No sadly, this never existed as an animation, fan made or otherwise.


By Kichigai

*TRiPPY scream!cries into her soup*… why can't this be real? T_T


By Zero-Shift & Maresuke
The rather hilarious flash animation for the equally hilarious audio. 'Days of our NiGHTS'. Presented by Gulpo, Animation by Maresuke, voices by Zero-Shift. Originaly for our DreamCast show :)


By Jan3D
A personal old favourite of DiGi's, Jan created a dance troupe of famous video game characters then put them through their paces to Michael Jackson's Thriller. See the video in all its wonderful shinyness.


By Kichigai

By Avenrir

Woah blast from the past! Does anyone remember this animation on the very first version of my website in 1998? It probably induces seizures.

By Jof
The remade U.V NiGHTS version

By Jof
The first Reala version

By Feniiku
A lovely Christmas gift to the NiGHTS fandom by Feniiku. A really fun and jollyfilled flash animation!


S&K’s EPiC Adventure!

24 September;  Author: TRiPPY

It's that day kids! The day were FANS FLIP OUT AND GO CRAZY.

It's Journey of Dreams release day in the USA and people in our forums are running in frantic circles trying to grab late copies. Sisters Shae and Kbooki went on an EPiC ADVENTURE and decided to share this hilarious documentary with the community. Yes. This is the true mentality of the NiGHTS fanbase in condensed form. This is what waiting 11 years does to us all. Some of us even drive cars. Beware. (Don't worry I'm sure all those years of playing the original game will come in handy when not paying attention to the road in front of you girls :D )

This documentary is in TWO PARTS dun dun dun. Check out video 2 for the dramatic conclusion.




I vote more epic adventures!


Beyond The Window

24 September;  Author: TRiPPY

It's not very often as an Admin I find a site sub so moving that I want to dedicate an entire page to it. But this was one of those rare moments and i think you will agree with me. We received an email from a lovely lady named Marissa who lives in Holland, she included a link to her work on Youtube. She's an animator see, and this piece of film she created is nothing short of stunning. It makes me cry it's that good.
With a great stroke of luck we received tons of production material for her award winning project.

Though not directly NiGHTS into Dreams, it's more than obvious where the inspiration came from and she's not afraid to admit it! Marissa is a huge NiGHTS fan and confesses that one day in the future she would like to try her hand at an actual NiGHTS animation. We can't wait!

So sit back, grab some tissues and prepare to get that fuzzy magical NiD feeling most of us felt back in the mid nineties.

"Beyond The Window"

 "A touching translation of the Peter Pan myth to the imaginary world of a young boy who is confined to his wheelchair.

With the starry sky as his only glimpse to the outside world, the boy spends all his waking hours staring out of the window in search of a falling star to make his long cherished wish come true: being freed of the bonds that keep him grounded. But when the heavens answer in the shape of a mysterious jester his unreal wish may have some very real consequences. 

This is my cherished end of the year animation I made during the second year of my animation studies in 2006. Completing this lengthy piece ended me up with rsi for a while after having to complete it by myself alone and working on the entire process from initial idea, storyboard and final animation for six months. It was selected and screened at the Holland Animation Film Festival for the student selection and I've been very proud of concluding this effort with success. And it even has a page now on IMDB! Also, I am proud to say it recently won a shared first price at the HKU Animation Festival, a first time small school festival organized by students.

There have been many versions of the storyboard and in the end I must say that one of those storyboard versions is in my opinion the true version of the story. This is one vision and it leaves you free to imagine all what happens in the end. Those of you who have played the old video games NiGHTS into Dreams, might recognize the look and feel of the jester character to be inspired on my most cherished childhood videogame.

As a sidenote for those who have wondered about it: the boy's name is Jonathan and the jester has been named Pan by Ashashi on the NiGHTS forum."
-Marissa Delbressine



88.9Mb .Mov

As i mentioned, Marissa sent us folders worth of development work showing her ideas from start to finish. This includes an alternative ending and storyboards. If you are as interested in animation as i myself am, then these will be a real visual treat for you! Enjoy!

Movie Stills

Beyond the Window – the lyrics
by Marissa Delbressine

Ever do I dream
To fly out from here
Wish it as I may, to the ground I’m bound

I don’t want to be this way
I can be much more than this
Lift me up, take me where I belong

You need not to speak my name
You know the word I am
I reside in all your hearts and most in that of a child

I have watched you from the dark
And seen your sorrow
Trust in me and you’ll be free

Ever did I dream
To fly out from here
If what you say is true, then I’m not scared

If you take my hand
I promise you will never a-
-gain touch the ground
You— will fly forever—-

Here we fly into the light and here we dream tonight [both]
The sky is not as dark as when I held my eyes shut tight [boy]

Here we fly into our hearts, come, leave the world behind [both]
This is the place your heart resides, we’ll fly forever if you believe in me….
Believe in me… in me [jester]

No, it is not so
I can’t hold on you
(How can this be true..)
Can.. this be true?

Ever did I dream
To fly out from here
If I believe it so, then I will fly
Forever, now, for sure.


First Character Designs


Concept Art and Storyboards


~More Video~
First version [ DOWNLOAD MOViE ] 69.5Mb
Halfway version [ DOWNLOAD MOViE ] 97.4Mb


TV Advertising

24 September;  Author: TRiPPY

Here we have all the VERY rare, NiGHTS TV commercials. I've made it something of a life mission to get every region and game video up here! And i will! Just as soon as i get a hold of the UK NiD commercial i stupidly recorded over in '97 with a SpiceGirls concert by accident ….
I'm also looking for a proper direct recording of the UK and USA Journey of Dreams adverts. (The TV ones, not online trailers).

If you have the missing NiD UK television commercial and would be wiling to submit it then email me. Also if there were any other language commercials i'm not aware of then PLEASE send them to our subs account or mention it below.



Japanese JoD TV Campaign:
The short and shiny commercial for Journey Of Dreams. It gives us all the happy christmas fuzzies. The best commercial they done in my opinion. Sent in by CrazyInaBottle, many thanks!


An alternative version of the Japanese commercial. Shows trailer FMV and advertises the PaPetch preorder toy.


 Japanese NiD TV Campaign:
The short NiGHTS into Dreams TV preview teaser at a good sized clear recording. Nice. Simple. Sweet. Ah happy days. Kindly donated by the lovely Kawazzi in Japan.


Two wonderful full length Japanese commercials. This actually kinda makes me laugh because by the end of the second one the poor kid looks like NiD just ate her soul. Mmm souls.




Japanese Christmas NiGHTS TV Campaign:
The highly rare Japanese Christmas NiGHTS commercial (yes, Sega made one!).



 USA JoD TV Campaign:
It would seem this commercial is as hard to find online (or on the TV!) as Selph in NiD. We don't have a proper recording of it. If you have one please put us out of our misery and upload it. Not to be confused with the online trailer.


USA NiD TV Campaign:
'Fly Plaything Fly'…
While the Japanese were busy showing the beauty of the actual game, the Americans were busy comparing processor sizes with Sony.
Probably the most common NiGHTS commercial you'll see online because everyone remembers the SEGAscream guy.



Canadian NiD TV Campaign:
One of the rarer accidental finds. What i thought was the French commercial was actually the Canadian one. A dubbed version of the USA advert.
Thanks to LaMarr and Alan K. Rose.



French NiD TV Campaign:
Created by HHCL Brasserie and televised in September '96 as the first of four in what Sega called the Demonstration series. At the end of each advert, viewers saw a screen full of fake copyright information that on closer inspection was actually less serious than you'd think, suggesting that you could "wait for a plumber instead" and warning you "not to slip" when running in the rain. Then, multiple text hints would fly across the screen further demonstrating hidden features in the advertised game, with NiGHTS' clip mentioning how your score can massively improve by taking advantage of the A-Life system and hatching Nightopians.
This is essentialy the commercial we got here in the U.K, but obviously with French audio and text in. If anyone out there has the English version of this please send it in! I used to own it on videotape but lost it. Huge thanks to Alan K. Rose for the info and for finding this version.



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