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Taken from the lovely musical chaps over at OSV from a recent interview they had with Yuji Naka:

OSV: So, of all the game projects you’ve worked on, which game has the best soundtrack?

Yuji Naka: Of all the title’s I’ve been involved with, it would probably have to be NiGHTS into Dreams. That was the best one that I remember. Next would be Phantasy Star Universe or Phantasy Star Online. Anything that I made with the Sonic team… all of it was great.


Always brilliant to hear Naka-san still holds the game in high regards :)

Read the full interview from OriginalSoundVersion.com here.


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The Making Of: JoD

28 September;  Author: TRiPPY

This DVD came free with any E-rated Sega game purchased at GameStop.
It is a short documentary promo running through a brief history of NiGHTS into Dreams and then showcasing the latest game, NiGHTS Journey of Dreams. It is certainly a very interesting video with some cool shots of SonicTeam doing their concept work. Thanks to Xenon for sending this in.
Size-73Mb Time-7:16 (.mpg)



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