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Yuji Naka’s favourite game soundtrack?

21 June; Author: TRiPPY

Taken from the lovely musical chaps over at OSV from a recent interview they had with Yuji Naka:

OSV: So, of all the game projects you’ve worked on, which game has the best soundtrack?

Yuji Naka: Of all the title’s I’ve been involved with, it would probably have to be NiGHTS into Dreams. That was the best one that I remember. Next would be Phantasy Star Universe or Phantasy Star Online. Anything that I made with the Sonic team… all of it was great.


Always brilliant to hear Naka-san still holds the game in high regards :)

Read the full interview from OriginalSoundVersion.com here.


2 Responses to “Yuji Naka’s favourite game soundtrack?”

  1. Sara says:

    Mr. Yuji Naka has very good taste in music.   So much of the music in NiGHTS into Dreams has a cheerful feeling to it, especially the stage music like the tracks Under Construction, Suburban Museum and Paternal Horn  (I have the OST, that's the only way I'll know how wonderful the music is).  Knowing Mr. Yuji Naka thinks that NiGHTS into Dreams has the best soundtrack makes me so happy!

  2. iLLViLLAiN says:

    The soundtrack was and still is pretty great.

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