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NiD15 Campaign!

20 June; Author: TRiPPY


NiGHTS into Dreams .Com's first real attempt at getting the original Saturn game ported to Xbox Live and Playstation Network is now underway. Join us in showing your appreciation for the game and doing all you can to spread the word. Japanese gamers were treated to a NiGHTS into Dreams remake on the PS2 a few years back, so it's long overdue that us gamers elsewhere in the world get a chance to relive the nostalgia again whilst the new fans get to see what inspired Journey of Dreams.

Help us show how awesome NiGHTS into Dreams was (and still is!)

It's NiGHTS' 15th anniversary next year on the 5th of July – so add your vote for a fantastic game that deserves to be remembered.

Thanks to DiGi, Level 99, Kori and Charlie for helping with this video


17 Responses to “NiD15 Campaign!”

  1. Andre Nesman says:

    The idea is excellent. Here in Brazil, I have a community on orkut.com on Nights, where I'll be fully supporting this cause and spreading the news of the campaign. More than anything, Nights deserves this gift.

    Congratulations on your campaign!

    Nights Forever!!!!

  2. Edge says:

    I wanted to play the original NiGHTS before I bought JOD so I googled for some info on the game and found this site, so I must say that it is a pretty awesome one that makes me want to play it even more, so much to the point of where I just spent almost 70 dollars on amazon for a Saturn and the game, so thanks for making me decide to buy the game! I saw this petition and I thought I might as well comment on it, since I would really like this.
    I highly doubt this would work, especially because of how close that day is. I mean, if you would have petitioned earlier, like in January, then yeah, it might work. But, seriously, lets look at it this way, Saturn games are very hard to emulate. Look at Sonic Gems Collection, it had the PC version of Sonic R because of that reason. You're asking just now, for SEGA to port an old saturn game to the Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, which none of those consoles even have one Saturn game on, in a matter of two weeks. Maybe if they took the PS2 port and used the "Saturn Graphics" mode then it may be possible, however, they would still have to code for the next gen controllers, which wouldn't be too difficult for the PS3 since they could just copy the code for the PS2 controller, and it may not be too hard for the Xbox either, I wouldn't know! 
    But in conclusion, two weeks is a short amount of time, and games are usually announced, especially non-iOS games, months to a year before they are released. You're only real hope is if SEGA has already started working on this. It seems more likely for this to happen in 5 years for the 20th Anniversary though. I hope it does work, it just seems highly unlikely that it would.

  3. TRiPPY says:

    Uhmmm Edge, NiGHTS’ aniversary is NEXT year, we’re not that stupid :p

  4. Edge says:

    @ TRiPPY
    I only noticed that until right after I posted that comment. However, my post didn't appear on the site at all so I thought my post messed up and didn't go through so I couldn't correct myself and say that it does have a better chance of working. I don't know why my post wouldn't appear but it didn't so since I didn't see it I didn't correct myself…

  5. Rachel says:

    I really hope you suceed :)

  6. Indigo Dude says:

    Why only PSN and XBLA?  What about Wii VC or WiiWare?  PC?

  7. Werdna213 says:

    THIS IS AWESOME, i would love to see the original game on the Wii, but the biggest coolest thing ever would be a game that combined Sonic and NiGHTS, IT WOULD ROCK

  8. Heirdt von Braun says:

    Please we need a HD version of Nights, the PS2 remake never arrived in the USA. I think you know we deserve it as your most loyal fans, the PS3 and the Xbox 360 are powerful enough to emulate your Saturn but forget about emulating, we need a widescreen and HD new version with improved textures and 7.1 sound; imagine it with kinect or move support it would be AWESOME!. It would be great to play a game which even Miyamoto himself expressed appreciation for it, it's truly a masterpiece.

  9. As a fan, I'm making this post to get this word out to anyone that I've just recently have made a fan-made video just recently ago to aid on behalf of this event to getting the word. Yes, I do live in the U.S. of age 20; male, and do run community website based off of the themed character Mephiles The Dark as the founder, so for comments questions and concerns and if possible if it could be put onto the NID15 website, I'd be well appreciated.

  10. Valley says:

    That video had me close to tears, I really do want NiGHTS to return, I love JoD, but I want to play NiD, I want to go back to the original game and experience the magic of a beautiful game.

  11. PapaPrinny says:

    The video had me close to tears as well. The Twin Seeds music tugs at my heartstrings as it is, but Twin Seeds Flyby and this lovingly-crafted video have moved me. NiGHTS Into Dreams is the most beloved thing of my childhood, and I stand ready to do what it takes to raise its profile among gamers. Much love to Trippy and everyone involved in this endeavor.

  12. Realaz6 says:

    Ahh, I hope this comes to the Wii. I have the game for my Saturn, but I'd still like people he don't have one to get to know this game. JoD had fun gameplay, but unlike NiD, didn't deliver a good plot. 

  13. LUCiD says:

    i had given all hope on NiGHTS until i heard this. i love JoD, but I've basically done everything i can in that game. I really hope they listen to this and let us have it for downloading on ps3 and 360. Maybe then i will have insperation for my stories again! ^_^

  14. dpunk3 says:

    Aah. This would be interesting. Just got the game for my Saturn just today, pretty psyched. I hope they will up the graphics, so I wont be straining my eyes to see what the images are. Obviously don't mess with the actual visuals of the game, just make it more universal for any TV. VERY excited to see if this pulls through.

  15. sonicblare99 says:

    The first time I heard of NiGHTS was in Sonic Pinball Party (GBA). I thought it was some weird thing about knights and that NiGHTS was some spinning top thingy, but a couple of years later I saw NiGHTS JOD at my local flea market, and I found that it was something quite different, and I liked the game a lot. Now I REALLY want a Sega Saturn and NiGHTS Into Dreams… I found the demo (also at my local flea market), and then I really wished I had a Saturn. A year later my friend got a Saturn, and he brought it over my house and I got to play through the whole demo (I won, too). Now, from experiencing only a part of it, I can say that NiGHTS is truly a gem of a game. The music is masterfully composed (yes, I heard all the dream BGMs), and the gameplay is fast and fun. NiGHTS deserves a lot more cult following. NiGHTS, you have my vote. :)

  16. blind-justice-tragedy says:

    I first saw NiGHTS in Sonic Adv Battle 2 in posters and on the building. i had asked my friends about it and was told NiGHTS was a game where NiGHTS had a katana and tryed to save a princess and i lost intrest and did not try to get the game but the mystery of NiGHTS stayed with me.i later found out that NiGHTS was coming out with a new game and i placed it on my Christmas list and lucky me my parents bought it.i learned NiGHTS wasnt what i was told and i feel in love with the game and its graphics.later on when i got into High school i started role playing it and NiGHTS became my obsession,i play it,i draw it,i dream it, ive even became a wizeman fan girl.NiGHTS is a game that needs a remake.

  17. Scott says:

    I saw NiGHTS demoed at a retail store back in the day, hadn't actually played it until four years ago. I wanted to play it Tuesday, but I was sidetracked by a lot of things. When things calm down, though, I will definitely play the crap out of it. Happy 15th to NiGHTS!

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