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New NiGHTS Keychain To Be Released In Japan

20 March;  Author: Dex la Cabra

It is always a good day when the world gets new NiGHTS merchandise, even if it's just a keychain, and that's exactly what's coming out in Japan this April!



Behold, The keychain design in all of its glory! This new product is part of a set of SEGA keychains from some of the franchises that maybe don't get as much love as they should! The image below shows the collection, front and back!



Very nice~! From what I'm gathering, the Keychain will be transparent so that when you look at the back of it, the characters silhouette contains an additional image, in our case Twin Seeds City is visible.

You can order one of your very own from From Japan, as well as Hobbylink Japan!

Special thanks to DreamyRei on Twitter for initially pointing this out to me and for the From Japan link, and to MiSHiKiS for the Hobbylink Japan link! Our community looks out for each other!

I bought two, one to put in the Merch pile and one to actually use~!


ChuChu Rocket!

16 November;  Author: Dex la Cabra


If you had a Dreamcast back in the day then chances are you had ChuChu Rocket!, a puzzle game by Sonic Team designed for online play. Gameplay revolves around leading the ChuChu's through various courses to safety using carefully placed arrows to direct them, avoiding KapuKapu's along the way.

Completion of all 50 courses on Puzzle mode gave you a little bonus; the option to replace the ChuChu's with NiGHTS' own Nightopians! 





A mobile port of the game was available for Android and iOS until 2015, and guess what was still an unlockable?





The game was remade with new models, meaning a different look for the Nightopians as well. It's a shame the KapuKapu's couldn't have been replaced with one of the minion Nightmaren but it's fun all the same to save the Nightopians in this beloved puzzle game.


Sonic Forces

12 November;  Author: Dex la Cabra


Y'know what the beautiful thing about the PS4 is? Even I can record footage for games, saving me having to bother others for gameplay of the latest NiGHTS cameo in Sonic Forces! Included in the bonus edition of the game were SEGA costumes for your Avatar character, with our own purple jester being one of them! While the costumes give no added abilities, they're a stylish way of representing other franchises while playing the game. Included below are two videos showing my initial Avatar dressed all swanky, NiGHTS style! The first video features gameplay of the fourth level in the game, Prison Hall, an Avatar exclusive level. While I've chosen these levels specifically because they're early in the game the dialogue may still contain spoilers so if you haven't finished it yet there's your heads up!



The second video features gameplay of the Seventh level, Arsenal Pyramid, a level where you play as both the Avatar and the Blue Blur himself, Sonic. The Avatar I've chosen here is the bird because, like NiGHTS, they're known for flying.


Flying along those chains of rings can feel really satisfying haha!


With SEGA's current emphasis on reviving older IP's it's hard not to think about the future of NiGHTS, given that not long ago the series was very close to being forgotten about by them. If nothing else, little cameos like this keep the franchise in the minds of the players, and also help to entice new fans too so they're always a positive thing!


At last, some 2018 NiGHTS news!

As many of you might know, SEGA of America have an online store dedicated to selling merchandise of their IPs from over the years. Up for pre-order on this store as of today is something both surprising and greatly appreciated; A T-shirt based on "NiGHTS into Dreams…"! 

I'm a fan of the design, it's quite minimalistic yet instantly recognisable as to which franchise it's from, with the signature crescent moon and NiGHTS' very distinct silhouette. The inclusion of the 5 Ideya really makes this design stand out with their rainbow of colours surrounding the rest of the design! If you're interested in this product you can visit the SEGA Shop to pre-order it for $29.95 (before shipping). Be wary though, as the SEGA Shop does not ship worldwide, so be sure to check their list of locations to see if they'll send it your way (living in the UK has ruined my existence yet again).

I really wish I could support this but since I can't, be sure to do it in my stead~!


Sonic Adventure

23 December;  Author: Dex la Cabra

While Burning Rangers may have been the first game to have a NiGHTS cameo, the Sonic franchise has always done well to include NiGHTS. Among these cameos, few are as prominent as the "NiGHTS into Dreams…" pinball table on Sonic Adventure. Sonics first fully 3D adventure went above and beyond to ensure than as well as the aesthetics, the music and atmosphere that made NiGHTS stand out all those years ago was present in this cameo. Indeed, due to the SEGA Saturn selling poorly this was many peoples first exposure to SEGA's purple secondary mascot, and it did well in showcasing what made NiGHTS special, from the cards displaying the unique character designs, to the moments where Sonic is whisked away through sections of Nightopia flying through rings alongside NiGHTS. 

These moments are best experienced in motion, and so fellow NiGHTS fan MidniteandBeyond has seen fit to supply us with a video of gameplay! 



First4Figures Reala Statue Needs Your Help!

16 December;  Author: Dex la Cabra

Well THIS is a spot of bad news.

First4Figures, the people behind the recent NiGHTS statue, were due to be making a follow up statue of Reala, as seen in the prototype image above. Due to a perceived lack of interest however, the statue is in danger of being scrapped. In order to save Reala, we need EVERYONE to vote "yes" on the poll First4Figures are conducting here on Facebook; be aware though that you must join their Collectors Club here to be able to vote. The "no" votes are not counted, and we need to get the "yes" votes at least to 550 before Reala can be saved and put into production. This is bigger than just Reala though, as any future NiGHTS statues that might have been made are entirely dependant on this poll, so to have ANY chance of getting other characters made later on, you must vote yes in this poll!

We cannot allow NiGHTS to fall into obscurity again, and if we all just take a minute to get on and vote in this one poll, we can make sure that NiGHTS continues to get the love and attention that the franchise deserves!

You can read the initial First4Figures blog on the subject here.

An example of the scale of the statue.
To see this statue never come into fruition would be heartbreaking, but we can ensure it gets made if we all work together!
Let's let our voices be heard, we have to make sure that they Don't Forget NiGHTS~!

Sonic Lost World: Nightmare Edition

26 September;  Author: Dex la Cabra

The original trailer for the NiGHTS DLC for Sonic Lost World may have been removed but we've replaced it with something else: a playthrough of the DLC itself by our own MidniteandBeyond!



Original Post by TRiPPY:

Hold me people. This was a complete surprise that I didn't know a single thing about until this morning.

A new Sonic Lost World video has appeared online with a VERY SPECIAL teaser for NiGHTS fans at the very end. Really. Just wow.

The resulting reaction of NiGHTS fans so far online has required a lot of mops.

What really is a huge and amazing thing here is that we didn't have to ask for this or cause a fuss or annoy anyone. It just happened. This is great for the NiGHTS franchise. I'm so happy I can barely type lol, don't be expecting any well thought out journalistic write ups from me – I'm too busy straight out fangirling at the fact JACKLE is in this.

If you'd like to see some screenshots then read on below. I'll try to get some nice HD ones up soon as I get any.

Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much SEGA.


Now please excuse me. I need to return to squealing. Oh- and finding out how to preorder this edition. Guys get on this as quick as you can so none of you miss out on the NiGHTS content! Thanks to Daniele Narducci for the heads up!


New Album “Changing Face” by Curtis King Jr!

2 September;  Author: Dex la Cabra

If there's one song that everybody knows from the NiGHTS games, it's 'DREAMS DREAMS'. It has been featured in so many other SEGA games over the years that you could be forgiven for being sick of it haha! Regardless of this, there's no denying the vocal talents of Dana Calitri and Curtis King Jr, the latter of whom has a new album out!

The new album by King Jr, named "Changing Face", is available on the usual suspects iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music and Spotify! I've not had a chance to listen to it properly yet but what I have heard sounds great! Be sure to support one of the voices of NiGHTS' history by downloading and/or streaming the new album!

Happy listening~!


Well looky what we got here! Sonic Forces, the next game for the Blue Blur is getting a damn fine bonus edition! Part of this bonus, as you can see, is a skin for the Avatar character that looks a tad familiar! The NiGHTS skin is accompanied by other SEGA franchises, which if you ask me is a fantastic idea to win over SEGA fans on the fence about the Avatar. There's only one slight issue with this wonderful occasion: 

It seems the purple and yellow of the cuffs are the wrong way round, akin to the same problem "NiGHTS into Dreams…" had with the in-game model! This is hardly an earth shattering issue though, and otherwise this is a fantastic way to show that SEGA still Don't Forget NiGHTS ;) This image was uploaded by the Sonic Twitter, and I think we should all send our thanks their way so they know that this is a very much appreciated NiGHTS reference, cuffs and all!

I know what skin i'll be usiiiiing~! AiAi's. 


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