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Guys I need your help for an idea I had today!
I want to do something really nice in my NiGHTS comic using a montage of photographs. I wont say what exactly yet (don't want to ruin it) but if you want to help listen up:

I NEED – 1 Photograph of you (or a group of you) that sums up your love for NiGHTS/the community/the games/the fandom/etc. This can be you holding a copy of the game, huggin a Saturn, Holding a poster, wearing cosplay, juggling plushies, drawing a picture, I dunno, make it nice and personal and relevant to NiGHTS for yourself. It doesn't have to be deathly serious, just make it sum up your perspective.

Techy stuff - Please make the photo size as big as possible so it wont get all blurry if i have to make it bigger/smaller to fit the artwork I'll be doing. Send them as JPG's, Tiffs, PNG or BMPS (anything that is non program specific). Also clear Webcam photos are also acceptable as long as you don't look like 3 giant pixels, lol.

Email them to me at label emails as 'MONTAGE PHOTO'. You can either attach the files or send me a link in the emails. I'll send you a reply when I've saved your photo to my pc.

You have about a week (the 23rd) to get back to me on this – so get digging for your favourite photo or take some new ones and send them my way.

Share this with every NiGHTS fan you know so I can include as many people as possible!

Also- I created a Fan page on Facebook for comic updates too. Be sure to like and share the page with your friends so we can get as many readers as possible :)



Comic update!

2 May;  Author: TRiPPY

Hi folks, TRiPPY here!

I've been hard at work drawing lots of fan comic art for you guys to enjoy. NiGHTS: Descent into Dreams is my personal project I'm doing for fun as a thank you to everyone who's stuck with us over the years. I'll be adding new pages every few days here at the .com, so be sure to check back for regular updates :) Today I've uploaded 3 new full color pages in English. Work has begun on the Japanese translation and other languages too, so be sure to share this with all the NiGHTS fans from around the world. I promise it will be a fun read.

You will now be able to find my comic under the 'Reading' section menu. I've also added a forum topic for you to ask questions and chat about the comic too.



A fan comic adaptation by Lynne Triplett
*Last updated 23rd of July 2012*


English Japanese

- Read the written version of this comic's story [ CLICK HERE ] -

- Click on an image below to enlarge -

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

*Rated T for teen. This non-profit online comic is a work of fan homage and is not officially endorsed by SEGA in any way. All artwork © of Lynne Triplett 2012*


Thanks for all your lovely (and crazy) varied entries to our NiGHTS Christmas competition! We have 10 winners to announce ~ so without further ado the winners are:

3rd Place: MidniteandBeyond

We liked the amount of effort that had been put into this entry. A cute and funny tale of how Reala stole Christmas.


2nd Place: Ketrin

'You are not far away'
A striking image with a beautiful message. Well done!

*1st Place: Viperxmns*

Absolute laughter. That is all. Viper, you are bad-crazy.




7 runners up!:
Jessica Stanley
// Daimondstar07 // CrossingJ2000 // SaiferDracondrali // Light-Girl // Terry M // Zander Rosell

Thank you for your entries! Runners up winning entries can be seen in full [ HERE ] in our forums.
All winners will be contacted soon for mailing details regarding prizes.


It's time for a heart to heart with mother TRiPPY guys,

I wont lie, It's been a little bit surreal over here at NiDcom towers the past few weeks. You go from feeling hopeless for years as a kid, wondering if all these famous people who created the thing you love even know how much you appreciate their efforts -  to years later being able to tell them everything you ever felt. It's not very often that fans get to reach out like this I guess, which is sad, but I guess it just makes it more special when it does eventually happen.

A short while after Summer of Sonic I ended up being befriended by my childhood hero. It was actually him who asked me about my artwork first. Which completely floored me. The guy who I look up to the most and who has been an inspiration for everything I've done in the past 15 years. I'd always hoped that I'd get the chance to say thank you to him one day but I never expected to be so warmly accepted in return. Naoto Ohshima the creator of NiGHTS and Sonic is downright amazing and I'm honored to be called his friend. I even inspired him to draw NiGHTS again after so many years ^_^

After 15 years I had a lot of thank you's to pass on from you guys directly, to say how much we all really cared. To explain WHY NiGHTS is so important to us for different reasons. The struggles of the fanbase. To say thank you for all those times NiGHTS gave us hope or saved us from bad dreams when we were just little kids. NiGHTS gave us all the courage to fly. I got to speak my heart without feeling small or like a stupid fangirl. I guess it was the peace of mind I'd been searching for after so many years of trying and trying to keep NiGHTS alive for other people.

So after 15 years the fan was finally able to properly say thank you to the creator :)

But that's not all. Ohshima san was very moved by it all and wanted to say thank you in return so he gave me a seriously epic mind-blowing gift. Some of which I have permission to share with you all today. You know all those tiny blurry concept images that were featured in Japanese magazines and walkthroughs that we all used to speculate over, well how would you guys like to see the images up close from the actual artworks themselves? ^-^

It gives me great pleasure to present to you some of the concept arts that we have come to love over the years. Thank you Ohshima and Iizuka san. Enjoy!



Things to note:
* Images 1 to 9 are drawn by Naoto Ohshima, images 10 to 17 are drawn by Kazuyuki Hoshino and images 18 to 31 are by Miyake (the artist responsible for the Japanese NiGHTS storybook).
* Reala's final design was the result of a collaboration of ideas taking elements from both Ohshima and Hoshino's designs.
* Ohshima is responsible for designing NiGHTS, Jackle, Claris and Elliot, Nightopians and the other main boss Maren. He also had a hand in level design concept ideas, such as Twinseeds Tower.
* Each of the characters had numerous design concepts before they arrived at the final designs.
* It would appear Wizeman has always had a face… lol.

(These images will all be added to our Concept Art gallery tommorow to replace the smaller images).

And then like life wasn't crazy enough he drew me this little picture of NiGHTS.
Achievement Unlocked: Life complete 9999999G


Fan artwork of modern NiGHTS from the 2007 game 'Journey of Dreams'.

[ Currently hosting 11 images ]


Those of you who remember the humble beginnings of this website might remember an old piece of artwork I done called 'Paradox' featuring Claris, Elliot, NiGHTS and a whole lot of little details from the game. The image featured on our splash page for many years long before we were a wordpress site. Back then we didn't have much in the way of direct contact with SEGA themselves, we made our own fun and our community was small but very hardcore and closeknit.

Fast forward to November 2007. Journey of Dreams was about to make the rounds and a Mr Kevin Eva (AAUK) popped into our lives to unleash the frankly-awesome-power of SEGA's community team. And what a top job he did too, even securing us an interview with Iizuka and coming all the way up to our house in Scotland at the time to promote the new game. Back then he took some prints of my artwork to show Iizuka san in London and talk about the NiGHTS fanbase. As a gift Kev brought back some signed things, one of which being my print of Paradox signed by Takashi Iizuka:

Well then fast foward some 3 years to 2010 where I now work for SEGA Europe myself and AAUK is currently visiting SEGA Japan on work related business. Kevin asked if I wanted to pass anything to SonicTeam, soooo….

I gave Iizuka san the original framed painting to keep! And he remembered it! He liked the print the first time he seen it in 2007 so i figured it'd be fun to suprise him with the actual real one instead. Just to keep him on his toes. Just incase he ever y'know… forgets NiGHTS or something ;D I wrote him a letter in Japanese on the back telling him us NiGHTS fans are still going strong and care about the character AND that we really want to see this port happen. After the comment he made about NiGHTS 3 a while ago I wanted to give him an extra 'across the ocean' nudge. So it's safe to say he's up to date on our situation and even congratulated me for getting into the company *lol* Yeah I've been grinning all day :D

Thanks AAUK, as always you're the man :) … Also, I've heard that Kev is bringing back some mad flavoured Japanese KitKats to give away in Freestuff Friday, so look out for that.



If you're a regular to you'll most probably also be a member of the main NiGHTS fan club there. NiGHTSFan has been around for many years and the growth of the fanbase coupled with the busy life of the owner means things are becoming hard to run it by herself. Jamie is looking for staff to help out, experience running a club prefered but not essential as long as you can follow orders and get work done. Good dedicated staff are hard to come by online, a lot of people are interested for about 3 days, get bored and then just float on over to the next thing. If you're going to offer help make sure you are actually able to do so on a very regular basis.

Interested? Then head on over to this journal here, read the details – then drop Jamie a note telling her why you are suitable for the job.

Thanks :)


NiGHTS fans always manage to knock me for six in terms of creative love for the game. This website sub knocked me for seven eight AND nine. How awesome is this? I've heard of fans having DREAMS DREAMS and stuff played as their wedding music but this fan has really pushed the boat out in dedication! :D

Long time no see. I just wanted to share the good news. I was married over the weekend, but of particular interest to you and the site, my wedding band was NiGHTS. 
It was custom made and paid for by two retired teacher-friends. It's silver and they will help me recast a white gold one for my 5th year anniversary.

Take care!
Noe V"

Epic fan we salute you. You're right up there with INSANE!REALASCULPTURE and MANLY!TEARS. Congratulations and best wishes to you and your lucky partner from all of us here at Nidcom :)




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