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NiGHTSFan @ DeviantArt looking for Staff

6 October; Author: TRiPPY

If you're a regular to DeviantArt.com you'll most probably also be a member of the main NiGHTS fan club there. NiGHTSFan has been around for many years and the growth of the fanbase coupled with the busy life of the owner means things are becoming hard to run it by herself. Jamie is looking for staff to help out, experience running a club prefered but not essential as long as you can follow orders and get work done. Good dedicated staff are hard to come by online, a lot of people are interested for about 3 days, get bored and then just float on over to the next thing. If you're going to offer help make sure you are actually able to do so on a very regular basis.

Interested? Then head on over to this journal here, read the details – then drop Jamie a note telling her why you are suitable for the job.

Thanks :)


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  1. keyonna says:

    yeh im still in that group

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