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12 July; Author: Dex la Cabra

For the original Japanese version please click here.


3 Responses to “NiGHTS Storybook ENGLISH”

  1. MC.Gemstone says:

    Hmm so it's Eliot story then?

  2. JackleIsActuallyTerrible says:

    Holy cow, I've never actually looked through the original. The art is incredible. I also like how there's a bit of official non-Archie backstory here (tho NiGHTS' chest gem being a shard of a broken Red Ideya will always be my headcannon). Not a fan of the literal translation though, it's got an awkward, stumbling flow to it. Now that I actually know how it goes, I might try to make an animatic adaption… if I do, I'll be posting it on my YouTube channel- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0tZEYcbkhkFJAgSVkVYMGQ

  3. Max says:

    Is that based on the video game?

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