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16 April;  Author: TRiPPY



Box Scans

21 September;  Author: TRiPPY


The .Com’s collection of box scans of games that NiGHTS has appeared on the cover. Although he has had cameo appearances in a large amount of games this section is for his major starring roles. Enjoy viewing packaging from all over the world~

(Scans from JoD box arts coming soon) 

NiGHTS into Dreams (Sega Saturn):

U.K Small CD Box
U.K Large Box
U.S Small CD Box
U.S Large Box
J.P Small CD Box
J.P Small Platinum Box




U.S Bundle Box
J.P Bundle Box


NiGHTS Sampler (Sega Saturn):

UK sampler CD
U.S NiGHTS Sampler
U.S Sampler CD
U.K Sampler CD


Christmas NiGHTS Limited Edition (Sega Saturn):

J.P Case
U.K Case
U.S Case


Xmas U.K CD
Xmas U.S CD
Xmas J.P CD
Japanese Xmas NiGHTS Bundle 

Other Games Featuring NiGHTS cover art:

Sonic Pinball Party (universal)
U.S Sega Superstars
U.K Sega Superstars Bundle
U.K Sega Superstars




21 September;  Author: TRiPPY


SEGA sometimes produces marvelous collectable things known as stickers. This here is an archive of NiGHTS in official sticker form! Thanks to Maresuke for scanning this collection. If anyone has any -official- stickers we don't have then please send in scans.

(The stretched ones work just fine when you click on them, it's just the thumbnails for some reason!) 






21 September;  Author: TRiPPY

The following wonderous individuals are the guilty party responsible for giving us the NiGHTS into Dreams experience on the Sega Saturn in 1996. If anyone has been missed out or if you find more staff who worked on the game then please drop me a line and they shall be added for their hard work. Full staff list for Journey of Dreams will be added soon.

-Japanese Credits-

Executive Producer
Hayao Nakayama

Executive Management
Shoichiro Irimajiri

Yuji Naka

Naoto Ohshima

Product Manager
Youji Ishii

Lead Programmer
Yuji Naka

Senior Programmers
Takahiro Hamano
Takuya Matsumoto

Akio Setsumasa
Yasuhiro Takahashi
Yasuhiro Watanabe
Atsutomo Nakagawa

A-Life Programmer
Tetsu Katano

Lead Game Designer
Takashi Iizuka

Senior Game Designer
Takeshi Niimura
Yuji Saito

Character Designer
Kazuyuki Hoshino

NiGHTS’ Designer
Naoto Oshima

A-Life Character Designers
Toshiko Okano
Hideaki Moriya
Tohru Watanuki

Tomonori Dobashi
Namie Manabe
Hiroki Okabara

World Artists
Takumi Miyake
Shigeru Okada
You Nishiyama
Shinichi Higashi
Ryo Kudo

CG Movie Director
Norihiro Nishiyama

CG Movie Artists
Norihiro Nishiyama
Masahiro Kumono
Hiroshi Nakatani
Motomu Hayashi
Mika Okada
Yumiko Miyabe
Miho Takayanagi
Saori Wada
Nobuhiko Honda

Visual Material Editors
Hidehiro Kumagai
Masato Yoshioka

Chief Sound Designer
Yukifumi Makino

Compose and Arrange
Naofumi Hataya
Tomoko Sasaki
Fumie Kumatani

Tomoko Sasaki
Wornell Jones

Jasmine Ann Allen (Claris Sinclair)
Cameron Earl Strother (Elliot Edwards)
Curtis King Jr.
Dana Calitri

Sound Effects
Fumie Kumatani
Tatsuya Kousaki
Saori Kobayashi

Sound Programmer
Atsumu Miyazawa

Special Thanks
Manabu Kusunoki
Yoshiaki Kashima
Tohru Mita
Yuji Sawairi


-American Credits-

Steve Hutchins

Sonic Team Liaison
Ryoichi Hasegawa

Marketing Manager
Anne Moellering

Assoc. product Manager
Seth Gerson

Packaging Design art Director
Eric Smith

Packaging Designer
Scott Allen

Packaging Design product Manager
Eileen Sacman

Lead tester
Timothy Spengler

Assistant Leads
Lou DiSimone
Rick Greer
Ryan Hurth

Steve Bourdet
Mike Dobbins
Howard Gipson
Robert Hernandez
Jeff Junio
Chris Lucich
Tony Lynch
Connor Morlang
Abe Navarro
Lance Nelson
Jeff Sanders
Fred Selker
Alan Tan
Patrick Walsh

Marc Sherrod

Special Thanks
Arvin Carlson
Tina Claybon
Matt Dunbar
Joe Easley
Angela Edwards
Diane Fornasier
Manny Granillo
John Goetz
Roger Hector
Sara ‘Sam’ Holihan
Marc Jakary
Mike Latham
Lee McEnany
Mike Needham
Bob Schonfisch
Yukimi Shimura
Undyne Stafford
Dan Stevens
Mark Subotnick
Terry Tang
The guys at Ingalls Moranville
Jennifer Titchener
Kit Vercelli
Frontline Marketing
and Naka.



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