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William Taylor

26 September; Author: TRiPPY

AKA: Will
Age: 12
Hobby: Soccer

In the city of Bellbridge, a town with a giant clock tower, lives 12-year-old Will, a boy who loves soccer. Ever since he was little, Will has played and practiced soccer with his beloved father, and has even managed to become the star player on the local soccer team. He also does well in school, and served as a great role model, but it was perhaps because of his talent that he began to grow more distant from his fellow teammates.


Even still, Will at least had his father, whom he loved, trusted and admired. Every day after work, Will’s father would come home and practice soccer with his son, and the two grew quite close indeed.

One day, however, Will’s father was suddenly transferred, leaving his son behind. Outside of school, Will and his father had gone everywhere and done everything together, and now, without his father, Will was plunged into an unbearable loneliness. Night after night, he started to have terrifying nightmares. One night, however, a warm light appeared in his dreams, banishing his nightmare—this was the light of Nightopia, which beckoned Will to follow it, where he then had his first encounter with the mysterious being called NiGHTS…






4 Responses to “William Taylor”

  1. segagirl234 says:

    i think will is a cool little kid with huge dreams. i felt so bad for him when his dad left but at the end when he comes to wills game i was so happy

  2. William Melchor says:

    is it ok if I trip out? I played the first nights game when I was 7, and my name is William Taylor (now adopted to Melchor). this is awkward the kid looks a lot like the 7 year old me. 

  3. Cyclone says:

    I really liked will in JoD, it felt like he had more charater put in him then helen.

  4. NEWT says:

    Watch his opening on JoD and at 0:08, a boy that looks crazy similar to Elliot is in the right side of the frame. He looks down to kick a ball back.

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