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26 September; Author: TRiPPY

(Official JP)
Owl has been watching the Night Dimension since ancient times and should be considered as a wise man.
He guides visitors who wander into the Night Dimension in the right direction.
With extensive knowledge, especially about Nightopia he is on friendly terms with the Nightopians, so he can interpret their feelings.
Owl also has an ability to warp instantly into the other areas of Nightopia giving shrewd advice to visitors every time.

(Official EU)
Owl watches over the adventures of NiGHTS, Will and Helen, and gives useful hints and information during missions. If you have problems advancing, find the Owl's perch with his likeness on it.





13 Responses to “Owl”

  1. Dex(kisuke) says:

    hoo. well. visitor!

  2. hoo hoo hoo! we have a visitor!

  3. kailyn says:

    hoo hoo hoo a visitor

  4. starima says:

    OMOCHAO IN DISGUISE IS HOW HE ACTS also according to a dream dictionary owls mean death in dreams 0.0

  5. segagirl234 says:

    owl is boring. he talks on and on. i mean i know how to fly owl. no thanks on the tips

  6. chantee says:

       I LOVE OWL!!!

  7. Valley says:

    I actually kinda like owl, but its kind of annoying how you cant skip past the tutorial after the first time… ._.

  8. Spade says:

    god… owl is almost as annoying as Navi from Zelda. Hoo hoo. hoohoo!! visitor visitor hoo! oh! hoo!well..! hoo! >:O

  9. Midan 1998 says:

    he is sorta annoying and navi is a little to but they r friendly characters

  10. EmilyElaine says:

    "OMOCHAO IN DISGUISE IS HOW HE ACTS ".. OMG this is so perfect, I laughed so hard XD

  11. wow,
    im quite shocked!
    this is the first tutorial character from sonicteam that isnt annoying like OmoChao.. ^^;;
    nice concept too < 3

  12. Opalthewolffox says:

    ROFLOL Omochao's true form before he turned into a robot thing… Srsly XD

  13. MEMORi says:

    Hoo! Vistor. Well. Well. Vistor! Well done, Well done! Better than Omochao's dialouge.

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