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Helen Cartwright

26 September; Author: TRiPPY

Age: 12
Hobby: Violin

12-year-old Helen lives in a quiet, upper-class neighborhood in the great city of Bellbridge. Helen and her mother were always very close, spending their days together, going shopping, studying, picking out clothes, and other such things. Most importantly, Helen learned to play the violin from her mother, starting from a very young age, and she loved it so. After school, the two of them would play together out on the terrace behind their home. Helen’s dream was that, one day, she would play the violin in concert on stage.

However, as young Helen grew up and started to go from being a little girl to a young woman, her relationship with her mother began to change. She was well-mannered, kind, and popular in school. She had many friends in school, and her social life soon began to take away from her time with her mother—and from the time she spent with that old-fashioned violin, her dream to one day play on stage gradually becoming forgotten. Her feelings for her mother were kept deep inside, though, and so subconsciously, she began to feel a deep sense of guilt over the distance that had grown between them, and this guilt manifested itself in the form of recurring nightmares. One night, though, while fleeing from these dark visions in her head, she ended up in a strange new world, where she encountered a mysterious dream-dweller named NiGHTS.





One Response to “Helen Cartwright”

  1. Zero Shinzaki says:

    Does anyone other than me get the sensation that they re-used Helen's character model and appearance for Emillia's from Phantasy Star Portable 2?  Age her up a bit and throw her in Emillia's clothes, and you get a near carbon copy.
    if that's the case, that's a neat little hidden homage…

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