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Elliot Edwards

26 September; Author: TRiPPY

Age: (U.S)14 (JP)15
Hobby: Basketball


(Official U.S) Elliot is playing basketball with his classmates. Some of the older kids from school show up and challenge Elliot and his friends to a game. A teammate passes long to Elliot, who is just feet from the net, but the star player on the other team steals the ball. A long pass downcourt and a slam dunk finishes the day. Elliot walks back home, alone.


(Official JP) A 15-year-old boy who lives in the central square of Twin Seeds. Very intelligent and faultless in all that he does, especially at school. He always tries his hardest and comes out the cool kid. Especially so in his favourite sport of Basketball. There are the guys who gain respect amongst classmates and are the objects of everyone's adoration, Elliot is one of them. However, that sort of reputation and admiration can be quickly replaced by another person. He is a well known member of a very cool City group. But it is this very style that finds him involved in an incident …

~Elliot of the real world, and the beginning of an adventure~

That night in his sleep, Elliot's dreams are a repeat of an incident that happened the same afternoon. Elliot was out as usual enjoying a basketball game with his friends. Then suddenly, a High School student's group intrudes, stealing their ball with the greatest of ease. The loud slam dunk putting an end to the day and his respect. The ball is thrown into Elliot and the court seems to melt away. Elliot all at once remembers the anger of his humiliation over and over again. But he is playing against someone he can never hope to beat, his pride keeping him from acting awkward. Hiding his shame behind a poker face he stands alone in silence.
And then faces the creatures of Nightmare as his dream replays the days entire humiliation. Elliot runs around blindly trying to escape from the horrible fear- when suddenly the world shines, spreading, and he runs into the world of Nightopia. Elliot stands on edge for a while, afraid that his pursuers will return, looking around the area slowly. Then finding NiGHTS, looking at the wonderful shrine and the amazing being he had never seen before. Looking at the Maren trying to smile…





3 Responses to “Elliot Edwards”

  1. SailorSonic says:

    Why does everybody forget about this guy?????? XD It's not fair! Anyway, he's pretty cool. He reminds me of my brother…lol

  2. thatNiGHTSfan says:

    i feel sorry for Elliot

  3. NEWT says:

    Watch Will's story opening for JoD. If you look very closely at the very first boy closest to the camera when the view is very close to the soccer field… IT'S ELLIOT!… or at least someone who looks like him. The only feature you can really make out is the BLUE hair that SHOOTS UP at the front!

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