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New NiGHTS Merchandise inbound!

29 August; Author: Dex la Cabra

Hello everyone!

Japanese website Cospa have recently revealed new NiGHTS merchandise on their store! An eyemask, hoodie and T-Shirt are available at http://www.cospa.com/event/id/12786. I initially glanced over this as I thought it wasn't official but I have since been corrected on the matter haha! The eyemask kind of creeps me out but I really like that hoodie, either way I'll be sure to get my hands on these eventually!  

New NiGHTS merchandise is such a rare thing to come by, it's always exciting to see how products are shaped by the games premise, such as the eyemask, and the pillowcases we've had in the past.

Get them before they're disgustingly overpriced on eBay in ten years,


3 Responses to “New NiGHTS Merchandise inbound!”

  1. MC.Gemstone says:

    I would love to get some NiGHTS merch but how can I when the site is in Japanese…maybe samurai buyer may have this stuff on there site. But you know what's funny there's NiGHTS merch and some other anime merch but no Sonic! Hmm this sounds fishy to me! ¬u¬ 

  2. Ben Taylor says:

    Agh, the eyemask is beautiful!  Both concept-wise and design wise!

  3. Ben Taylor says:

    Can we ship these outside of Japan?

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