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Happy Halloween 2016 from Nightsintodreams.com~!

31 October; Author: Dex la Cabra

Sure is spooky up in here! 

It's the 31st of October, which means it's Halloween again! Time for Elliot Edwards to be running around Mystic Forest in the NiD re-releases! Have any of you had any festive NiGHTS related shenanigans going on this year? Unfortunately I'm still in the process of getting my PC fixed so didn't have any way to get a Halloween edition of NiGHTS into Webcomics out, or just the webcomic in general but it's not long now, I just might do some belated spooky comics ASAP! 

I hope you've all had a good time, here's hoping I can do more for this site next year!

Gonna watch more spook films,


2 Responses to “Happy Halloween 2016 from Nightsintodreams.com~!”

  1. MC.Gemstone says:

    Well that explains why this website wasn't been updated. However it's nice to see that your okay and I hope you have a great Halloween for me I dress up as a dream reaper which was made up by myself and all XD and mostly being inspired by NiGHTS! 

  2. Flamerick says:

    I just looking for a casuality and i watch an update.
    Looks like some of the fandom never wake up (?)

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