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NiGHTS into Uh….

22 November;  Author: TRiPPY

Sometimes people send things into the subs email so frankly BIZZARE or stupid that i felt I'd dedicate an entire page to the collective lawls of the NiGHTS fandom.  And thus this section was born.

Noritul WTFX:

One of the best bootlegs ever to come from Asia. I bet whoever sold this is sitting in jail right about now. If anyone owns one of these things… let us know.

Nova does Nintendo:

It's amazing how many gullible people out there said this was official even though Kichigai drew it/someone stole it D: STOP SENDING IT IN NOW PLZ.

Another classic game is sold:

I want this game. It sounds violent. NiGHTS 3?

Why more people should visit the .Com:

Gamefaqs- the best place for serious NFO.

Sonic X :

Jamie proved that sometimes if you look hard enough something will appear.

Clash of the Titans:

My money is on Jung.

Come on boys if you think you're hard enough:

Wyldflowa shows the men how it's done on the Link attack front. And no, this is NOT a hoax. NiGHTS fans are psycho. I love it.

Archie on sale:

I nearly bought this on Ebay from Penders.


And again :

Why i suck at 3D:

Kichigai gave me her 3D NiGHTS model. I uh…. pressed the wrong button.

NiGHTS' original voice:

So whoever the mystery staff member who done NiGHTS' original voice was, she could sure make a paper bag look sexy. Yes… this is an official image.

Would you let your kid on this?:

"The mall in my home town has this weird merry-go-round type of ride that three people can ride at a time. When I was a kid I would ride it sometimes, and my favorite one looked like a creepy robot NiGHTS… kinda."
Antwon, you just won the prize for disturbing finds.

When polygons go bad:

Mmm sexy hax.

Bringing You Good Luck, of course:

"Well, the Chinese restaurant in my hometown opened a mini-shop in the back, and they had these hanging on the wall. $.50 each, so much worth the effort. NiGHTS Good luck charms!!!"
- Sylvaria.

Either those are key chains of Norwegian girls or the Nightopians have gone to Tony&Guy for a make over.

It's ok, he likes everyone like that Lum:

"You've probably heard of the anime series "Urusei Yatsura"..? The main character, Lum, is just about everywhere. Anyway, I found a shot of this demon who became immensely fond of Lum. Coincidence? YOU DECIDE."
Kori proves that she can see him in the face of every man woman and child.

Reala and his crew:

It feels good to be gangsta says Tsunami.

"Feels like i'm wearin' nothin' at all, nothin' at all, NOTHIN' AT ALL!":

By the insane and equaly gifted mind of Apti.




"So, the game in question is Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA for the PS2. Not sure if anyone else has made this connection, but there's an unlockable character who looks a good bit like NiGHTS. There are many color palettes available for this character; one of the later ones is a very NiGHTSy purple/pink scheme. On top of that, its name is PiX. Yes, that exact capitalization; check the first picture enclosed. And on top of *that*, in gender-specific missions (play 5 songs in a row with a male character, for example), PiX counts for neither male nor female. Sound familiar? The next three shots enclosed show him/her dancing..
Credit goes to my sister (Nephenee on the forum) for taking the pictures."

… Well Lavos has a point here. Creepy.

Disney Ideya :

"These are light-up Disney pens, and I thought the design on the box looked a lot like Ideya."
… Tigger sort of starts to resemble Owl if you stare at him long enough after 9 beers.

NiGHTS waterbottle :

"Well, I was walking in my local groceries store and at the end of the aisle there were these really cool water bottles. And then I looked really close at this pink one and saw NiGHTS. So I thought I'd send it to you guys XD."
You know, often we're acused of looking too deep into things, but C'MON. IT'S NiGHTS!… surfing through paisely and skulls… err
Superdooper! You win an internet Nephenee.

UPDATE!!! - Maresuke found a place where you can actualy *buy* one of these bottle things:

More Sonic X delusions:

"I found these pictures while watching Sonic x on youtube. The scene before the Shadow picture scene showed the camera rising up from the bottom of a tower to show Shadow standing on the spire. Also notice the two chaos emeralds circling around Shadow. Purple and red = NiGHTS and Reala?
Screenshots from: Episodes 60, 5"

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. (Wow our poor fanbase is getting desperate.)

Breaking news of great importance:
"According to the 2000 U.S. census…

There are 29 people in the US named Elliot Edwards

There is 1 OR FEWER people in the US named Claris Sinclair

There are 11,643 people in the US named William Taylor

There are 101 people in the US named Helen Cartwright

So, there are 11,773 Visitors lurking here somewhere!
–The Orange Nightmare"


Nocturn say what:

"He's the ghost of sleep and dreams in the episode called "Frightmare". He puts everyone to sleep so he can steal their dream energy. Not only does he look like NiGHTS, but his personality is almost a cross between Reala's and Wizeman's. O-o"
Envy reminded me I hadn't uploaded this one yet. You gotta admit it's a good one.

Helen X :

"I'm sorry I don't have a photo, but I was just thinking about this. YET ANOTHER SONIC X THINGY. One of Chris' classmates' names is Helen. She's blond and wears pink, like NiGHTS-Helen. I just thought I'd mention that."
Thankyou 'Dogs456' for your infinate wisdom.

Mexican Pepsi :

"Hi, I'm Davy~Rush!, i live on Mexico, and i have found your site very interesting^^
I found somekind of a NiGHTS character on a Pepsi commercial thing, s/he looks like NiGHTS, but blue, and also, it's christmas on the image, i just wanted to say, hope you like it!"

A typical stroll through my inbox :



Fandom *sigh*
"Okay, i already have a topíc to talk about my dreams, but i just thought this one needed a new topic. Kay, so in this dream, i was a powerfuk vampire, with red eyes and shrp teeth. The classic one. I was flying around, with NiGHTS and Reala by my side, till we saw a werewolf. We decided to fight him. NiGHTS's and Reala's paraloop and dash didn't work with him, and they both were eaten. Then i was fighting him, when he scratched my face with his claws. Then i killed him i suck his blood. Cool, a little later, i woke up. However, i just had these 3 scars on my face!! I'm not lying!! Strange enough, when i turned on my pc, i found this pic in my crap!! Behold!"

"I don't have a pic of myself with the scars, i'll take it and post later. Thing is, this just how i looked like in my dream! I didn't make this up, i didn't ask anyone to make this, it just was there when i woke up. I'm NOT lying!!"
… Does this even need a caption?


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